God Has Been Found To Exist And The Race Is On To Take Revenge Opposing Groups Of Occult Assassins Compete To Exterminate The Creator, With Young Gun Alix The Favourite As Multidimensional War Is Waged, Alix Travels Through Sidespace To Confront The Source Of Evil At The Risk Of Destroying The Universe Shamanspace Is An Alchemical Conspiracy Adventure From Steve Aylett, Author Of Slaughtermatic And Atom

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    I recently reread this book and loved it I didn t like it the first time But I felt like I was missing something and gave it another shot I m glad I did.It seems like I have to be in a particular mood to enjoy an Aylett book, and this one than the others It s drastically different from his other work no jokes on every page, no over the top wackiness This is a serious book and it reads like a modernized version of an epic poem I would really like to read another book of this kind from Aylett The prose is marvelous.

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    This book is one of several possible epitomes of alt SF The writing is ridiculously dense and poetic.Also, this isn t a challenge most people are up to or would be interested in meeting Good read doesn t mean easy read.Science fiction theological fiction prose poetry.If you have the attention span and determination to stick with it, this book is very rewarding, funny, good read However, I had to re learn how to read a book, or better said I had to learn how to read Aylett s writing.

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    Si Grant Morrison dice que tu libro es bueno, eso es que como m nimo va a ser raro Y este lo es Tambi n es el excelente ejemplo de una ciencia ficci n diferente y alternativa que querr a ver m s a menudo Alyx va a matar a Dios por todo lo que ha hecho Hay gente en contra, porque creen que eso acabar a el universo Otros est n a favor Y de eso trata todo Puede uno asesinarse a s mismo

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    Good flow, lots of phonetic beauty, not much story.

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    short story and world are interesting writing is so poetic that it s nearly unintelligible I m not sure if that made it good or just pretentious.

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    Trying to describe Steve Aylett s wacky prose and wild adventures are like describing the wind on your face And the imaginative Shamanspace is no different God has been proven to exist and opposing groups of occult assassins compete to exterminate the supreme being And it all gets weird from there Complete with Aylett s own illustrations and dynamic prose, Shamanspace is a fine novel from one of the freshest voices in fantastic fiction.

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    Disappointing after Slaughtermatic, where the latter is funny and fresh this one is self consciously stylish, and the philosophical undertones are undercooked Still, his voice is unique and unusual and his wordplay is expert.

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    The man certainly knows how to turn a phrase and the ideas are a mile a minute.

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    After a second read Shamanspace remains simply just ok Aylett is an incredible wordsmith, his eventual plot points and story arcs, are not always as brilliant.

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    God has been proven to exist the only answer Kill him Fantastic book One of the best Truly original.