Jane was helping out with a friend's children when David Carleton arrived on the scene She didn't like him he was obviously on of those insufferable men who regarded unmarried women as playthings and married women as unpaid housekeepers And he was going to join their camping holiday in Switzerland

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    This is supposed to be a romance pitting a male chauvinist pig against a women's lib militant but it doesn't work at allThe heroine is a vulnerable college student who has had to stand on her own two feet has no confidence in herself and therefore sometimes puts up a prickly front to people she doesn't know For some reason the hero thinks that makes her a raging militant feminist especially when she doesn't fall all over herself and immediately grovel at his feet upon first acuaintance I once mentioned on a blind datein the course of conversation that my visiting at the time aunt was a professor at London School of Economics and a Cambridge Fellow and my date's response was to ask if she was married When I eventually answered no after a confused pause his COMPLETELY DEADPAN observation was that she must be a lesbian This guy in AW's book reminded me of that guy The world view that any woman who isn't married or interested in him MUST be a lesbianmanhating feminist especially a woman who isEGADSbookishIt was heartbreaking to see heroine cry after overhearing the hero say so many nasty unwarranted things about her to her employer his sister like she is unattractive prudish annoying dowdy sucks the fun out of life etc And even suggesting his sister gives her the sackThe bovine sister didn't bother standing up for the honest and upstanding heroine who had tremendously helped her with her large brood of children going out of her way and certainly out of the job reuirements by being supportive warm affectionate responsible etc No the bovine sister was just an enabler and apologist for her bull of a brother just tee heeing and mumbling that he ought not to be so hard on the heroine To see the heroine fret later on whether the bovine sister will accept her a little nobody to marry her bull brother made me barf Of course she will be elated you ninny She will have years of built in free babysitting and on hands skivvy in the person of the soul crushed grateful for crumbs heroine as well as a warm and tidy hearth for bull brother to come back to after he is done cheating on heroine with his usual harem of ladiesI really don't feel like he ever redeemed himself He never even apologized to her for his harsh assessment nor for his uncalled for completely vile and disgusting soul crushing criticisms when she casually dated a very nice OM He had no right to do that and it was so hypocritical of him to berate her for being a man hater and then berate her when she showed interest in someone of course because it wasn't him And he flirted with everything in a skirt for the entire duration of the trip which makes him doubly hypocritical Bovine sister made sure to drop enough hints to the heroine that her bull brother was an insatiable manwhore no doubt to prepare her to accept future marital infidelities as his natural biological necessityI don't get what she ever saw in him other than she was the type to respond to abusive jerksOn top of it this is all written with the MOST BORING setting ever of a family going on a summer camping trip The heroine is the au pair for five pretty bland and undistinguishable plot moppets and the hero is the uncle who is coming along on the tripNot my idea of romance at all

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    Anne Weale is one of the older authors I approach with caution She was one of the modern writers of the seventies and her stories often reflected the changing attitudes of the 70's so than many of the other HMB authors of the timeThis was a fairly straightforward read with a young woman who was a feminist in terms of independence and wanting a career but lacking in the romance department Jane is working as an au pair during her university vacation before her last year of study to become a librarianDavid is the brother of the woman she works for and circumstances conspire to bring him along on the camping holiday with the family and Jane when the father can't come due to doctor responsibilitiesDavid's job takes him to all sorts of far off places but somehow Jane gets the impression that he's a bit of a lothario and vows to steer clear of him Famous last words of courseWe get to tour Germany and Switzerland and off course the two are thrown together despite some distraction from fellow travellersOverall a nice story a little dated in one way but uite modern for it's time

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    This is basically a fun road trip story with the H h and H's family traveling from England to Switzerland Excellently described backgrounds the anticipation of the vacation and the excitement of travel really bring this story to life I had only a couple of uibbles The first was that the H's sister Mary Wroxham had to be the biggest complainer I've ever met in the pages of a book From criticizing other drivers and the conditions of a campsite they visit to not allowing a TV in the house We're not in thrall to the box and never will be if I have any say in the matterthe list goes on and on What an annoying characterThe other has to do with a scene I found a little unsettling The night before the trip the children are given a mild sedative and all but the oldest are put to sleep in the camping van they're going to use on the vacation Their father is a doctor and has access to this stuff This kid drugging scene didn't sit well with me Couldn't they have given the children warm milk or brought their bedtime a few hours ahead for a few nights before the trip instead?Other than these two small complaints I enjoyed the story and thought it made an excellent travelogue I give it five stars for that