It's the coolest school trip ever a week in Hawaii Almost all of the BSC members are going including LoganSince Mal can't go to Hawaii the Baby sitters resolve to bring Hawaii home to her taking photos and making notes of everything they see eat and do Some of their adventures get pretty wild too Abby acts in a commercial; Dawn rescues a wrecked beach; and Stacy takes a dangerous helicopter ride she'll never forgetIf only the Baby sitters could stay in Hawaii Too bad aloha means hello and good bye

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    this is my first time reading this bookin this super special by ghostwriterdawn lover Peter Lerangis we see the antics of the sms hawaii trip alluded to in Dawn and Too Many Sitters because peter lerangis loves dawn so much she’s on this school trip even though she doesn’t go to sms any the framing device for the book is that jessi has decided to document the hawaii trip to make a journal for mallory who is missing out note kristy is also missing out on this trip but she will go to hawaii with her family later in the summer see the character plotlines for infocharacter plotlines mal and kristy are stuck back in stoneybrook helping the stones of elvira stone the baby goat fame run farm camp at one point a busybody at the park sees mal not give in to jenny prezzioso when she’s throwing a tantrum and mal happens to be wearing a bsc shirt the busybody calls during meeting hours and complains to kristy about mal’s behavior and kristy backs mal later mal sees her at the park and her kid is throwing a tantrum that puts jenny’s to shame and the lady gets embarrassed mary anne does a “TBI” experiment together but independent with logan where they don’t spend every waking second together but then they end up missing each other also babysits for a family even though it’s her vacation because she wants to see how “a typical hawaiian family” lives and is disappointed that they act like normal american kids because she’s a creepy colonialist who needs to get cannibal holocausted claud goes to pearl harbor and takes on a ton of guilt as a japanese person she wishes she weren’t japanese since she feels responsible it’s only when she babysits for the “typical hawaiian family” from the mary anne plotline and meets their white grandfather a pearl harbor survivor that she begins to get over it stacey has a lot of trouble in paradise moments with robert where he’s flirting with other girls foreshadowing Stacey's Broken Heart then she gets into a helicopter crash in maui she and the others are all fine but their classmates can’t find them and are worried stacey ends up hospitalized once they’re found because she has low blood sugar she and robert make amends since he was so worried about her safety jessi no particularly interesting plotlines other than the fact that she is obsessed with documenting everything that happens in hawaii for the journal for mallory abby acts in a commercial for crappy sunblock and ends up badly sunburnt spends much of the book talking about how steven spielberg is gonna call her up and she’s gonna be famous dawn finds a private beach that has a ton of trash in it and cleans it because she’s dawn and all of her plotlines are the same and are annoying and dumbhighlights comedian abby she goes through the five phases of packing shock denial anger bargaining and mourning kristy being kristy she got bsc advertising tshirts made for everyone in the bsc there's some good political stuff in here where they learn about how white colonialists came to hawaii and brought diseases and eliminated a lot of historic hawaiian culture and jessi narrates that this story is familiar because white colonialists treated african people and native people the same classic jenny prezzioso moment I'm going to make the park into an enchanted world of deep discountsthat means toys and games I saw it on tv this fairy goes into an empty room and waves her wand and makes toys appear at the lowest possible price another good political moment when