The Long Anticipated And Utterly Extraordinary Tale Of The Mad Marquess That Proves Love Truly Does Last ForeverThe Marquess Of Marsden Always Follows The Rules Expected From Birth To Adhere To Decades Of Tradition, He Plans To Marry A Proper Young Woman From A Good Family But When A Beautiful, And Completely Unsuitable, Woman Snags His Heart, He Begins To Realize That To Get What You Want, Sometimes You Have To Break The RulesLinnie Connor Dreams Of The Independence Of Running Her Very Own Bakery And While She May Be Allowed To Be A Marquess Childhood Companion, The Baker S Daughter Never Ends Up With The Handsome Nobleman Determined To Achieve At Least One Of Her Dreams, Linnie Makes Plans To Leave Her Sleepy Village For London, Intent On Purging Him From Her Heart And Yet, When An Invitation To The Marsden Annual Ball Arrives, She Can T Refuse Her One Chance To Waltz In His ArmsIt Will Be A Night That Stirs The Flames Of Forbidden Desires And Changes Their Lives Forever

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    Una historia preciosa, si hab is le do la trilog a sab is el final, pese a todo Linnie aporta toda la alegria a la novela y su romance con Marsden es de los que me encantan.Aplaudo a Lorraine Heath por romper con los moldes y traernos este relato tan sencillo, bonito y humano, que habla del amor pero tambi n de la amistad, la lealtad no solo ante los dem s sino ante uno mismoUna pena que ninguna editorial se anime a traducir estos relatos que muchas de nuestras autoras favoritas escriben en honor a algunos de sus personajes.

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    This story was one of the most depressing I ve ever read In the end it kind of had a happy ending, but still fucking depressing If you ve read the series, you know what I mean.

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    I ve given this a B at AAR, so that s 3.5 stars rounded up.I knew, when I picked up this coda novella to Lorraine Heath s Hellions of Havisham series, that I was going to be reduced to a quivering wreck by the end of it I suppose that s a considerable achievement on the part of the author zero to sobbing in under 100 pages If you ve read the final book in the trilogy, The Viscount and the Vixen, then you ll know where When the Marquess Falls is going to end up, but I nonetheless appreciate the fact that Ms Heath decided to tell the story of Marsden and his Linnie, which is very sweet and very sad although don t despair, there IS an HEA albeit a slightly different sort of one In terms of the structure, it s of a series of vignettes than a cohesively plotted novella, but that format works well here.By the time we met George St John, Marquess of Marsden in Falling into Bed with a Duke, he had already lost the love of his life following the birth of their son six years earlier He stopped all the clocks, stopped caring about anything very much, and acquired the sobriquets the mad marquess or mad Marsden because the few remaining servants at Havisham Hall often heard him talking to his dead wife.But it wasn t always that way and in this novella, we get to see George and Linnie s first meeting when he s twelve and she s eight, and how, in spite of the massive differences in their stations he s a peer, she s a baker s daughter they forge a friendship that remains steadfast as they grow older By the time they re in their twenties, friendship isn t all they want from each other but nothing else is possible, and in any case, Linnie has plans to move to London and set up a bakery of her own and George must find a suitable lady to marry The strength of the connection between them is impossible to deny but finding a way to be together might be just plain impossible.Ms Heath paints George and Linnie with broad brushstrokes, but they re both warm and engaging characters and you are just rooting for them to be together The glimpses we got of Marsden in The Viscount and the Vixen as a man capable of great charm and warmth are borne out here, as George emerges as an honourable, kind man who is prepared to fly in the face of convention for the woman he loves And Linnie is well, she s a bit too good to be true, to be honest, but she s lovely brave, intelligent and loving, it s easy to see why, after a few years of marriage, she won over all but the biggest sticklers in the neighbourhood.I enjoyed the story, but given that Lorraine Heath is one of those authors who usually finds a way to rip out my heart and stomp on it, I had to make sure I had the Kleenex handy If you haven t read any of the books to which this novella is related, then it won t make much sense to you and please take note that even though it is set partly before the Hellions series begins, it s NOT a prequel.A quick read, and a nice way to round out the series, When the Marquess Falls really is one for the fans If you ve read the series and want to find out a little about Marsden, then I don t think you ll be disappointed, but you can leave the series at The Viscount and the Vixen without missing anything.NB The final 10% of the Kindle edition is a preview of Ms Heath s forthcoming novel, An Affair With a Notorious Heiress.

