In Heaven, On Earth Is A Love Story Played Out In The Afterlife And Earthlife, Following One Lover S Death, Transgressing The Realms This Memoir Recognises The Profound Grief Suffered By Souls When Parted By Death Whilst Offering Hope, Love And Solace For Those Aggrieved In Heaven, On Earth Is Part Of The Wave Of Literature Channelled From The Higher Self, Disincarnate Loved Ones, The Divine Or Source, Experienced And Recorded In Popular Memoirs And Complemented By A Body Of Research In Quantum Consciousness And Integral Life Studies Dr Duffy Does Not Work To Validate The Afterlife Rather, She Tells Her Story, Grief Stricken At The Shock She Personally Experiences, Followed By Profound Exhilaration At Her Dead Husband S Communication From The Afterlife This Raw And Honest Story Explores The Big Questions, Asking How Human Spirits May Contribute To Their Souls Awakening And The Collective Consciousness Whilst On Earth S Learning Journey