claud goes to pearl harbor she feels guilty for being japanese there she remembers a time that a white guy was arguing with her dad and the man said you got us at pearl harbor what do you want? woof anyway claudia knows about the japanese internment camps in wwii and knows about how the bombings in hiroshima and nagasaki killed far people than in pearl harbor and while in pearl harbor the vast majority of those killed were soldiers the vast majority of those killed in hiroshima and nagasaki were civilians but she still feels awful she thinks about how she's always been proud of her heritage but for the first time she uestions that the whole war when you thought about it was a terrible bloody mess it should never have been started in the first place this is a developmentally appropriate thing for a 13 year old to be upset about when going to a place like pearl harbor abby says her agent is swifty thomas aka kristy robert and logan narrate chapters I love boy narration which we basically only get in peter lerangis ghostwritten books claud tells the white grandfather of the hawaiian kids she’s babysitting who is a pearl harbor survivor that she's embarrassed to be japanese and he tells a story about his scottish ancestors who murdered a bunch of people too he tells her she can't take on the burden of an entire country I just find this whole plotline interesting and am impressed with claudia’s journeylowlightsnitpicks mary anne and logan determine that they need to continue to be codependent because this whole not being codependent thing wasn’t working for them dawn came to connecticut just to go to hawaii they acknowledge that it's weird in the book but still dawn says claud ate a whole bag of doritos and claud says that it's not true because dawn ate three of them dawn ate DORITOS? but doritos aren’t made of flax seed and pepitas and made in a dehydrator or oven on a low enough temperature that the food is still considered raw I hope she at least put some alfalfa sprouts on them to cancel out the msg kristy makes mal wear her new bsc shirt for every job really? kristy this is rough even for you the jennybusybody plotline is frustrating when jenny throws a tantrum mrs p reuests that mal tell her that when she's finished she can come tell her but because she JUST started actually exercising discipline with jenny jenny throws particularly epic tantrums embarrassing mallory in public when mal tries to explain to the busybody at the park that she’s just doing what the mom asked the busybody says I'm sure her mom doesn't mean for her child to be neglected dear UGH I wanna smack that woman abby is basically the same as mallory in California Girls read EXTREMELY annoying and self obsessed this is my first time really disliking abby who I usually love dawn narration in la I sometimes ride with my dad up to the santa monica mountains for the eight billionth time she doesn't live in la she lives in orange county robert says “lookin' good” to the flight attendant and claims it was about the juice she was giving them ew then stacey says she didn't know he liked brunettes also ew they’re both creeps in my book someone at one of the tourist places asks claudia the correct pronunciation of hawaii because all asianpolynesian people are the same apparently mary anne practices how to say good morning in hawaiian and instead says merry christmas she almost says she had been wanting to meet a typical hawaiian family she stops herself when she realizes that she would be uncomfortable if someone said about her family that they wanted to meet a typical suburban white family YES MARY ANNE YOU ARE TOTALLY FUCKED UP AND VOYEURISTIC AND CREEPY AND RACIST they act like dawn is weird for getting azuki beans aka red bean paste in her hawaiian shave ice red bean is one of the most common toppings for traditional shave ice and is delicious it’s not a health food thing it’s a appreciation of eastern and polynesian foods thingno outfitssnacks in claudia’s room pineapple rings draped over mallomars ns

