Despite warnings of annoying mosuitos and beastly spiders Becca Glover couldn’t be excited about her expedition to Costa Rica Rooming with Matt Ritter however is an inconvenience she doesn’t see coming He wields a machete shaves with a knife and needs to wear a decent amount of clothes to cover the muscles she can’t stop staring at Hired to lead a group of scientists through the jungle Matt is convinced the fiery redhead is intent on making his job harder than it needs to be Rebecca doesn’t listen and seems to invite danger at every turn Her attitude is as much of a distraction as her curves and emerald green eyes Now if he could only pay as much attention to his job as he does to her their one month adventure would fly by without a hitch Hot temperatures wild animals and a shared tree house are just the beginning of Becca and Matt’s obstacles The real challenge lies in surviving each other

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    The heroine was annoying than the mosuitosI started Wild Games looking forward to a uick and sexy read set in the jungle I sort of got what I was asking for The hero of the story is Matt a security officer who takes on security work protecting research students studying plants in Costa Rica He’s handsome tough and handles a machete well Becca is on her first expedition and really looking forward to the opportunity to take her studies to the next level When the two meetit is definitely not love at first sightThis is a novella so a lot needs to be covered in a short story Contents wise the author did OK I wouldn’t have minded getting a bit info on why and how a security guard is taking people into the jungle Ex military? Lived in a jungle when he was a kid? All we know is that he’s done it a few times and can handle a knife wellHere’s my problemconsidering this is a novella we don’t have a lot of time to get to like the characters Now Matt I had no problems liking he was protective and sexy But Becca holy shamoly she was bloody annoying She was rude condescending and ungrateful Even towards the end she couldn’t understand the fact that her words and actions were mean and uncalled for I could NOT see what he saw in her She went into the jungle not at all prepared for the animals and wildlife she would come in contact with To walk away from the group because she’s inuisitive is just plain stupidI think this author has huge potential I liked the storyline and the hero Matt but considering it’s a short story there isn’t enough time for us tocome to lovetry and understandSee where Becca was coming from Unfortunately this made their romance a tad unbelievable for me Give me characters like Matt and less characters like Becca and I will definitely be reading from this author I received a complimentary copy of this story from the author for an honest review

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    35 starsBecca is off to Costa Rica on a research trip in her role as a scientist A group of them will travel into the depths of the jungle guided by ex military man Matt Ritter Just the trek to their temporary location is challenging enough for Becca after she needs assistance from Matt to get thereShe is then miffed to find out that she will also be rooming with him These two in close proximity to each other for the length of their stay seems like a time bomb waiting to go off Becca is frustrated that she needs to rely on Matt for help and he is just as frustrated by her fiery attitudeNow if I was watching a movie with these two as lead characters I would have already worked out that they were very attracted to each other and that their eventual coupling is inevitable Becca is attracted to Matt and her way of dealing with it is to be cold and off hand with him Matt would be uite happy to 'remedy' Becca's grumpiness but her stubborn behaviour leads him to think he may not have a chance with herThis is a uick read well written and in a really uniue setting

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    Wild Games by Mila Rossi 4 starsReviewed by Char for Late Night Books and ReviewsThis contemporary romance was set mainly in the jungles of Costa Rico with main characters Becca and Matt Rebecca Glover a college employed scientist is ready to set forth on her first adventure and first real field experience to study plants and trees in the wild Matt Ritter was hired by the college to accompany the scientists and provide protection for their group while they are in the research facility Immediately upon landing Becca’s adventure turns somewhat sour The airline loses her luggage and she is forced to hike for two hours through the jungle without the proper long pants and boots Shortly after her journey begins she brushed against a poisonous plant that causes her ankle to painfully swell and walking to be almost impossibleMatt is asked by the group leader to assist Becca who is stubborn and doesn’t appreciate the help She was the cause of numerous bickering sessions This could be caused by her having a bad day from the lost luggage and then getting injured The bickering continued throughout their trek but got worse when Becca and Matt were told that they have to share a cabin for the whole tripThis is a great story line I just love that it is set in a jungle with a sexy capable protector and a slightly up tight scientist who bicker but are secretly attracted to each other These two bicker constantly but it seems like Becca is the cause of most of it sometime unnecessarily Matt was a little reserved and sullen in the beginning of the book although I’m not sure why that is Maybe Becca was picking up on the vibesWhen they were not bickering they have some good chemistry going between them I would have liked scenes when they were getting along and some information about the characters The romance was there but could have been expandedThis was a short book a novella than novel which made the story feel a little rushed but I did enjoy it The writing was good and I really liked the dialogue which is important in a good book I am interested in reading another book from this authorFour stars Late Night Books Reviewer Char

