Unfortunately I think I m feeling just kind of done with this series. I loved this book However, I felt it was too short I wantedI neededWe get gods, and fae, and werewolves gone mad Anna coming into her own power and having a better understanding of what she can do We also get people making statements out of turn because they assume they know what is right This book had everything answered some burning questions and left you ready for the final showdown.I am awaiting the reaction of the pack when she comes back I am awaiting the reaction of the council I wish I could fully express how excited I am for the next book I am not left in a place of stress and anxiety I am left in a place of excitement and eagerness.Also, there was some foreshadowing of Sam s story and I am SOOOOO looking forward to that. The story keeps you wantingthe writer is brilliant The characters are so personable that you feel their pains n joys Can t wait for the next book Another wonderfully written book by C C Masters I love Anna and her mates, the dynamic between them and their different personalities that combine to make a loving family.This book was filled with action and acomplex storyline Several different POVs too While I enjoyed the story, personally there was a bit too much strife and angst in this one for me I would like it if Anna and her mates could go back to basics just a little a bitfocus on deepening their relationship Don t get me wrong, they had their moments and they were great but just prefer a little deeper Poor Anna has had a hard life and it doesn t seem to be getting any easier It was lovely having some of the guy s POVs again.Without giving away spoilers, Anna and the guys seem to have a long road ahead of them and there is a lot of potential for several different storylines which will be interesting.Overall I definitely enjoyed the book and highly recommend anything written by this author but I m just hoping the next book doesn t have me feeling as anxious throughout I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. A New Threat Looms On The Horizon For Anna And The Seaside Wolf Pack Anna And The Guys Start Finding Bodies Of Their Pack Mates Around The Same Time That Anna Notices Something Distinctly Fae About Justin None Of Them Believe That S A CoincidenceBut While Anna And The Guys Look For A Way To Either Save Or Defeat Justin, Others Are Looking To Place Blame On Anna Herself Anna Soon Discovers That Her New Enemy Is Something Even Worse Than The Fae She S Faced In The Past Her Pack Is Relying On Her To Be The Magical Expert Who Can Keep Them All Safe, But Is She Up To The Task Books By CC MastersSeaside Wolf Pack SeriesBookFinding Somewhere To BelongBookFinding AnnaBookFinding The Fire WithinBookFinding The Power WithinBookFinding Truth Beneath The LiesBookFinding My Breaking PointHollow Crest Wolf Pack TrilogyBookNew BeginningsBookThe StruggleBookA Place To Call Home Coming Soon Second SeriesThis is the second series by this author I have read and it s just as gripping as the first, although waiting for the final book is going to kill me the trials and tribulations of being a reader It starts slowly with a wealth of background information to make this world detailed and the characters come to life, from the MC discovering she is wolf to discovering she is , world domination threatened, personal anxieties and feelings of being less , this story gives you a mind grabbing run for your money If you love wolves, vampires, fae, witches and why choose its all here and I highly recommend reading I love annaSpoilersOk I am going to assume that everyone has read up until this book and is familiar with the characters I love this series and the dynamic between Anna and her guys We finally get some Austin time and thats super appreciated My only fault with this book is the story is starting to become almost too choatic Too much drama outside of the characters I am sick of Anna being taken Thats my only complaint. I fell in love with this series after book one, and CC Masters just keeps outdoing herself The characters are so relatable, and the plot lines are unpredictable I recommend this read to anyone who loves to read shifter romances Cannot wait forI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Brilliant Another great book..I love Anna so much she has grown in so many ways , and the strength she has started to show is amazing her 6 mates are yummy gorgeous and protective as always , and always standing together as pack I really do love this series and will be gutted when it s finished 5 from me love it Crazy goodThings get so tense in this book and go from good to bad real quick The pack is splintering from within and Justin is causing lots of deception The bonds of the harem are getting stronger though and they are able to save one another Things end in a bad place though so the next book will be tense as well as our team to re a plan.