Matt Cruse Is A Cabin Boy On The Aurora, A Huge Airship That Sails Hundreds Of Feet Above The Ocean, Ferrying Wealthy Passengers From City To City It Is The Life Matt S Always Wanted Convinced He S Lighter Than Air, He Imagines Himself As Buoyant As The Hydrium Gas That Powers His Ship One Night He Meets A Dying Balloonist Who Speaks Of Beautiful Creatures Drifting Through The Skies It Is Only After Matt Meets The Balloonist S Granddaughter That He Realizes That The Man S Ravings May, In Fact, Have Been True, And That The Creatures Are Completely Real And Utterly MysteriousIn A Swashbuckling Adventure Reminiscent Of Jules Verne And Robert Louis Stevenson, Kenneth Oppel, Author Of The Best Selling Silverwing Trilogy, Creates An Imagined World In Which The Air Is Populated By Transcontinental Voyagers, Pirates, And Beings Never Before Dreamed Of By The Humans Who Sail The Skies

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    Damn straight.Ladies and gentlemen, this is YA This is YA in all its shiny glory If you re tired of beautiful supernatural new kids falling in love with the mortal they can t be withWell This is YA.Damn straight.

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    3 1 2 starsRead this book if You love young, honest lads from humble beginnings who are nonetheless destined for great things.You love high seas adventures featuring acts of derring do, bands of murderous pirates with creative names, shipwrecks on tropical islands, overachieving cabin boys, and smarty pants rich girls.You grew up with Treasure Island, Mutiny on the Bounty, Horatio Hornblower, Aubrey and Maturin, or even Jacky Faber.You like the younger side of YA.You find the idea of a moody Eastern European chef named Vlad who loves fish and only understands English when it s convenient amusing.You re willing to accept that in this world there s a gas that s lighter than Hydrogen, is completely inert, and smells like mangoes.You d like an excuse to say, holy flying cats a few times.Don t read this book if You think the above sounds incredibly juvenile.

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    2 1 18 1.99 for Kindle.I really liked this one.Airborn is about a cabin boy on an passenger air ship It takes place in an alternate history of our world so it may be classified as fantasy, but it is not really a fantasy story it s an adventure story Has an 1800 s or maybe Edwardian feel It might appear to be of a boy book , but there is a main character who is a girl, so there s someone girls can relate to, and a bit of wholesome romance I wouldn t assume girls wouldn t like this one.There s also a bit of a mystery The protagonist, 15 year old Matt, is likable, responsible, honest and the story is well written.For parents There wasn t anything in it to give parents pause except for a few deaths in the battles with the pirates a couple good guys, a few bad guys, but although there were sad deaths the good guys nothing was too graphic No bad language, a couple chaste kisses I think this would be a great book to read to kids that were not old enough to read it themselves Pretty G rated I d only hesitate with very young children because of the deaths, and the pirates may be scary for them.If you enjoy this series I think you may also enjoy Arabella of Mars.

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    I m so glad I decided to listen to the Full Cast Audio production of this young adult novel In fact, I didn t realize until after I had listened to it that it won a 2007 Audie Award I believe it I was riveted during this novel, even though I have read the book and its sequel before Riveted while driving through whirling snow on a Chicago interstate is a little dangerous, but I survived return return Matt Cruse was born on an airship and has worked on one since the age of 12 He s only a cabin boy, but knows everything about the ship and has dreams of flying his own one day Once he meets Ms Kate de Vries spelling he obtains a new interest She is pretty, rich, demanding, intelligent, and strong minded She insists that her grandfather discovered a new mammal high above an island in the Pacificus, and wants Matt to help her prove it And, boy, do they ever They find cloud cats, are ransacked by pirates and end up shipwrecked in the middle of nowhere This adventure story is so exciting and I wish I could get students to read it It s a Printz honor book, too, so even the stuffy literary librarians agree that this book has quality

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    2.5 stars.I enjoyed it I did But I kept comparing it to Leviathan There are enough similarities that I couldn t help it and I did try to be objective.Let s start with characters, shall we Matt is nice but a bit bland I m sorry, but to speak plainly he s in love with the airship, with the idea of flying, aaaandthat s pretty much it Kate Oh, Kate The sassier, I just don t care character I liked her, though she was a carbon copy of many girl characters I ve run across recently And I wasn t sure how I felt about her at the end view spoiler Feminism and all that I was also confused.She s what 14 15 And the scientific community is letting her run around with her discovery They re cool with that Hmm, no hide spoiler

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    This book is reminiscent of the best pirate adventures of the past, but ups the ante by setting half of the tale in the air, rather than the seas, and by taking time with characterizations, rather than creating stock Baddies.There is admittedly an odd subplot with mysterious creatures which isinteresting enough, but really I found myself caught up the most with the high seas or perhaps in this case, high over the seas drama Even the technical parts about the various parts of the airship, details about the mechanisms, and the behind the scenes peek into crew life on the fictional and fantastic Aurora were fascinating to me The pirate crew are a mixture of elegant and rough unsavory characters that feel particularly true to life from what I ve read on the subject These villains are neither caricatures nor buffoons, and they evoke a sense of danger that s almost palpable Reluctant readers might be thrown by the length and the formality in the speech of the characters who are after all, from another time Still, I think a case could be made for this as a sort of crossover for a boy who reads mainly nonfiction and is interested in nautical subjects, aviation, or real life pirates And who doesn t love that Many girls will find plenty of things to hold their interest as well between the adventure and the smart, strong minded, and brave Kate, who befriends the protagonist and leaves such a strong impression on the reader that she really comes close to stealing the show at times.

