Two people are abandoned outside a spacecraft with 90 minutes of oxygen and they spend it reminiscing about their relationship Huh I got halfway through this novel and then decided I didn t need to finish The worldbuilding future, USA ruined by nuclear war, Europa and individualism reign would have been effective if the characters felt like they were also in the future or were any different than us, but the dialogue and actions feel very YA but they are in their 20s Is this new adult Perhaps this is the first encounter I ve had with that elusive new genre I don t care much for it, or at least, I do not think this book is very successful in what it is trying to do, in a way that goes beyond it simply not being my thing. This is a 3 to 3.5 star read for me, I really had a hard time decidingHow about that cover I was immediately drawn to it as well as the title and then when I read the blurb and saw it s being compared to One Day, one of my very favorite reads, I knew I d have to hit the request button on Netgalley I thought this would be a good out of my comfort zone pick, and in some ways it was.The beginning of the story pulled me in right away when we are thrust into space with Carys and Max after they ve gotten separated from their ship and soon discover they only have 90 min of oxygen left What a perfect way to start this story because I was glued to the pages, fascinated by the details of space as well as their attempts to find a way back to the ship.The novel is structured in such a way that we are then taken back in time, via Carys and Max s flashbacks, to the beginning of their relationship in futuristic Europia which is a utopian society that exists after the destruction of the United States and the Middle East following a nuclear war I was definitely intrigued by the world building in this society where couples had to follow the Couples Rule meaning they were forbidden to have long term relationships or marry until the age of 35 This was reinforced by people living on Rotation in which every 3 years everyone would move or rotate their locations to a brand new district Of course, when Carys and Max meet and fall in love, the rules and Rotation prove to be a huge struggle for them, especially since Max has a completely different set of beliefs than Carys Along with the utopian world building, I also really enjoyed the technology and setting details of this futuristic world.With alternating timeframes , however, what inevitably seems to happen for me is I m invested in either the past or the present and that s exactly what happened in this case I was much interested in the space chapters and the intensity that came as their oxygen levels were decreasing and they continued to try to make it back to the ship Plus, we get to know and hear from each of them NOW and this just made for better reading for me, rather than breaking to go back into the past In addition, the further I got in the book, the I found myself skimming the past chapters in order to get back to the action in space While this was my favorite part of the story, there were still questions that nagged me.why were they both on the mission together when only Carys was actually an astronaut Why did they seem woefully underprepared for such a large venture into space Even suspending disbelief, I scratched my head over these Of course, I m not giving spoilers away regarding the ending but what I will say is it was very surprising and not what I expected, yet getting there was somewhat confusing Sorry to be vague but if you read this I d really love to chat about your thoughts regarding the ending I think if you re looking for an entertaining, quick read to enjoy while at the pool or the beach you should definitely give this a try If you re looking for an epic love story like One Day you might be disappointed I didn t find this to be similar to that book at all, unfortunately. Carys And Max Have Ninety Minutes Of Air Left None Of This Was Supposed To HappenAdrift In Space With Nothing To Hold On To But Each Other, Carys And Max Can T Help But Look Back At The World They Left Behind A World Whose Rules They Couldn T Submit To, A Place Where They Never Really Belonged A Home They Re Determined To Get Back To Because They Ve Come Too Far To Lose Each Other Now Um Romance SideralUAU Romeu e Julieta em pleno espa o sideral Fabuloso e In dito, pois nunca antes li nada assim A hist ria come a com dois corpos flutuantes Carys e Max andam s cambalhotas no v cuo, lutando pela vida com os parcos meios de que disp em, pois s lhes restam noventa minutos de oxig nio.Como foram ali parar, uma quest o que ser gradualmente respondida, mas posso desde j adiantar vos que o maior problema foi a paix o assolapada em que se enlearam Problema, porqu Porque a sociedade em que vivem decretou ilegal qualquer relacionamento duradouro antes dos 35 Sim At aos 35, suposto cada indiv duo focar se exclusivamente na carreira, para que o contributo social seja qualitativamente irrepreens vel.Mas o amor que um sentimento rebelde e voluntarioso, n o conhece leis nem entraves.Quando se insinua e teima em florescer, segue em frente, sem nada que o refreie, e quem o encontra pelo caminho fica viciado, e incapaz de prosseguir sem eleE foi assim que Carys e Max, contra tudo e todos, se entregaram a um amor proibido, que os elevou ao espa o sideral Porque o amor mesmo assim insubordinado, selvagem e impar vel Sabem que mais Este Amor Sideral, deixou me siderada Adorei I am sorry but no I thought this book was gonna be science fiction and less romance, and man was I disappointed The structure of the book moves between their present moment dying floating on space, with no way to return to their ship and with oxigen shortage and the story of how they met each other and how their story together moved from here to the moment they are in at present.I just couldn care for the characters, and the only part that really atracted me to the lecture was the stranded in space part. Carys and Max are stranded in space with minutes ticking away on their oxygen as they float further and further from their ship But rather than finding a solution, they waste too many precious minutes on flashbacks and reflections of their tumultuous history which was irritating and inappropriate Hello You have 90 minutes left and you re thinking about how you first met, had that breakup, ect Maybe you should be trying to find a way to live I wanted the characters to be proactive and find a way out of their predicament, but instead they were both very contemplative.This book tries to be two things at once romance and science fiction Unfortunately, the romance aspect overpowered everything so much that the worldbuilding