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    ARC provided by AuthorBeware of SpoilersStar RatingsHeroine Becca 45 she dropped a star for me when she didn’t tell the OW about her feelings towards the H which then led to other eventsHero Matt 55Plot 45Grovel noneCheating see triggersHEA yes but no epilogueTriggers a little OW drama – OW kisses H even when H said noAverage score 45Best uote h to H “Don’t call me sweetheart Mr Ritter I don’t appreciate liberties being taken or inappropriate nicknames being applied”h to H “And you are the most the most” she obviously tried to think of the worst insult “non threatening machete wielding bodyguard I know”Worst uote I struggles to find any bad ones in this one so will list this one H’s thoughts “If he did want to get inside those butt hugging pants he was sure he’d be pretty good at convincing her”Personal ReviewThis was a great love story of a strong willed heroine and a fierce and funny heroI very much enjoyed this short story It reminded me of the romances I read when I was a few years younger before I got corrupted by the bad boys in romances It had a similar feel as Linda Howard Jennifer Crusie and Jayne Ann Krentz which I lovedRandom Ramblings•Really enjoyed the banter between the h and H•That tarantula scene•Hannah was annoying•Loved how the h was not a pushoverOverall Feeling

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    The jungles of Costa Rica are a pretty wild place; add to that a swashbuckling security guardbaby sitter to a group of grown up scientists plus a stubborn researcher there to study native plants and you’ve got a uniue setting for a storyMatt works at the local university and is a security officer there – but takes jobs with the university guiding scientists into the Costa Rican jungle to a research facility where they cohabitate well two to a treehouse for a month while doing their work He wields a machete as they make their way through the foliage and assists the travelers should they need itAnd Becca well she needed it Her luggage was lost and she was ill euipped for the hike in as a result She’s stuck in shorts – while great for the hot weather they are terrible at protecting her legs from the local fauna and she brushes up to a plant that causes her leg to swell up and makes her journey deeper into the jungle a painful and slow endeavor And with this incident Matt does what he does best He has Becca hop up onto his back to piggyback her in to the siteYou’d think Becca would be grateful but Matt is the type of guy who sits suarely outside her comfort zone He’s got a scruffy face and she likes clean shaven men He’s muscular and handsome and pretty intimidating to this beautiful redhead so she may have said a thing or two that did not endear herself to Matt in other words she whined Matt tries to be professional but she’s getting on his nerves Once they roll into the work site they are told they will be sharing a treehouseexcerpt“You must be joking” she said Jonathan’s face was serious “I am not” Matt rubbed his neck Shit “This is obviously a mistake” she said “Everyone is paired up with a member of the same sex Mr Ritter is not a woman” “Glad you noticed” Matt mumbled under his breath and a few people snickered In no time Rebecca Becca shot up and hopped over to Jonathan as if she hadn’t been the biggest handicapped pain in the ass through half the jungle “You can’t possibly expect me to share a hut with him” she whispered uietly while looking at Matt over her shoulder “Why not?” Jonathan replied She turned to frown at him “Because it’s inappropriate I should be rooming with another female” Matt had to agree with her for once “We are not evenly numbered Rebecca I was going to ask for a couple of volunteers to have a malefemale pair up but seeing how you are injured and reuire assistance it’s only logical to pair you up with Matt” Jonathan said She stared outraged at Jonathan then at Matt “This is unacceptable I will not share a hut with thatbrute” “Thanks I’ll take that as a compliment” Matt said dryly She snorted and turned back to Jonathan “You can’t be serious Mr Ritter and I cannot share a hut” “It’s not a hut sweetheart It’s a treehouse” Matt corrected herBut you know those kids on the playground who “like” someone would pull their hair or tease them to get their attention? Think of this pair like that These two bickered – like a lot His manly ways irritated Becca and her temper frustrated Matt They were constantly harping on each other and then they were notexcerpt“And you are the most the most” she obviously tried to think of the worst insult “non threatening machete wielding bodyguard I know” He grinned earning himself an even deeper frown “That didn’t seem to be the case when I protected you from that spider You screamed like a gooddamn opera singer when you saw me” Her cheeks glowed like hot embers “Anybody would scream if they were faced with a wet naked man looking like he’s about to chop someone’s head off” “I’d say I’m going a pretty damn good job then” he concluded smugly She grunted and was about to turn away but he grabbed her arm and pulled her back She hit his chest with large surprised emeralds staring back at him “Where are you going?” he asked letting his gaze run over her face “To bed” That sounded good to him but he wasn’t going to suggest he join her Not yet at leastHer gaze moved from his eyes to his mouth He pulled her closer and crushed her lips with his He expected resistance but there was none Her lips were plump and soft and melted onto his just right Her tongue did as much exploring as his and her hands dug into him everywhere at once; his back his neck his hair even his ass Holy shitThese two were a conundrum throughout this book I often wasn’t sure whether they actually liked one another or hated one another They blew hot and cold right up until the end and it was different to see a couple being so at odds with each other for most of a storyAnd to be honest I found myself having a very difficult time understanding or liking Becca I don’t understand why a girlie girl would agree to much less want to trek into an actual jungle to research plants and if she did why she wouldn’t be very happy and grateful for the guidance of an experienced guide to be at her side? I liked Matt overall though; there were times he acted like a guy but then he is one He was completely as perplexed with the actions and voiced out loud thoughts Becca threw his way and whenever he would try to smooth things over with her she would just wind him back up againAlthough there was definitely sexual tension between these two there were times when they acted like sibling rivals as wellThe setting for this story was very intriguing I enjoyed reading how this author painted the scenery with her words and could feel the humidity around me and hear the animals of the jungle in my mind as I read it It is a fairly short novella 113 pages so it’s a fun uick readIf you feel like a uick trip into the wilds of a jungle with a hunky guide who’s prepared for anything this would be a good story to consider adding to your TBR Blog Link