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    in a rare instance of plot continuity the B plot in dawn too many babysitters segues into this super special in which the babysitters club goes to hawaii all the club members are going save for shannon who is going to summer camp kristy who is going to hawaii with her family later in the summer mallory whose parents wouldn't pay for the trip it's basically a school trip so some other tertiary stoneybrook middle school characters are going as well like alan gray pete black cokie mason robert brewster etc the group will be chaperoned by teachers administrators i wonder if the chaperones had to pay their own way? if so that is kind of the worst job ever if not damn i should consider being a middle school teacherbecause mallory can't go jessi decides to force everyone to keep a trip journal so that mallory can experience hawaii through the eyes ears of the best friends she'll ever have tragically for mallory this vacation is one of the most boring trips the BSC has ever embarked uponjessi basically just does tourist y crap writes down every boring detail for mallory she essentially doesn't do anything or write anything or photograph anything that is not already listed in any hawaiian travel guide worth its weight in pineapple slices at one point she begins to wonder if trying to capture every tedious detail for mallory's sake is interfering with her enjoyment of the tripbut she decides her dedication to her best friend is worth the sacrifice i guessdawn manages to stumble across a private beach that is very dirty it's not necessarily polluted it's right next to a sparkling pristine travel brochure beach but there's a lot of litter she gets permission from some chaperones to clean it up recruiting a few of her classmates some local children leave it to dawn to find something to clean while on vacationmary anne logan have decided that they may be spending too much time together so they decide to use the hawaii trip as an opportunity to be together but separate ie still dating but independent mary anne has a difficult time with it she thinks the together but separate thing is probably good for her but she misses logan a lot logan seems to feel the same way to distract herself from logan mary anne decides she really wants to meet a traditional hawaiian family she honestly seems to believe that a traditional hawaiian family probably lives in some kind of thatched roof hut eats roasted pig cooked on a spit for every meal wears nothing but coconut bras grass skirts she helps find a little boy that goes missing in her hotel he just accidentally locked himself in a hotel room fell asleep is invited to babysit for the family she accepts her chaperone makes fun of her for babysitting on vacation which is awesome thinks she's going to get to see a real hawaiian family in action she is kind of disappointed embarrassed when she discovers that they live in a regular house wear regular clothes like video games stuff she finds out that the grandpa the dad's dad i think is a white dude who was stationed in hawaii during world war two decided to stay put there is a weird kind of racist bit where mary anne assumes that this family is like families in the continental united states because they have a white grandpa i think the take away is supposed to be something about how we all may be different colors but we're alike deep down or something but the whole thing reads as really racistspeaking of racist claudia is pumped to go to hawaii one of the first activities she signs up for is a trip to pearl harbor where she learns all about the japanese bombings that killed thousands of people purportedly inspired the united states to get involved in world war two she is deeply deeply ashamed that japanese people were involved in all the carnage she kind of slinks around the pearl harbor site hoping that no one knows or thinks that she is japanese american thinks a lot about how much she hates herself for being japanese american she even thinks about the atomic bombs dropped in hiroshima nagasaki how that resulted in a much greater loss of life but can never make up for what the japanese did at pearl harbor she spends the entire book being totally self loathing praying that people think she is chinese then she takes a sitting job with the traditional hawaiian family mary anne is so obsessed with she thinks it's cool because kids don't give a fuck if she is japanese but she discovers during the job that grandpa is white was stationed at pearl harbor during the bombing she freaks out he's due home at minute she assumes he's going to be like what the fuck is some japanese scum doing in my home step away from the children but instead he comes home is all hey what's up? you must be claudia she's like OMG i am so sorry i am japanese he's like huh? she spills the beans about how ashamed she feels about pearl harbor grandpa is all why? it's not like you were involved he kind of illuminates the complexities of war for her makes her feel a lot better grandpa for the win though there is a really weird bit where claudia is thinking about world war two is like so many people died at pearl harbor so many people died during the atomic attacks in japan world war two should have never happened it's totally weird to me that she doesn't say anything about you know nazis or anything though when i mentioned that to jared he said something about how it was refreshing that claudia was not taking a euro centric approach to thinking about world war two then he said something about how no one likes a war of attrition which i think was supposed to be a history student joke but i didn't get itabby basically volunteers to sub for a SAG car wielding actress in a sunscreen commericial dupes the director into thinking she's 18 makes a very bizarre speech about how she is not union won't expect union wages that's a good thing? gets her chaperone to sign off on the whole thing so she gets to be in a commercial she does not apply any sunscreen before filming gets totally burnt in the process which i'm sure looked great on filmstacey goes on a helicopter ride with some classmates but bad weather swoops in unexpectedly her helicopter goes down everyone is okay but they kind of have to hike out of the middle of the woods they don't have much food on them which makes stacey's blood sugar all wackadoodle they get rescued stacey gets rehydrated in the hospital the main point of this story is that stacey robert have not been getting along well they took separate helicopter tours because they were kind of bickering then stacey's helicopter crashed robert panicked it made them both realize that they really do care about each other or somethingthe B plot back in stoneybrook is all about kristy mallory running some kind of boring farm camp for their charges it of course involves mrs stone's farm that godforsaken baby goat makes me reflect lovingly on the last time i ate ethiopian food which involved a delicious goat dish anyway mrs prezzioso hires mallory for a few sitting jobs explains that jenny is going through a temper tantrum stage the prezziosos have decided to deal with it by making her cry herself out they fear that she is becoming spoiled um yes mallory takes jenny to a playground where she throws a tantrum over not wanting to wear sunscreen or something she is thrashing around screaming crying mallory just keeps an eye on her but doesn't try to comfort her or bribe her with a toy or anything a woman sitting next to her is all oh my god how neglectful she really looks like she's suffering mallory tries to explain that it's a tantrum management strategy recommended by jenny's parents but the woman is all i'm sure they didn't mean that you should neglect her then she notices that mallory is wearing an ugly babysitters club advertisement t shirt kristy made for everyone mallory freaks out that this woman is going to get in touch with all their clients bust them for being neglectfulthe woman does call the babysitters club to report mallory kristy freaks out a little mallory is worried that she has ruined the club but a few days later she's at the playground again with jenny a little boy throws a huge tantrum turns out that the little boy's mom is the same woman who bitched mallory out really? she has a son that is like three who has never thrown a tantrum before this day? where can i get a kid like that? mallory opts not to gloat the woman appears chagrined

