Nancy is on the case once again Her father’s client MrSakamaki needs help His deceased grandfather’s estate Kaluakua has a mystery nobody knows Its Golden Pavilion may be haunted and two middle aged suspects claim to be the grand children of Grandfather Sakamaki and are going to run and take over the estate Nancy must prove them wrong and stop a terrible gang called the Double Scorps who are trying to steal the secret kings cape in the Golden Pavilion Are the posing grandchildren part of the Double Scorps and are going to inherit the estate for all of the Double Scorps? What does a sacred king’s cape have to do with the Secret of the Golden Pavilion? And who is that ghost that dances by the Pavilion every night? Nancy is going to find out everything from the Double Scorps to perhaps two Grandfather Sakamaki Could the Grandfather Sakamaki in California be the wrong one that owns the Kaluakua? Help Nancy Drew solve the mystery

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    This was one Nancy Drew book that was pretty above par

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    Yet another fun and exciting mystery featuring the famed teenage sleuth

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    By this point reading a Nancy Drew novel is like a visit with an old friend I first began reading Nancy Drew as a third grader and reluctantly at that going on a recommendation from my mother However I uickly fell in love with the ever ready sleuth and her faithful friends The mysteries kept me entertained and I felt a connection with Nancy a girl who had it all together at all times Even in the most dangerous of situations Nancy never lost her cool She was one of my biggest role models and one of the literary figures who impacted me the most growing upNow that I am nearly sixteen going back to read these books is different The mysteries seem simple now not unenjoyable but once you've had Agatha Christie Carolyn Keene doesn't cut it The writing is at a much lower level than I am used to but it feels nice like a rush of familiarity and I notice things I never had before For example I have a deep appreciation for all of Nancy's friends now Bess and George and even Burt Dave and Ned Bess especially makes me smile as I read her character because characters with her traits aren't often created any She's the sweetheart innocent and easily frightened stunningly pretty yet she loves to eat and is always up for a meal She's the plump one out of the three but also the most feminine as George favors a boyish style and Nancy is practical Bess Marvin is a novelty And then there's Ned Nickerson Ned and Nancy are one of my favorite literary couples They aren't a tragic pair of starcrossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet nor are they the fiery euivalent to Elizabeth and Darcy but they just seem right There are no passionate kisses or confessions of undying love but there are subtle and realistic shows of affection that make me smile all the same Even if a third grader wouldn't pick up on it there is a fair amount of flirting going on and Ned is much funnier than I ever remembered leaving Nancy to soothe his comically wounded pride a fair few times He is also devoted to her There is no love triangle not like today's paranormal romance or teen lit They don't even ever call each other boyfriend and girlfriend Ned is Nancy's special friend but they fit perfectly togetherIt also struck me upon reading this book again how truly young they are Nancy is only eighteen and Ned probably isn't much older They are really just kids all of them and that makes what they do even incredible As practical as they are the lot of them aren't grown ups I had never thought about it before but now that I have I have even of an admiration for Nancy's coolness in the face of danger I would almost certainly panic at least at first even if I was able to pull it togetherCarson Drew is a very good character as well It is clear that the father and daughter love each other and would do anything for each other Nancy is a spitting image of her father in every way Both are extremely hardworking loyal and clever Nancy's role model was definitely her father and I can see whyBut anyway I didn't just decide to pick this book up from Barnes and Noble's one day I found it at a garage sale bought it for fifty cents It happens to be a first edition copy though which I don't think makes it valuable but it sure does make it pretty with a gorgeous blue and white end papers Also I don't know if this is in the newer ones I haven't looked but on the inside of the title page there is a little blurb explaining that the novel was written to commemorate the introduction of Hawaii as America's newest state thus the novel's setting For some reason this really made me wonder at the impact Nancy Drew has had over the years Here I am over fifty years after the original publication still reading and enjoying the novels When these books were being written the world was an entirely different place and yet the stories carry on just as they always have and always will

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    A ghostly hula dancer a black lei a slippery slope Many strange things happen as Nancy tackles this intriguing mystery When Nancy is told of the mystery at Kaluakua she immediately goes to Hawaii However at Kaluakua she is surrounded by strange happenings Slowly the mystery unfolds as Nancy not only solves the mystery but learns some Hawaiian cultures and symbolsOne of the many reasons I love this book is that it is always pulling you or at least me in to read it There are twists and turns on every page Another reason I love this book is that even though it’s not the scariest mystery there are some scary elements For example Nancy receives a black lei with poisonous tacks in it Without a doubt from fiery tongs to disappearances The Golden Pavilion is a great book for mystery loving girls ages 7 and up

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    Another great addition to the Nancy Drew mystery book series

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    I came across this in the library catalogue when I was trying to remember the name of Island Boy Fiction set in Hawaii being my search term And I used to love reading Nancy Drew books so I figured why notAnd now I wonder where they always this well terrible? Was the characterization always so thin? Nancy is smart George is a tomboy Bess likes to eat? Seriously Here that was about itIf I were wishing to introduce a young person to Nancy Drew I would definitely not start with this book In fact I would probably skip it altogether

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    I started this book with my granddaughter Jane when she was visiting over the holidays Just had to finish it this morning I will read it with her again during her next visit Carolyn Keen is a master at ending each chapter with a cliff hanger Jane loved this aspect always pleading Read the next chapter We can't stop here

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    Great book It's my second favorite Nancy Drew book after The Secret in the Old AtticIt was packed with action including a ghost Nancy and her friends travel the the Hawaiian islands read to discover the secret of the Gold Pavilion

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    Not as good as I remembered although I am reading some of these books as a 46 year old compared to before when I was a teen I just didn’t enjoy this one as much as The Clue of the Broken Locket

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    Names were very confusing There were probably three names that started with the letter K Also the clues were somewhat hard to follow at some points However I always love the endings of the Nancy Drew books and reading about everything coming together Another Nancy Drew in the bag