couldn t be taken seriously This story is set in space and in an utopian society on earth, but it felt forced or simply used as a backdrop for the romance because the story needed a setting and in space was interesting than not in space The characters don t have enough interaction with their environment for it to be compelling or relevant, and I got the impression they were really inexperienced re space which had me wondering how they ever got as far as they did As for the romance itself, it was okay Carys and Max have a volatile relationship compounded by the strict rules of their utopian society that don t allow people under 35 to couple sounds dystopian than utopian to me, to be honest The idea is that by promoting individualism, young people will stay focused and contribute to society until they re ready to settle down This rule is what drives a lot of the conflict in the story Carys and Max start to question the rules of their society, convinced that their love is real love that can overcome difficulties despite society telling them they re too young they re in their mid twenties I found this part of the story to be a bit implausible how can a society expect twenty somethings to not fall in love and again had me questioning the feeble worldbuilding.Overall, I d probably still recommend as a light read If you re a romance fan, you ll probably like this It doesn t delve deep into the science fiction, making it an easy read that packs an emotional punch at the end I liked the ending It wasn t what I was expecting. What the heck did i just read Jedinica je ina e rezervisana za knjige koje ne uspjem zavr iti, ali jedinice mogu dat i knjigama koje su mi bile u asne Razumijem te nji da se smisli ne to orginalni, ali blago re eno pretjerivanje u same detalje bez ikakvog smisla je u asno Likovi su toliko jednodimenzionalni, njihov odnos, okolina oko njih je ablonski lo e ura eno Premisa je bila ok, ali ovo to je na kraju ispalo je za mene bilo u asno lo e O kraju, toliko konfuznom koliko mo e biti, ne u tro iti rije i.1 i za brz zaborav iz memorije mozga.. Rese a completa primero que me atrajo de l fue su portada, llena de estrellas por todas partes y algunas de ellas brillantes Es una de las portadas m s bonitas que he visto en lo que llevamos de a o Pero la portada no fue lo nico que me llam la atenci n ya que su sinopsis consigui convencerme por esa mezcla entre historia de amor y lucha por la supervivencia en una situaci n m s que compleja.La historia est narrada en tercera persona e intercala los momentos actuales mientras Carys y Max est n a la deriva en el espacio, con su vida en la tierra y c mo se conocieron Es un libro que atrapa muy f cilmente y supera por poco las 300 p ginas en una lectura muy gil y que mantiene en vilo al lector hasta el ltimo momento.Me encant la combinaci n de ciencia ficci n con historia de amor ya que de por s son dos g neros que normalmente no suelen ir tanto de la mano como otros Cualquiera puede leerlo aunque no le guste la ciencia ficci n ya que no aparecen t rminos complejos ni cuatro p ginas de discursos con palabras incomprensibles Los dos personajes principales son geniales y pr cticamente llevan todo el peso de la historia al encontrarse solos en el espacio Los personajes secundarios son muy pocos y nicamente aparecen cuando se recuerda la vida de Carys y Max en la tierra pero no se profundiza en ninguno de ellos ya que no son parte importante de la historia.En resumen, el g nero de ciencia ficci n y rom ntico se dan la mano en una historia de supervivencia, recuerdos y amor Libro gil, bien escrito y con un final sorprendente He encontrado en l todo lo que esperaba encontrar tras ver su portada y sinopsis. Carys and Max have ninety minutes of air left They are alone together Drifting in space Ninety minutes to stay alive Ninety minutes to figure out how to rescue the themselves.Ninety minutes to reflect on the decisions that brought them to this point Ninety minutes to decide if love is indeed all you need This book is set in a future version of our world where the USA and the Middle East have been decimated and Europe has become a utopian society called Europia Citizens of Europia don t come from anywhere any Borders and cultural identities have been eroded and people move constantly Living in one particular place for an extended period of time no longer occurs instead people move to a new location each rotation Citizens no longer follow religions but either choose to have faith or no faith And most importantly for twenty somethings Carys and Max, there is a Couples Rule which has been put in place to prevent young people from coupling up in their twenties Long term relationships are only allowable later in their thirties So what do you do when you meet the one before science and law says you are supposed to meet I was really entertained by this It was an interesting take on the time old classic of boy meets girl and can their love survive against the odds There was just the right amount of world building in the background to make this feel futuristic Admittedly it required the reader to take a few leaps of faith regarding the convenient veracity of certain truths but on the whole I very much enjoyed the sci fi edge to this story I enjoyed the way the novel interspersed Carys and Max s ninety minute countdown with flash backs recalling how they met, how their relationship developed etc It was very nicely done and served to make this quite a poignant look at a young romantic relationship There were however some lovely moments of humour too and on the whole the storyline exuded a warmth that truly made me care about the outcome of the plot I liked both of the main characters although I felt that Carys personality was a little better developed than Max s I would maybe have liked a little information and background detail for their friends and family whenever they were included in the flashbacks However, it could be argued that additional detail would have slowed down the pacing of this novel and for me, the pacing was pretty much perfect Putting the main couple front and centre at all times with the focus on their relationship was something I enjoyed because this felt like a very fresh love story I wasn t bored for one second This was a book that I greedily raced through and was very much a page turner An easy read but one that had a lot to say between the lines.A very positive three and a half stars rounded up to fourA copy of this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher, Doubleday Transworld Publishers, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Annoying gender stereotypes aren t any less annoying or stereotypical if they happen in space.