In A Time When The Industrial Revolution Has Become An All Out War, Mad Science Rules The Worldwith Mixed Success At Transylvania Polygnostic University, Agatha Clay Is A Student With Trouble Concentrating And Rotten Luck Dedicated To Her Studies But Unable To Build Anything That Actually Works, She Seems Destined For A Lackluster Career As A Minor Lab Assistant But When The University Is Overthrown, A Strange Clank Stalks The Streets And It Begins To Look Like Agatha Might Carry A Spark Of Mad Science After All

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    I was both eager and reluctant to read this Eager because girl genius steampunk adventure With great reviews Awesome Reluctant because, um, well you see the same cover I m seeing, right But hey, sometimes the cover art on graphic novels isn t the same as Oh No It is the same Cartoony and exaggerated, with the added distraction of lots of details that were interesting but left me with the choice of either ignoring half of them or reading much slower than the story calls for Most of all, I really, really hated the giant breasts and spine breaking poses of the female characters I know many comics are drawn this way, but that doesn t mean you have to do it, and it looks even ridiculous paired with the rubbery cartoon faces Isn t Agatha supposed to be a teen Why does she have the physique of a forty yer old barmaid with a cut rate boob job And what s up with all the gratuitous Agatha in her undies panels Can t the kid buy a nightie Seriously, after the first sleep walking incident I would sleep in my clothes The art did have a manic energy that matched the tone of the story, that s about all I ll give it.The story itself wasfun Plotwise I don t think it 100% made sense, but that s okay, because if that s one of your criteria you probably aren t reading this genre in the first place Ditto the world building wasn t totally coherent, but it had some really awesome, imaginative, original elements Over the top, sure, but that s what you want in a story like this I was cool with the mind control insect spewing dragons from Mars attacking through an interdimensional portal The actual political situation on Earth was a bit less convincing, but okay I wasn t sold on the central idea of the spark where some kind of magical genius ability just manifests and a person can suddenly build crazy machines without, y know, studying engineering And then they become insane and dangerous There was some good dialogue and clever one liners The characters were okay but I didn t feel much attachment to them They needed stronger emotional reactions, especially in scenes like view spoiler Agatha seeing her parents violently killed right in front of her I don t care that she just found out they aren t her biological parents she s been raised by them her entire life and as far as we know they have a close and loving relationship She needs reaction than slight dismay hide spoiler

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    I ve been reading this series for years, and I really can t say enough good things about it You can read the whole thing online if you like, but I really recommend buying copies from their website Selling books is how these folks make their living It s important to support things like that.

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    A graphic steampunk novel sounded great, but it wasn t The story was confusing and puerile The main character Agatha was inconsistent, sometimes pathetic, but sometimes brash and outspoken Baron Wolfenbach was heartless, but his son, Gilgamesh, has some promise to become than his father Not sure if I will continue the series or not.

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    4 5 stars I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING, OH MY GOD since it s a huge series, I will probably follow what I do in manga too and review in the last volume

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    1.5 to 2.0 stars I am not sure how this one didn t work for me I love steampunk as a genre, I enjoy gaslamp stories and I am a fan of the graphic novel format The story just didn t interest me enough I thought it was okay, but I was expecting to like it a lot .

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    Ok, people Phil Foglio was doing steampunk comics WAY before the teenagers caught on This was published in 2001 2001 Yes, it needed to be said again ANYWAY So yeah, this is pretty groundbreaking The library edition I read is printed all in brownwhite, except for an excerpt of the next volume at the end And I know this shouldn t be my firstish comment about the book, but OMG, this is SO MUCH BETTER in color Which, I know, is a total DUH The Foglios which always throws me off because it s so close to folio and that s funny, especially for steampunk fixed that in later editions But in the meantime, brown and white feels pretty chaotic I like what they re trying to do here Our heroine is plucky, can do, and unabashed In everything There s a lot of cool technology stuff, but I felt a little like I was looking at the pictures through a screen It was hard to get a sense of focus All of the characters are caricatures, some of which subvert themselves I m not really sure what s up with the guy with the slash mouth, though I imagine he ll be explained as the series develops Fun, glad I read it.

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    This series is excellent.Its a graphic novel from Phil and Kadjia I prob misspelled that Foglio Their art is great and the work is really interesting.Essentially, its an alternative earth where Mad Science is very real Mad Scientists are said to posses the Spark and are able to build amazing things unfortunately there is a reason that they are called Mad Essentially, it manifests as a complete inability to determine if they should build just because they can For this reason they are often just called Madboys.The main character has a mysterious heritage which is still getting explored as the books continue The 6th volume to be released in June will conclude the 2nd major story arc.Highly, highly recommended

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    I was introduced to Girl Genius in its online version, It caught my attention from the get go A very different Europa is under the rule of the ruthless Baron Klaus Wulfenbach The story concerns Agatha Clay, a girl dedicated to science and invention who just can t seem to make anything work Full of monsters, madboys and girls, Jagermonsters very attached to their hats , and legends of the Heterodyne boys, the visually stunning art and the excellent writing will sweep you away.

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    I ve been following this webcomic for 5 or 6 years, and sometimes I binge read the whole thing again it s starting to get to long to do this, but who cares It s fun My last re read was last month May 2014 and I decided it s probably a good time to review it Girl Genius is set in a steampunk society where some people are sparks or talking plainly geniuses The thing is, most of the time when people get the spark or become a spark, they also go insane The kind of insane that builds monsters or weapons of mass destruction and ends up blowing themselves along with everyone around them 50% of the time Evil geniuses the lot of them.So, we have a society of mad geniuses, an even evil bad guy, a group of funny and sometimes smart good guys, a love triangle that thankfully tries not to be cliche and boring, and a talking castle Yes, the talking castle is the best part of this whole thing I should warn you I have several smart, well articulated friends that do not like this comic They dislike the romance part of it, they think the plot is convoluted and all over the place, or they take offense to the buxom scantly clad representation of females I should probably take offense to this too, but seriously I m not I m okay with buxom and scantly clad as long as there are no boob windows Besides, this comic book has a female protagonist who s smart, dedicated and takes matters into her own hands, I don t care if she s half naked sometimes, I still love her.So, you might like this or you might not, I guarantee it s worth trying to find out.

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    So I looked this one up online and read it there for free as I was struggling with the 13th volume which is a 2014 Hugo finalist for Best Graphic Novel, and while this is from only one point of view Agatha s it s still a little disjointed and hard to follow Almost every sentence of dialogue feels like it should end with a exclamation mark It s high drama, or melodrama But perhaps that s a mark of the mad science genre I wouldn t know, I m new to it Agatha is a strong female role model She doesn t crumple in the face of adversity I found the worldbuilding a little lacking and many questions are left unanswered by the end of the volume The artwork is nice though a little cartoon y and Agatha s proportions seem a bit ludicrous for a teenager She d be at home as a buxom barmaid wench in a tavern filled with randy vikings I love visual steampunk, on TV and in the movies, but can t get into it in novel form so I thought this would be good middle ground Not this time.