Mira, The Hopebearer Mira Minkoba Is On The Run With Her Friends After A Fiery Escape From The Pit, Where She D Been Imprisoned For Defending The Dragons She Loves And She Wants Answers Where Have All The Dragons Been Taken Why Are Powerful Noorestones Being Shipped To The Mainland And Did The Treaty She S Been Defending Her Whole Life Truly Sell Out The Fallen Isles To Their Enemies Mira, The DragonheartedAs Her Connection To The Dragons And Their Power Grows Stronger, So Does Mira S Fear That She Might Lose Control And Hurt Someone She Loves But The Only Way To Find The Truth Is To Go Home Again, To Damina, To Face The People Who Betrayed Her And The Parents She S Not Sure She Can TrustHome, Where She Must Rise Above Her Fears Or Be Consumed

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    There is a cover 5 9 18 Done with pass pages Soon it will be a finished book 8 1 18 Pre order info for As She Ascends is up More info

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    RTC I didn t even see this cover reveal Look at how BEAUTIFUL it is I am so ready for this book OMG

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    4.5 stars It s admittedly a little jarring to go from the simpler pace of Before She Ignites into As She Ascends, and it took me a while to get used to the back to back to back events happening to Mira and the crew But otherwise, it was really great to get to see them working towards doing what they needed to in order to right the wrongs uncovered in the first book Mira s own growth really starts to show in this one, and as someone I already connected to in the previous book, I liked seeing how she s been changed by all she s been through There s still so much that needs to happen, and I m really eager to see it all play out in book three.

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    3.5 stars No one gets stronger all at once It happens in pieces, and the hurts with the deepest roots take the longest to heal As She Ascends is the second book in the Fallen Isles trilogy A trilogy that is slowly beginning to get my interest in I liked Before She Ignites and I liked As She Ascends These two books offer us a world of politics, dragons, deceit, and strength Inner strength, to be specific The story picks up when Mira and her friends have escaped the Pit and are on the run from people enemies and people Mira thought she could trust On top of that, they also have to uncover the lies that were in the Mira Treaty Dragons are still disappearing across the seven isles and there is the threat of the Great Abandonment, a cataclysmic event that could kill lives.For the second book in a series, I d say it does a pretty good job at presenting of a problem solving story The way I see a trilogy is how each individual book presents something for the reader For example, the first book sets up the world, presents a problem The second can add world building and an answer to the problem The third book then takes that answer and solves the main issue surrounding said trilogy And the Fallen Isles does follow that concept.As She Ascends is a good book and a good follow up to Before She Ignites It s not perfect, mind you, but it adds to the story as well as the world.One of my favorite things about this series so far is Mira and her inner strength She goes through a lot of bad stuff just because she believes in doing the right thing She wants to help the dragons and maintain peace within the seven isles and even the mainland Her love of dragons is shown when she takes care of her own dragon as well as other ones Even after she gets thrown to the ground, she still gets up to fight for what she believes in She also has to deal with her anxiety and panic attacks No matter what happens to her, she still continues to fight and shows a lot of inner strength.We also have plot and worldbuilding A lot of complaints in the first book was how a good chunk of the story took place in one area while the rest was only mentioned or were shown for a short amount of time Here, in As She Ascends, we are shown of the world not a lot but still enough and how some of the isles operate I m glad we get to know about the world because, with such an interesting story and world, there is a lot an author could explore.For the negatives, I have 2 gripes.The first being the length of the story I don t mind long books Hell, the longest book I ve read was over 800 pages What I have an issue with this series is that it could be shorter The pacing is not to slow if you have lots of free time to read, but I could go without the pages that didn t really add much to the story.Second would be the romance The love interest, Aaru is actually an interesting character who only speaks through a form of tapping He can speak, but its part of his culture to remain silent and we do get his POV in here, just in snippets But when he and Mira are together, I feel nothing Their romance isn t bad but I feel a disconnect between them VerdictThough I wouldn t call this an all time favorite series, I am enjoying my time getting to know about the characters, the world, and the dragons This book has freaking dragons How could I not enjoy it Overall, I do like this series and I m looking forward to seeing how it ends.Thanks for reading my review Cesar

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    Aaaaand Jodi has done it again An incredible, sweeping fantasy with dragons and romance far off places daring sword fights a prince in disguise ok, maybe not that but also with talk of faith, empathy, listening across differences of experience, and taking seriously the consequences of our actions toward the world we live in Mira is my home girl, Aaru is my fave, THEIR HANDHOLDING IS STILL FIRE READ READ READ.

