Emily s First 100 Days of School is a counting book It s about a bunny named Emily and her class They are given a number journal on the first day of school and the teacher tells them when they reach 100 days they can have a party Emily records all of the numbers she sees like playing crazy eights with her brother, playing 20 questions, baking 84 cookies and cleaning up 94 bottles and cans When the class gets to 100 days, each kid represents 100 however they want Some kids wear 100 buttons or do 100 cartwheels but when they ask Emily what she did she says it s a secret The bordered cover is really colorful and has a picture of Emily at her desk The border gives some hints as to what could happen in the book with different numbers and pictures My favorite part of peritext in the book is the authors note before the story starts She says she was never good at math and she never liked numbers but now she realizes they re everywhere, in songs and games She says all the numbers in the book are equally important and fun Overall, I thought Emily s First 100 Days of School was a good book This book was not what I expected it to be It was too long for a simple picture book and it lacked any substance The illustrations were cute and reminded me of my childhood watching the T.V show Ruby and Max Overall, this is not a book I would every try to read in one sitting.Genre Modern FantasyGrades PreK 1 Emily Is Ready For Her First Day Of School There S So Much To Do Learning The Alphabet, Singing, Reading Books, Dancing, And Counting, Starting With The Very First Day One Hundred Days Feels Very Far Away, But Day By Day, Emily And Her Classmates See They Re Getting Closer And As The Lessons They Learn Begin To Add Up, Their World Expands Chock Full Of Surprising Discoveries, Age Appropriate Activities, And Plenty Of Humor, Emily S FirstDays Of School Supports Growing Skills In Reading, Writing, And Arithmetic, With An Emphasis On Math Skills Its a cute little book to show 100 days of school It shows that things add up and time passes before you know it even if you think it will be forever Each number has something that a young child may relate to or learn as the year goes on Each day is its own thing but they connect and build on one another just like in real life Teaching children numbers is important and children need a concrete way to fathom bigger numbers and this book does it well. This would be a fun book to read aloud in sections visit throughout the first 100 days of school My only complaint is that it gets to the holidays too fast and then spends too much time there. Emily journals her first one hundred days of school by writing about the different numbers in her life while counting up A really cute idea that highlights all the different ways we use numbers in our lives.Read on the one hundredth day of school. Read on the 100th Day of School I think Emily s First 100 Days of School is a great counting and number concept book and is a wonderful choice, too, for all those little collectors out there Rosemary Wells makes numbers interesting, relevant and dynamic in a book on the first 100 days of school For the number eight, for example, eight cards illustrate a game of crazy eights the little rabbit Emily teaches her younger brother the numbers 30 and 31 become part of her teacher s lesson on the number of days in a month 35 represents the 35 centino stamp on a postcard from Costa Rica 67 is her street address 94 is the number of rings and age of an old tree that fell down in their back yard and 100, well, that s her surprise In addition to being instructive and lots of fun, the book features Wells ever appealing artwork Reading Emily s First 100 Days of School as a class or at home provides a wonderful way to transition into and celebrate the start of the school year SLJ The text alternates between the child s life at home and at school, providing a wonderful example of how families are a child s first teacher and how they can supplement the classroom teacher throughout a child s academic life The characters are beautifully brought to life through Wells s pen and watercolor illustrations, showcased by a combination of full page spreads, detailed borders, and smaller panels Hornbook Skeptics may doubt Wells can find fresh, engaging presentations for that many numbers, but overall she manages beautifully Alive with color and thematically relevant decoration e.g a border of all fifty two cards in the deck on day 52, when Emily plays hearts with her grandmother , the oversized pages are sometimes divided into several panels, but they never feel too busy. This is Mackers favourite book this summer We have a DVD collection of Scholastic books turned into videos and Emily s First 100 Days of School is a favourite as my son loves numbers We found the book on disc edition at the library it s about 30 min long and when I pop the CD into our relic boombox, I ve got a baby sitter GLORY This book reads like a diary as Emily recounts her first 100 days of school With her teacher, Miss Cribbage, and bestie Diane Duck, we see how Emily grows and learns how to read and write Emily also reflects on family activities with her brother and grandparents, You load sixteen tons and what do ya get Another day older and deeper in debt There is one downside having these little ditties stuck in your head all day Tea for two and two for tea Just me for you and you for me However, this is the book that started Mackers love for Books on Disc It makes long summer car rides muchenjoyable for the little guy Too long for before bed before nap duty, but a good one for learning numbers since each one 1 100 is featured DS is obsessed with numbers and recently has a love of 100, so this was an easy pick for me, although he lost interest somewhere in the 40s and I had to coax him to sit for the rest Thank goodness he didn t want to count each and every page