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    Things I want need and expect from a Baby Sitters Club Super Special A fabulous destination Mystery Disaster possibly natural in nature RomanceI guess I got all these things from Aloha Baby sitters but in a be careful what you wish for kinda way A fabulous destination Hawaii is possibly the MOST fabulous destination of all the Super Specials fight me Camp Mohawk fans Mystery why is Dawn tidying up on holiday? Why is Dawn on a Stoneybrook Middle School trip when she doesn’t even go there? Why do Mallory’s parents insist on having so many children when they can’t even afford to send their original child on a normal everyday typical run of the mill school trip to Hawaii? Disaster possibly natural in nature Big City Stacey McGill is in a helicopter crash This would never have happened on the Upper West Side or Central Park or any of Stacey’s other oft mentioned Manhattan stomping grounds Romance Stacey is there with Robert and Mary Anne has Logan There is some intense hand sueezing action

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    The only members of the BSC that didn't go to Hawaii were Kristy Mallory and Shannon Kristy and Mallory work at a farm camp for children and Shannon wasn't in this book The rest of the BSC visit the sites in Hawaii The see beaches mountains volcanos Pearl Harbor and Jessi takes notes photographs and sound recordings of everything she does and everywhere she goes for Mallory Mary Anne and Claudia baby sit for a local family Dawn cleans a beach Abby does a sun tan lotion commercial Stacey and Robert fight and Mary Anne and Logan take a break They are still a couple but spend time with their friends instead of each other

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    For my written review please check out the link belowDebra's Book CafeDebs

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    Surprisingly nuanced handling of Claudia working through Pearl Harbor