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    Received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewWhen I was asked if I would read and review Wild Games by Mila Rossi I was intrigued Here is a contemporary romance with a premise different from many of the contemporary romances I have read Becca Glover is a scientist and she is eager to have the opportunity to explore plant life in Costa Rica After years of hoping that she would have the chance to go on this trip with her colleagues at the university she finally gets the chance Only what used to be seen as the dream trip uickly turns into a nightmare–at least in Becca’s eyesAs soon as Becca arrives her ankle brushes a poisonous at least I think it was somehow poisonous plant which then causes her ankle to swell massively She’s in pain and struggling to make her way to camp with the rest of the group Matt the man hired to safely lead the group of scientists through the Costa Rican jungle is there to help Becca But helping Becca isn’t so easy when all the two can do is bicker at each other The bickering and tension only gets worse when Becca and Matt find out that they have to be roommates for the duration of the tripSo you see the premise of this story really excited me Here we have a bright female scientist and an angsty male in a uniue jungle setting What could I ask for? And I always love bickering that is a result of sexual tension and these two definitely bicker and definitely exude sexual tension; however this time around I didn’t feel like the bickering and sexual tension were related I feel like the bickering and sexual tension should have been related and that they could have been if there was of a background story I think that was probably my biggest hurdle–the fact that the book lacked description and reflection But there was plenty of great dialogue and dialogue is always my favorite part of a bookI honestly couldn’t figure out why Becca and Matt were bickering right from the start I mean yeah I’d be pissed to hurt my ankle at the start of my dream trip but I didn’t feel like that was a good enough reason for the continuous yelling Also Matt was grumpy from the start of the book before he even met Becca and I just don’t understand why The two need to work on their communication skills They really said some mean things to each other that just made me go “WHAT? WHY? RUDE” So the very real sexual tension kind of came out of nowhereI don’t want to say they weren’t believable as a couple because they were I loved when she complained about him not wearing a shirt because it was distracting and I loved when Matt rescued Becca from the jungle and I must say the rest of her scientist team really sucked at that moment In fact I wish there were moments like these– moments where they weren’t bickering–moments where they enjoyed drinking from coconuts for than one secondSo in summary I guess my final thoughts are that even though I know Wild Games was novella than novel it felt a little rushed The premiseideas and first inklings of characters are there–so the bones are there But the bones were missing some meat I really hope this disgusting metaphor makes senselolNow a HUGE thank you to Mila Rossi for allowing me to read Wild Games I imagine it’s not easy handing over the words of your heart and mind to a stranger I look forward to reading of your work I think I’ll check out Lost Found next ☺️Originally posted