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    4.5 stars I managed to make this review spoiler free for book 1, so you can still read this and learn about how amazing this series is without having to read Before She Ignites OH MY GOSH.Y all are not ready for As She Ascends this Tuesday I kid you not, this series has managed to get even better with book 2, and the entire concept of second book syndrome has been tossed out the window.All of the problems I had with book 1 were completely fixed in As She Ascends, and it s like Meadows is a mind reader or something with how she was able to basically tailor this book to suit my tastes.My biggest critique of book 1 was the pacing being somewhat slow, but in As She Ascends, there was so much gripping action and I literally could not scroll through the manuscript fast enough I need to get a powerful mouse or something, because I totally devoured those pages.100 pages would go by and I wouldn t even realize it That s how gripping this book was.Before She Ignites is very much Mira being imprisoned, while As She Ascends was much Mira on the run and Mira doing action and Mira doing things instead of being a sitting duck, which I had a lot fun reading.It s not that the slow pace of book 1 is bad, but it s not as riveting as this book was As She Ascends takes on a very different tone and outlook on the characters situation, which I greatly enjoyed and found really entertaining Part of this is probably because book 1 was in Before and After format, while book 2 only had short chapters from Aaru s point of view in the past I admit that I was honestly kind of apathetic to the romance in book one, but in As She Ascends I SHED REAL TEARS Meadows is wicked good at building the angst and the tension between Aaru and Mira was so strong.It wasn t unnecessary angst or anything just a sort of angst that makes you ship the characters even harder and want to smoosh them together and yell at them to talk I was tearing up It was also late at night, but still during some of their interactions and was definitely wayyy involved with their relationship in this book than in book 1 In comparison to other books, though, this is like the most extreme slow burn of all slow burns Plus, we get to see far dragons in this book then the last, which I absolutely adore Not only do we get to see of LaLa and the cute companion dragons, there s large and somewhat scary dragons too It was all very exciting and I loved this aspect.The political machinations still stand, and it s quite twisty as you definitely are being misled in some areas and should follow your gut instinct in othersAnd Mira just really grew as a character in this book I mean, I ve pointed out how much I love seeing anxiety rep in a fantasy setting, and it s so nice to see a character in a fantasy novel taking medication etc.She learns a lot about herself and her decisions and I really like how Meadows framed Mira against Chenda and highlighted some of her decisions and reactions in that way Her growth was really one of my favorite parts of this novel, and Mira has been through such a huge personal journey in this series and she still has places left to go.Overall, As She Ascends totally blew Before She Ignites out of the water, and I m so excited to read book three when it comes I NEED and I definitely recommend this series, especially on how the sequel did not disappoint Thank you so much to the author for providing me with a manuscript in exchange for an honest review Plus, don t forget to check out the awesome preorder swag giveaway here you ve only got two days left Blog Instagram Twitter

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    PREORDER WHEN SHE REIGNS NOW1 Preorder from your indie bookstore or retail site BONUS Preorder a personalized stamped copy from One More Page receive an exclusive When She Reigns sticker from Hey Atlas Creative2 Forward your receipt to Jodi So you read Before She Ignites and immediately thought MORE DRAGONS right Right Well, Jodi Meadows DELIVERED in As She Ascends There are dragons, dragons, and even dragons And, dang it, now I really want a pocket dragon In all seriousness, As She Ascends is a second book in the series that takes an incredible first book and turns it up 10 notches What I love about The Fallen Isles triology is how clearly defined the titles are in light of the story development Before She Ignites is a look at Mira as she s slowly learning about her world and the people she trusted most As She Ascends is Mira taking matters into her own hands and saving the freaking dragons Mira has an excellent grasp on her perception of the established order, ethics, and morals in her close world As She Ascends takes the world she thought she knew and turns the stone over on corruption and oppression If you can t draw the parallels with Mira s world and our own, get yourself a book club and have a discussion Alongside Mira s journey, we also get Aaru backstory chapters SAY IT A LITTLE LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK I think all the Before She Ignites fans were dying to get their hands on how Aaru landed in the cell next to Mira this gentle silent man can t possibly have a horrific past right I am not sure how Jodi manages to give each character their own narrative but the entire crew gets their own piece of the puzzle here, including the dragons Just enough so that when she does something horrifying to them, you feel it deep in your soul.As She Ascends takes us deeper into the world of the islands, including social rules, spirituality, and their history We also get to see about the divide between the islands and the mainland Mira is back, ready to take on her oppressors, even if they are her own parents Her motives are clear save the dragons, keep the people she lives safe, and learn who she is along the way.

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    3.5 stars On the one hand, this was far from amazing, but on the other hand I binged it in a day, so it must ve had something going for it Also the dragons were adorable RTC.