In journal entries alternating between two timelines — before and after a tragic accident — this heartfelt coming of age story follows the year that changes one girl's life forever Before Taylor Harper is finally popular sitting with the cool kids at lunch and maybe just maybe getting invited to the biggest most exclusive party of the year After no one talks to her Before she's friends with Brielle Branson the coolest girl in school After Brielle has become a bully and Taylor's her favorite target Before home isn't perfect but at least her family is together After Mom won't get out of bed Dad won't stop yelling and EliEli's goneThrough everything Taylor has her notebook a diary of the year that one fatal accident tears her life apart In entries alternating between the first and second semester of her eighth grade year she navigates joy and grief gain and loss hope and depressionHow can Taylor pick up the pieces of what used to be her social life? How can her house ever feel like home again after everything that's happened? And how can she move forward if she can't stop looking back?An Imprint Book

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    This book like young adulthood itself is complex and multilayered The reader must navigate two alternating story lines life before and life after a tragic event that upends a family a community and most important to Taylor the delicate balance of social acceptance Taylor tells her story through writing prompts which feels similar to books conveyed through journal entries we are meant to experience through Taylor's eyes the drama and discomfort of living in two different worlds at once Taylor struggles to reconcile the sunny pineapple cocktail version of Oahu with the real people and real experiences of the island She sees the shiny haired girls who play reality tv style social games the golden surfer boys who seem to float on life like they do on the waves and the local families who literally don't have a dollar to spare for education Taylor experiences fleeting moments of belonging and then helplessly watches as her carefully navigated social status crumbles after the tragedy Mostly though we experience through Taylor the gap between mental wellness and mental illness When the story lines merge with an unexpected and satisfying conclusion Taylor is forever changed and the reader has a new appreciation for the beautiful vicious spirit lifting and spirit crushing swings of everyday young adulthood

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    Wow This book was not what I expected when I set to read a young adult fiction novel about a girl in the paradise of Hawaii I was surprised in so many great ways pulled into this girl’s family friendships and her relationship with her own mind and heart Taylor her friends and frienemies and her family members all carry traits of people I’ve known I can relate to several of them which made my heart swell and break like those very Hawaiian waves I loved the culture the personalities the little details the pets and the way this story is woven together to create a comforting blanket of togetherness I feel now than I did before reading this book that I am not alone in my joy or my pain I am personally inspired to write now I can’t wait to read what this author has coming next and I really want to visit Hawaii This is certainly not some graphic novel or a strictly romantic vampirebabysittertalent showreality star flip through This is a book written for young adults today living in a complicated world with moving parts all around them and uestions than answers A gem a treat and an honor to read

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    This book helps teens work through life challenges both internal and external in a gentle yet hopeful way It has an interesting and uniue format of 2 timelines told through journal entries but the change in voice makes it easy to understand We can all relate to main character Taylor in her uest to be popular and then realize alongside her that there are many important things in life

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    I felt like Taylor was writing right to me and I was her friend She is honest and the struggles she goes through are real Her entries before and after show how life changes people for bad and good and what we can do about it And what we can't Middle schoolers will connect with how it feels to be on the outside But also readers will see that maybe being on the inside isn't so great I loved Brielle the villain She's complicated You can see WHY she is how she is and even end up feeling sorry for her Hawaii is shown from different sides too It's not like the Hawaii most people know about It's Through Taylor's problem solving the journal ends with hope This is a story of kindness And meanness Survival And family true friendship pain and healing surfing fashion and a cat that eats enchiladas

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    After several of us fell in love with Taylor and her story we will be adding this to our preteen teen adult book club in New York City We can’t wait to share this fresh deep relatable smart fun humorous sometimes heartbreaking but always heartfelt novel with our readers have of many ages This book will take you on a journey and you’ll be glad you went along for it #2020topcontender

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    Great read well written The narration through writing prompts gives the reader a uniue ride through the life of Taylor This book will make you think about the social challenges of kids and the pain they go through

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    I sadly DNFed this one pretty early on The writing style wasn't working for me at all I can normally vibe with stream of consciousness writing well enough but this was just too choppy and jumped all over the place way too much and honestly I can't see this being a successful read with most kids in its intended age range either Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    This story was incredibly touching and realistic It is often that books lack the ability to make me feel raw emotion That is not the case with Taylor before and after I am happy to report that this young adult story taught me about empathy and loss I recommend this book to anyone with a connection to Hawaii anyone with a kid in High school anyone in high school or collage And even older generations as it opens a window to a culture that is unfamiliar to most This book left me wanting When is the next book coming Mrs Englund??

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    When I was a young adult I struggled with mental health issues just like Taylor The character is immensely relatable The environment around Taylor is realistic and easily imagined The author did a great job with the secondary characters like Brielle Overall a great book that I will recommend to my sister a 7th and 8th grade teacher

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    Taylor Before and After is a beautifully told and deeply moving account of the torment of being young the fear around fitting in and making friends and how a single event can shatter your whole life It's a book every middle school child should read a book every parent of a middle school child should read There's so much brilliance in how this novel is structured the way it moves back and forth in time through Taylor's personal journal slowly revealing pieces of what's happened and how the events of a single day can ripple This is one of the best books I've read in a very long time don't be fooled by the tag of YA Fiction It's for everyone