Male Male Erotic Romance How Much Can You Endure Before You Have Had Enough Can William Find Freedom And Independence At What Cost Tired Of His Rich, Controlling Father Running His Life, William Wesley Barrington IV Temporarily Escapes By Running Away To The Fantasies Resort At Fantasies, He S Just Will Archer, A Waiter Who Shares An Apartment With Surf Instructor Ryan Steele Being Free To Live His Life However He Wants To Is Great The Strange Feelings He S Beginning To Have For His Roommate Are Not Can Will Figure Out His Feelings Before The Lies He S Spun Come Unraveled This Series Is Connected Mainly By The Location And Can Be Read Inany Order William Wesley Barrington, IV is twenty six and has never been allowed to make any decisions on his own He comes from a very wealthy family and his father literally controls everything from where he lives, what he does in his off time, his job and even who he dates There is no arguing with his father so he goes along until one day he has had enough Looking around his apartment Will suddenly realizes that not one item in the apartment was chosen by him This is an awakening in a sense so he makes plans to get away and to become someone else for awhile Adopting a different name, he contacts a friend at Fantasies Hawaii and sets a plan in motion to disappear and become a waiter named Will Archer What Will doesn t expect to find is someone to fall in love with A man to fall in love with when he has spent his life believing he is straight His past relationships with women were nothing to write home about and he just thought he just wasn t that into sex Until Ryan.Ryan is a former professional surfer who now teaches surfing lessons at the expensive resort Ryan is also Will s new roommate After a drunken night out at a club, Will and Ryan hook up in a way but scared, Will runs off It doesn t take long before everything is set straight and the two fall into a relationship routine Unfortunately, Will s father has other plans.After reading one other in the Fantasies series Fantasies New Year s Eve I had an idea of what to expect with this one There is not a lot of drama and what is there is resolved quickly Exactly what I was looking for A nice read. it was good, I guess it is my fav story from the Fantasies series For now 3.5Super low angst and you need to suspend belief a bit but it s sweet I can see Will wanting to get out from under his father s thumb I mean come on, nothing in your apartment was chosen by you Getting a roommate like Ryan, who totally understands the issues with fathers, is a bonus I liked that they were pretty slow about everything I did wonder, Will s gone for week after week with so little notice to work and his controlling father waited so long to figure it out