Satisfying, quick read Good to revisit these characters. As A Bonus For Readers Of The Gaming The System Series, I Have Written Some Scenes FromAt Any Pricein Adam S Point Of View At Any Price Is Available Free For Download On At Copy And Paste This URL Into Your Browser Amzn DCkYTXThe Scenes Included In This Bonus Booklet Mia And Adam S First Meeting The Evening That Adam And Mia Spend Together On His Yacht A Series Of Scenes Covering The Month That Adam And Mia Are Separated Between St Lucia And Their Reunion At The Ranch In AnzaIt Is Strongly Recommended That You Read At Any Price Before Reading These Scenes, But They Will Not Spoil Your Enjoyment Of The Rest Of The Books AfterwardE GAMING THE SYSTEM SERIES At Any Price Available Now Adam Mia Part At Any Turn Available Now Adam Mia Part At Any Moment Available Now Adam Mia Part For The Win Available Now Jordan April For The One Available Now William Jenna Worth Any Cost February , Adam Mia Part Gaming the System reviews At Any Price hereAt Any Turn hereAt Any Moment hereFor the win hereFor the One hereWorth Any Cost hereBonus books At Any Price Bonus bonus chapter See below Welcome to Gaming the System As this is basically just book 1 with a bonus chapter s , I don t see any reason to post a brand new review Though, I did enjoy the extra chapter s I m not sure I understand the need to re publish the entire book again Couldn t the bonus stuff just be on Brenna s website In her newsletter In the back of any other book To me it would have made sense that way.22 year old Emilia Mia Strong is a struggling gaming blogger, who wants to go to medical school to become an Oncologist She s also a bit of a pretend feminist and MMO MMORPG gamer Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games In order to make her dream come true and save her mother from financial ruin, Mia gets the idea to auction off her v card That way she hopes to make enough money, to not be buried in debt when she finishes medical school.Mia s virginity sells for a lot of money close to 1,000,000 and the winner is the handsome and sexy billionaire CEO, Mr Adam Drake Though, the terms are set but when Adam and Mia finally meets Adam is not really playing a long and it becomes clear that he has his own agendaI m not a prostitute and I ll thank you not to treat me like one You ve sold yourself You may not see yourself as one, but clearly his eyes travelled down my body again.I shook my head I couldn t understand his motivation for provoking me like this As beautiful as he was, each time that he opened his mouth I was finding it harder and harder to picture myself in bed with him One night in my life and a bit of broken skin does not constitute prostitution His dark gaze intensified, as if with one long, determined gaze he could break through my defences I drew back Sex for money is prostitution I shrugged, determined not to let him see that he was getting under my skin I prefer not to put a label on it One night of my life does not define meThe characters are very straight forward We have Mia who s strong willed or stubborn if you will She does have personal hang ups and she s not even close to perfect However, she is very relatable and she has this vibe of realness surrounding her, which I do like What I don t like is that her stubbornness is bordering on childish She lives in this little plastic bubble of illusions, and if anyone oversteps or does say something she doesn t like, she runs away Apparently dealing is not for Ms Strong.Adam is kind of a dream guy character He s trying to fix the past by perfecting the present I like how Adam is a good guy through and through, instead of the bad boy turned Mr Perfect He s a down to earth guy, with great morals who tries to make lemonade every time life hands him lemons Don t get me wrong, Adam is haunted by his past, but who isn t in one way or another I think that for what he s been through, he s turned out pretty damn fine.As much as I do like the story I do have a few issues with this book I ve noticed a trend where our FMC s doesn t like their full name What s up with that Why does there always have to be an Isabella, Anastasia, Emilia etc I guess I don t really mind the name, what I do dislike is the focus around it It seems that authors go out of their way to give characters a name Then they go out of their way to write into said characters personality, that they don t want to go by their full name I can t help but wonder what those pages could be spend on instead, if the character had just been named Bella, Ana, Mia from the beginning with no explanation To me Mia is a tough person to like Her last name is Strong but in the book she s almost anything but She s a hurt and scared little girl, who grabs reality and twist it to her liking But seriously, for an intelligent character I was very put off with the whole don t call me a prostitute ordeal Like it or not sex for money prostitution That s a none discussable fact You may not like it You may wish to put it behind you once it s over and done But the fact still stands whether you like it or not.When all that s said and done, the book is definitely worth reading It s a hot, steamy story about losing the reigns, grab on to love and enjoy life. Different povThis was a good read Well written of course It was nice to see Adams p.o.v during certain scenes I can t wait to read This little bonus from Adam s point of view was a nice treat My only complaint was that it was not long enough Lol It was good to learn Adams thoughts during the 1st time he met Mia and a few of the other scenes Some of his thoughts were actually surprising, but being his head was enjoyable Ms Aubrey does a spectacular job with being in a guy s head I just learned that book 2 is from Adam s POV and I almost lost my shit I m diving in head 1st Can t freaking wait. A Fun Look Into Adams POVI loved At Any Price, but what I loved about later books in the series is that not only do we see Mia s point of view we also get to see what Adam is thinking during situations Although it s a super quick read, it s fun to see exactly what Adam is thinking as he s building a relationship with Mia Definitely should be read after finishing Book 1. Yes Finally something from Adams point of view I loved the voice the author gave him and the internal dialogue he had made him my favorite character in the series.Read this after At Any Price for the first read since I don t remember if there are any spoilers in it but after that, it can be read in conjunction with the original story for some extra flavor. Read the whole series and seriously liked it Aside of the usual spanning love story there are some sensitive subjects put into discussion can t say without throwing spoilers I totally enjoyed it and wholly recommend it, not just this book but the whole series Enjoy Omg I died and went to heaven please make of his point of view but in longer books please I would really enjoy full books like her point of view is please please pretty please On to the second book I go. The suspense of the story was great Great writer and loved the waiting and patience I loved every part