Hi! I Am Otter

Teddy And I Want To Go To The Circus Or Sail A Pirate Ship Otter Keeper Takes Us To The Library Instead Could We Have An Adventure There?

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    Disclaimer: I have all the Otter books. I was first interested in the author's work because he managed to produce in his illustrations an otter that was both delightfully whimsical and physically realistic (rather than the animal hide stretched over a wine bottle that some illustrators regretfully call an otter). But this book is the best Otter book yet, and it's not just because of Garton's illustrations.

    First of all, Otter is confronted with conflict: she wants a fun trip, an adventure, as do her friends Teddy (her best plush friend), and Giraffe (her backup plush friend and general blame-taker for plans gone awry). But each wants a different adventure (circus, castle, sea where there are pirates - hard to have more diverse plans). And Otter Keeper has Other Plans for the day, which do not include any of the firmly suggested adventures. Well, this is quite the problem.

    However, Otter Keeper has a solution: a trip to the Library. Off they go, where there are so many, many books. When Otter is confronted by too many choices and doesn't know what to do (this, by the way, is the story of my life), the Librarian helps her find just the right books. So she reads about, and imagines, being in the circus, imagines being a pirate, imagines her castle, and has all sorts of exciting adventures.

    I've never seen a child's book explain the doors that reading can open so simply and clearly. There's a strong, heartfelt message delivered gently in just the few "I can read" words, complemented by colorful and child-friendly drawings. The book is 32 pages (the hard cover comes with a dust jacket), perfectly sized for small hands. Lovely.

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    This was a wonderful look at the magic of books and the amazing places they can take you.

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    It doesn't have an unexpected twist like many Otter books, but it is a nice story (wonderfully illustrated, as always) about the power of books and the magic of the library.

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    Aw, so cute! Beautiful illustrations, as always, and we all love books, so a great combination. Now I just need to read one more book before bed 🙂

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    I love books. And Otter.

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    This was my first Otter book and I thought it was pretty cute. Otter and his friends go to the library for the first time and they have a lot of fun.

    For: lovers of otters/animal friends and libraries; readers wanting a book about library adventures.

    Possible red flags: readers may find the book too uneventful.