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    Como predije llor con el final.

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    This novella tells the beautiful but bittersweet love story of George, Marquess of Marsden and his beloved Linnie and, having read The Viscount and the Vixen, I knew it was going to be an emotional rollercoaster of a journey.George and Linnie are childhood friends who fell in love and, despite their very different social positions in life, it is obvious they are meant to be together I admire how George respects and protects Linnie and I can see why he falls in love with her She is such a lovely person optimistic, courageous, caring, kind and just plain fun It wasn t hard to believe that, in time, she would have won over the Ton.Throughout the series, George has always been considered mad, but often his actions are far from those of a madman, especially in his relationships with his charges and his son He has not only raised them but helped each one in various ways.Seeing the depth of his love for Linnie, and his intense feelings of grief and despair when he lost her, made me think that perhaps he wasn t mad at all but suffering from bouts of depression I like to believe that Linnie did watch over him through the years as she promised, and it was heart warming to see a kinder, gentler, happier George in The Viscount and the Vixen.The story is so emotionally moving and, even now, thinking about certain scenes brings tears to my eyes I think it is a testament to Ms Heath s writing that she can evoke such strong feelings.I love how she made me believe in an everlasting love that transcends even death and gave me a Happy Ever After which, although unconventional, left me with a tearful smile on my face Note I do recommend that you read The Viscount and the Vixen before reading his novella.MY VERDICT Such a beautiful, emotional story that will tug at your heartstrings Hellions of Havisham series click on the link for details review is also posted on my Rakes and Rascals Blog

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    4,5 estrellas.Me he emocionado, llorado y alegrado todo a la vez Me ha gustado Marsden y Linnie y su historia que pone broche final a la serie.Lee la rese a en

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    4.5 Stars When The Marquess Falls by Lorraine Heath is book 3.5 in the The Hellions of Havisham series This is a novella covering how George who is the Marquess of Marsden and was the Mad guardian who took care of the kids that became men in the Hellions of Havisham series This shows us how George and Linnie meet and married Through out the series you understood that George was taken care of his son and the boys that were left to him in a guardianship but at the same time was missing his wife that had past This book was a sad story but yet a happy one that I am glad I went forward and read.

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    Realmente, de verdad, se merece muchas m s estrellas por c mo ha terminado la historia y cerrar el circulo con ella.Pero no se lo doy porque mi parte rom ntica, la que siempre quiere un final feliz, no lo puede dar.Porque, mirad He estado todo el libro con una llorera y una sonrisa en mi cara Casi un paquete de pa uelos he gastado Pero a n con todo, no he parado de disfrutar y de conoce por fin a Linnie Que me ha conquistado absolutamente.Y bueno, George, por favor No me extra a que salieran sus hijos tan maravillosos como l Porque s , los cuatro son hijos suyos.Muy muy muy bonito pero tambi n muy duro, por supuesto.

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    If you ve read The Viscount and the Vixen, you know how this story is going to end And if you haven t, you really need to, because without it, you ll miss the perspective that is part of what makes this so compelling It s a love story that you know ends in tragedy at least in a way But what a lovely story it is One that made me cry buckets for the last 10 minutes.This is a prequel to the Hellions of Havisham trilogy and tells the story of how the Marquess of Marsden meets the love of his life We know him as an old man, driven mad by the loss of his wife in the other books, but here we see George as realizes his feelings for Linnie, the baker s daughter, and struggles with the seeming impossibility of them being together.I loved how these two nurtured their bond as they grew up childhood friends I loved how they loved each other even though a future was forbidden Each stolen moment was precious And I had so many feels when they finally bucked convention and chose a life with each other.The final few chapters take us through heartbreak, but the end is bittersweet Big kudos to Lorraine Heath for taking me on such an emotional journey in such a short time.I would definitely recommend this one, but only if you ve read the book before it and only if you ve got a box of Kleenex handy You re going to need it.Rating A ARC provided by Avon