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    Dear author,I feel obliged to inform you of several things I have just finished your book Airborn, and there were a few things that bothered me For starters, do you know what happens when you clog the barrel of a gun If you do so and pull the trigger, it does not make an anti climatic little click that allows your hero to get away from the villain pointing the gun at him It goes boom You are seriously hurt, if not possibly dead.And your wording wasn t very clear, but I think you said pineapples grow on trees When writing a book that takes place on an island, you might want to research such things, since pineapples actually grow on the ground.So maybe you just didn t spend enough time in your research and editing stages, because my inner Grammar Nazi found three typos in your novel.Let s look at your novel Flying airships Good Sky Pirates Very Good Weird flying cats What I guess my issue is that I found no purpose for them I mean, they took up almost half of the book, but to me it still fell very flat and was way pointless and a little to weird.But then that last little bit pretty much explains your whole book for me It had some potential, but fell flat, like the shipwrecked air ship, though it never got inflated again.And your characters didn t help The ones I wanted to know about you never let me get close to Baz, the Captain and the main characters I would rather have left behind Matt seemed to week and childish and had no depth And why in the world did he want to go to the air academy, when it would just get him to beginning sail master, a position the captain had already promised him if there was an opening And in the end whatshisname died, and there was an opening So it really didn t add up there.And don t get me started on Kate I m tired of perfect female characters Strong ones, yes I m all for a strong female character But don t make her so impossibly strong and perfect and unafraid, and always their one fault seems to be that they re a bit headstrong Don t have her look at a terrible leg wound from an animal s deep claws and teeth marks, and not be at all shocked afraid ill etc And fine, if you have to make her thus, do so But then don t make her so stupidly simple, thinking these cloud cats won t hurt her I mean really, they re just giant cats in the wild head desk But thank you author for not making them actually tame, because I was really worried for a while there It had some potential, but it didn t make it Though it did give me a chance to write a good rant, which I tend to enjoy Is that strange Sincerely,Someone who is probably not going to read one of your books again.P.S And why did you have some strong language in there No reason for that at all P.P.S And I had to come back the day after writing this because I forgot the names Why in the world did you call the oceans Atlanticus and Pacificus

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    Ahoy there me mateys This was an audiobook that I picked up because I was looking for a fluffy young adult book I think somewhere I had heard there be dragons Well, there be no dragons here But there are cool flying animals, airships, silly fish loving chefs, sea adventures, pirates, lost islands, smart feisty girls, daring kind hearted boys, and adventure The other appeal of this particular audiobook was that is was performed by Full Cast Audio According to their website Full Cast Audio FCA has a simple mandate to produce unabridged recordings of fine children s novels using a full cast rather than a single reader Whenever possible, we invite the author to serve as narrator They are located back in me very old stomping grounds of Syracuse, New York where it snowed every day from Halloween to April I heard about this company because mateys of mine worked as voice actors for the company At yet I had never listened to a single book This is back in the day where audiobooks really weren t a thing and these productions were treated as radio plays So I was delighted to finally hear one.I absolutely loved the main character, Matt Cruse, and his love for the airship, Aurora The ship felt real and lived in Ye got a real sense of Matt s life onboard Matt was poor but plucky, hard working, and ambitious The story is told from his perspective Joining him on the ship is Kate de Vries, an upper class passenger She likes science and photography and out witting her chaperone She is out to solve a mystery and draws Matt into the chase.I thought overall that this was an excellent foray Matt could get a bit overbearing and Kate was a bit short sighted and stubborn But the world building was lovely, the pirates were dastardly, and the science behind both the ship and creatures was fascinating The plot was intense and full of action I loved the voice performances and the sound effects The side characters were as wonderful as the main duo It was an engaging and quick read It could work as a standalone though it is part of a larger trilogy.I want me an airship Arrr Check out me other reviews at

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    I liked Matt as the protagonist He was an intelligent and passionate young man who loved what he did There is a lot of adventure in this book, especially at the end where it got especially exciting Loved the creature that Kate s grandfather discovered and the mysterious island the Aurora lands on Very cool world building However, I found Kate extremely annoying In the beginning I thought she was mildly irritating but by the middle she was pushing obnoxious I appreciate persistence, but she couldn t see anything else but what she wanted and totally took advantage of Matt without ever recognizing what she was asking of him She was so selfish and pigheaded By the eighth disk, I can honestly say I hated her Everything bad that happened in the last fourth of the book was caused by her Without Matt and his ingenuity, the whole ship would have died There was no apology from Kate She got what she wanted in the end, so all is well Hooray for her not.I listened to the book in my car I wonder if I would ve had such a violent reaction to her if I had been reading it instead and found myself yelling at Kate because she was being so STUPID I told Matt repeatedly to just leave her behind, Kate deserved whatever she got I finally picked up the book and read the last few chapters because I could not listen to her any longer but the story was all so exciting I needed to know how Matt would fix Kate s dumbness So yeah, Kate completely ruined the book for me I realize I m missing a very beautiful forest because of a tree, but she was a large tree who s branches kept whacking me in the face And yes, sometimes I do get overly passionate about characters and so hopefully this review isn t too obnoxious, in and of itself I am interested in Matt and his later adventures, but since Kate is going to be in the books too and the romantic lead, I m assuming , I wont be picking them up Sorry Matt, but I just can t handle of Kate I m surprised you can.

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    If you like a lot of action in your reading, you ll love Airborn, by Kenneth Oppel This 2005 Printz honor title reads just like watching a movie Mr Cruse is awfully young to work aboard a luxury airship Even if he is only a cabin boy, he aspires to greater responsibility Luckily, many opportunities arise for him to prove his mettle to the captain But after the Aurora is attacked by pirates and left foundering after a typhoon, Matt s cunning and ability face test after test, leaving him physically and mentally challenged.