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    The Baby sitters go to HawaiiOn a school sponsored trip to Hawaii Jessi makes a scrapbook documenting the trip for Mallory who was too poor to come During this trip Dawn who doesn't even go here any but whatever cleans up a local beach; Abby is cast in a sunscreen commercial but ironically gets a sunburn during the shoot; Mary Anne and Logan experiment with being TBI Together But Independent basically ignoring each other on the trip so their friends don't make fun of them for being joined at the hip; Claudia is traumatized by a visit to Pearl Harbor; Stacey survives a helicopter accident only to pass out from diabetic shock while waiting to be rescued Back home Kristy and Mallory hold down the fort Mallory because she couldn't afford to go and Kristy because she already has separate plans to go to Hawaii with her family They help the Stones with a farm camp and deal with Jenny's tantrums Mallory is shamed by a rando mom at a playground for letting Jenny cry it outLike all Super Specials this one is overstuffed The most emotionally complex story is Claudia's as she wrestles with feelings of shame for being Japanese in a war memorial for a Japanese attack She is aware of the deathly attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the fact that Japanese Americans were interned during the war but these facts only make her feel worse She feels better after having a conversation with a friendly old Pearl Harbor vet who tells her she cannot take on the burden of an entire country and that tolerance and respect in the present is all any of us can do I'm conflicted about Claudia having this storyline given that the white children honestly have a lot cause to feel ashamed of their ethnic heritage this chapter GESTURES at that by having Claudia ask Mary Anne if she's ashamed to be part German because of WW2 but I think that the idea of ancestral shame is an interesting one unusual for a Baby sitters Club book much less a Super Special and that it is handled decently here given the short amount of airspace it's given That said there is another racially weird part where Mary Anne is super excited to meet some Hawaiians and baby sit for a typical Hawaiian family She almost says this to their face but stops herself just in time wondering how she'd feel if someone wanted to meet her family as a typical suburban white family Yet she doesn't go UITE far enough to actually uestion her whole attitude and understand how tokenizing and patronizing she's being The Mallory storyline hits home in this day and age of constant mom shaming Mallory is yelled at by a stranger who thinks she is neglecting Jenny by ignoring her tantrum a strategy encouraged by Jenny's parents Mallory defends herself that she was following the parents' orders but she also happened to agree with them It would have been interesting to develop these lines of thought is the role of the baby sitter to carry out the parents' orders or does the BSC itself have a parenting philosophy? Anyway I guess the Super Special is not the place to do that Stacey's storyline is flat out melodrama Most of the others are sketchy at best Read as a kid? Not that I recall but this is a pretty forgettable book Lingering uestions Could any school trip possibly work like this?? It's announced in June right at the end of the school year occurring a month later; costs a hefty sum that makes it impossible for all but the most wealthy students unusual for a public school YET also seems like a steep discount when you take into account all the costs of going to freaking HAWAII so WHO is funding the rest?? my public school system couldn't even afford books; it is open to any student who can raise the money PLUS some non students like Dawn; reuires tons and tons of teacher chaperones; and seems mostly focused on pleasure not education The trip to Pearl Harbor is educational I suppose but mostly they go to beaches and stuff There is no specific pedagogical aim for the trip as a whole It's just a very perplexing plot device It would have made sense to do it Disney style and have the sitters go on a family trip with the ever generous WatsonRevised Timeline This is where I figure out how old the baby sitters would be if they aged The older club members are between their junior and senior years of college at this point say 21 or 22 years old In many ways a big expensive trip like this is believable for adults; they have access to money and they can take care of themselves But it becomes totally unbelievable that it would be such a giant schoolwide trip since college students don't really do things en masse as an entire school or class since they have such different schedules and focuses I think for many reasons it makes sense to retcon this as a big vacation undertaken by those club members who could afford the time and money and pretend that the chaperones and other classmates are not there They barely are anyway

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    I actually really liked this one?? The descriptions of Hawaii were really vivid and I liked that it actually examined some colonialism and racism issues with Claudia and Mary Anne's plots It made me actually want to visit the setting which none of the other destination Super Specials have managed to do so far Minor uibbles both the StaceyRobert and Mary AnneLogan romance subplots are stupid natch Dawn has the same plot in every book and Abby is weirdly self obsessed for some reason this time around

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    As a kid my best friends sister had the whole BSC series on a book shelf in her room I thought she was so grown up And I envied this bookshelf And would often poke my head into that room just to look at itAnd when I read BSC I felt like such a grown up And while I might have still been a little too young to understand some of the issues dealt with in these books I do appreciated that Ann M Martin tackled age appropriate issues some being deeper than others but still important

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    Read this with my daughter for a little mother daughter book club I don't remember reading it before actually so it was fun not knowing what was going to happen I don't remember Abby and liked getting to know her character This super special had a lot of action and adventure and I loved the descriptions of Hawaii 🥰🥰🥰