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    375 stars ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewI had the opportunity to beta this one and although I enjoyed it I also found myself comparing it to another novel I had previously read that had a similar jungle love theme I just found Wild Games to be a little predictable and less dramatic and exciting than the other novel which seemed to work against WG in the end Becca was a likable enough heroine although I would have loved to see a tougher side to her I thought that she was too dependent on Matt to save her EVERY time and I would have loved to see her save herself at least once On the contrary I wish we would have seen a vulnerable side to Matt He came across too much as the perfect can do no wrong hero which made him untouchable and unrealistic to me Nonetheless I did enjoy this novel The back and forth bickering between Becca and Matt in their early relationship and the resulting sexual tension was fun to witness I found Hannah's persistence as annoying as Becca did the girl did not know how to take a hint and back off And when Becca and Matt finally decided to stop denying what they both wanted Matt turned out to be sweet and caring and not the careless manwhore he seems to portray which is always niceOverall I thought the story flowed pretty well except for the ending which seemed abrupt for me I didn't love it as much as I did Fast Times but still recommend it when you're looking for a lighter read

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    Wild games by Mila Rossi is a short hot read Becca is a botanist that is finally getting the oppotunity of a lifetime going off on a study trip to the costa rican rain forest Matt is the security guard that goes along to babysitguide her group on their stay The trip starts off with a bang when Becca brushes against a plant that causes her leg to swell Matt helps her ever so ungrateful self get to camp and then they end up in the same living uarters so he can keep an eye on her The sparks fly between the two of them and the bickering banter is uite amusing at times Both fight off their attraction for one another Becca is like the bumbling professor things just keep going wrong and she uickly finds out that field work isn't what she thought it was going to beMs Rossi's characters are strong and her plot lines keep you involved It's a sweet read among the many dark ones that are out there today I would love to have another novel from Matt's POV and find out what brough him to being a security guard in Costa Rica There just seems to much to him then what we read hereSo if you are in the market for a uick hot sweet side of romance book then I highly recommend Wild Games

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    Wild Games was a short read but enjoyable Becca and Matt get off on the wrong foot together and spend the first half or so of their time in Costa Rica sniping at each other Both feel an attraction toward the other Matt keeps walking around the treehouse hut the two are sharing for the duration only half clothed which distracts Becca to no end; she inadvertently gave Matt an eyeful at the outdoor shower one afternoon but they're determined to ignore the pullUntil they can't ignore it anyBut one night together doesn't seem to change too much the two appear bound and determined to misconstrue and misunderstand each other at every opportunity and even when a second night happens a throwaway comment from Becca pretty much guarantees the two are going to spend the rest of the research trip at odds Can their relationship be saved?There were several cute moments and some pretty amusing ones as well which combined to balance out the frustration that came from knowing Matt and Becca could have resolved a lot of relationship angst by sitting down and talking to one another They had some real chemistry together and it all ended in a sweet HEA which together placed this book firmly in the plus columnRating 3 12 stars B I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review

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    35 StarsBecca is ready for her work trip into the Costa Rican jungle Too bad it's started off as a bit of a disaster and the hot headed security guard is getting in her nerves to top it all off Matt is not sure about another jungle trip but the money is just too good to pass up but unlike his past jobs this once contains a fiery redhead who has a tendency to get into troubleForced to bunk together for the month long trip sparks and the occasional knife fly Will they end up wringing each others necks or will they give into their attraction? And what happens when the month is up? Becca has a smart mouth on her and I loved seeing her use it on Matt She has a true redhead personality and it was a hoot seeing gee attitude come outMatt was pretty simple to understand when he wanted something he said it He was a hot sweaty yummy manThe base storyline was ok for what was there it was the background that I had a bit of trouble with I would have liked to know about the characters not just the main ones but also some of the side characters It just felt like there wasn't enough to truly get to know them or get invested with them There was plenty of steam though and this made for a good afternoon read