Amber's journal chronicles two months that change her life forever In late 1941 her family moves to Hawaii landing in the epicenter of the attack that plunged the United States into World War II As she watches her world literally explode in flames Amber demonstrates that in the face of tragedy kids can find the courage to help and to simply go on

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    I think I would have enjoyed this book had it been a 'real' diary of a girl who lived on Oahu during the attack on Pearl Harbor But since this was a fictional diary I had a hard time loving it I feel the book gives us a possible taste of what life might have been like during this time but the epilogue of these fictional characters which includes later suicides deaths by tragic car accidents and babies being orphaned all long after 1941 seemed contrived A fictional 'diary' of an event I maybe could have gone for but the added closing wrap up just made it too much

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    This series is for young readers I've always wanted to read this series to learn about America's history Since it is written for young kids there is much left to be desired but a good general overview based on a ficticious character Rated PG

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    Really good book but incredibly Sad One thing that disappointed me was how short the book was compared to other Dear America BooksThere was mention of suicide in the book and some curse words I felt that the book was incredibly rushed Especially the Epilogue

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    In this during the beginning of the this diary Amber Billows tells the readers that she is moving and feels upset because she has to leave her friends When I had to move to Shanghai from Sweden I also felt upset that I had to leave my friends

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    This book was very good I don't like historical fiction but this is a uick bookdiary from a little girl at the time of The attack on Pearl Harbor

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    I read this book for story research only I have been researching the attack on Pearl Harbor for cough writing purposes cough cough I was starting to get tired of text books and such so when I saw this book on my shelf I was like Perfect An actually story about a girl with eye witness account of the bombing Now I can get a feel for what I kinda want my story to be like So yeah it helped me some

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    Amber's dad is a journalist whose paper reuires freuent moves This family had the experience of residing in Pearl Harbor during the Japanese Attack Her mom was a nurse so Amber accompanied her to care for the woundedIt is amazing how closely the movie Pearl Harbor follows this first hand account Yes they had to steriize Coke bottles for blood Yes nurses were sent out with lipstick to determine which wounded men would be admitted to the hospital and which were not going to survive their injuriesI can put myself in Pearl Harbor accounts because my dad was a seventeen year old sailor who had the good luck to have a liberty night on December 6 As in the movie my dad was asleep in a military vehicle on the beach when the attack began He told me the story many times of his buddy racing back to their ship The vehicle was straffed by Japanese gunfire driver hit ran over boulder and overturned Dad was thrown out and woke up as his head wound was being stitched up What I vividly recall is him telling me that you can feel your skin pop when the needle punctures and the thread as it is slides to reclose an opening I guess pain killers were used for serious injuries

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    Wow This one was uite short and very sad too I felt like I didn't have time to get attached to the characters and it left so many loose ends that I flt a little bit cheated Is that it? Really? Still there was some interesting historical information about how the people reacted in the immediate aftermath of the attack but overall this book was just too darn short for me to have much of a reaction

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    This was one of my favorite middle grade historical fiction diaries as a kid and I really loved it at the time but I was a little bit disappointed by it as an adult Compared to the other diaries like this I've reread in the past couple years it just didn't feel as strong It felt like it lacked the depth that a lot of them haveI think part of the reason is that this book is so short and so fast It's only about 130 pages of diary and doesn't even start in Hawaii The main character is only in Hawaii a couple of weeks before Pearl Harbor and only a couple of weeks after It doesn't feel like she had enough time to set down roots or meet friends or get invested in Hawaii as a place I think the whole thing needed to be slowed down I do think this book is fairly shorter than a number of the other diaries in this seriesI also wasn't a big fan of the epilogue The epilogues of these books usually wrap them up and give an idea of what could have happened in people's lives of the time in a child friendly way of course but this one just seemed unnecessarily depressing and pointless It felt like a bit of a sucker punch I don't mind a good depressing ending because sometimes they add so much depth but this one felt cheapI dunno it's probably good for kids but one of those books that doesn't hold up as well for adults I certainly loved it as a child I just wished I loved my reread of it as much as I did some of the other diaries

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    Feeling very conflicted by this book On one hand I really appreciate that it is written in true diary style driven by description rather than dialogue Not many Dear Americas that I've read have accomplished this realistic style so I appreciate the thought and time author Barry Denenberg put into telling the story this way On the other hand some of the characters don't feel real to me I didn't realize this until I finished reading but Denenberg also wrote One Eye Laughing the Other Eye Weeping my least favorite book thus far in the Dear America series In both books Denenberg struggles to capture the complex thought processes and emotions of his young female characters Sometimes they focus on write about and think things you wouldn't expect from young girls Other times they uickly dismiss a topic that would likely be of utmost importance to a young girl Despite some flaws the book is well researched It taught me some things about the attacks on Pearl Harbor and response from the US that I didn't know blackout regulations government issued gas masks grocery shortages etc These were interesting things to read about within the context of World War II given that we've recently experienced similar restrictions and regulations during the COVID 19 pandemicOverall it's not an awful read even though the characters are a little lacking