FOR SALE a rare opportunity to purchase a beach hut on the spectacular Everdene Beach Dorset “The Shack” has been in the family for fifty years and was the first to be built on this renowned stretch of golden sand’ Jane Milton doesn’t want to sell her beloved beach hut which has been the heart of so many family holidays and holds so many happy memories But when her husband dies leaving her with an overwhelming string of debts she has no choice but to sell THE BEACH HUT follows the stories of the people who own the beach huts families who come to Everdene each year people who fall in – or out of – love remembering their pasts or trying to forget them Veronica Henry has brilliantly drawn together the comings and goings of life at the beach huts over one long hot lazy summer

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    This was a lovely sunny warm read As I was reading it I could feel the warmth of the sun and picture the beach huts and the sea in warm bright sunshineI’ve read a couple of Veronica Henry’s books before and she always delivers This one was just the same It is one of a series of three and luckily I have the other two as well bought for me by a family member for Christmas so I can read them at a later dateI recommend this book as it is truly a “beach read” and to read it during winter just makes you think that summer isn’t far away

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    After enjoying the Long Weekend so much I couldn't resist this book I liked the book but I didn't enjoy it as much as the Long Weekend This book takes a similar approach where there are a number of different stories followed at the same time With this book I felt there were too many stories to follow some only visited once and I struggled at times to keep track While the Long Weekend had variety in the stories most of these ones were lovepartner related I think this book was good but didn't meet the standard set by the Long Weekend As this book was written earlier I can see the author's improvements and will look forward to reading anything new she might publish

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    Easy to read but very hard to put down Recommended

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    Whether it was the fact I have a major obsession with beach huts and the seaside and everything that links in with the two or not there was something about this book which gave me that feel good feeling like the type you get at Christmas I found myself as an extra character there with all the others as they went through their journeys A very enjoyable read and I would definitely recommend it to anybody who wants a easy to read book Ideal for kicking back and relaxing on the beach

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    This is a very shallow book with lots of chopping and changing between characters I struggled some storylines pulled you in which was amazing but then you’re dumped into a different storyline There were so many characters it was hard to keep up with who’s who and what’s going on What’s when you’re hooked on a storyline but you’re flitting between a dozen there’s no space for the story to deepen like said very shallow The writing was easy to read and some characters were interesting than others but the book was easy to put down too Probably wouldn’t read it again

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    475 starsThe Beach Hut is a uiet cozy and utterly charming novel chronicling the lives of various summer residents set in and around the picturesue Everdene beach huts in Dorset This story is wholly about the characters and they are a uirky and varied cast of summer regulars all with their own uniue stories rich histories life struggles and personal strengths and flawssome than others We follow each character individually looking at their past their present and eventually circling back around to their current situations a bit later in the novel We get the opportunity to see how many of their lives are interconnected with one another in the most amazing ways It’s gossipy and slightly voyeuristic but also interesting and moving These characters feel like real people and you can’t help but be touched by their lives and the journey they are all on The Beach Hut is a slower story but it absolutely draws you in It’s introspective thoughtful and a delight to read

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    Positive point writing style accessible Negative points too many plotlines with almost no development taking the focus of the main story each chapter looks like a short story and this book should be maybe a collection of short stories if they were well developedSometimes the chapters were confusing because new characters happen and we don't know who they are if they are connected or not to the last ones or even in what year the action is taking placeIt had all the potential to be a great book but loses by having too many stories not give them time to developed and tackle important issues

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    I've only given this 3 stars I found it hard to get into and I skim read the last five chapters due to not wanting to waste any time one something I didn't like

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    May contain small spoilersIve got uite a lot to say about 'The Beach Hut' and it's mainly about how I struggled with itI'll start by saying that this is relatively easy read The writing flows and the plot kept me amused But boy did I feel disconnected from it The book is about 370 pages long with pretty sizeable font So it is by no means an epic But I just found it hard to motivate myself to pick it back up Once you're reading it you're fine But I certainly wasn't tearing myself away from it or desperate to get back to itI felt like a large part of this was down to the amount of Characters in such a short book There is probably close to 2 dozen different characters who have storylines and majority of them don't intertwine I found it really difficult to remember who was who and what each character's story was And majority of the characters were just completely uninspiring Characters like Jane and Roy were very likeable but others just seemed to be thrown into the mix for reasons I can't uite justify Jenna a character with the potential for real depth had a small but gripping cameo Then just disappeared from the rest of the story with no new information on her whatsoever There were just too many characters too tie up all the loose ends which left it feeling all a bit messyAlso maybe this is just me nitpicking but I'm sure almost every character was described as attractive? It was just so odd to read The whole story is set around the beach in the fictional 'Everdene' and for them all to be described as physically attractive just didn't seem at all believable Maybe this is just my personal opinion but I don't buy Everdene's very own 'Beautiful People Club' all within half a mile radius of each otherAnd that leads me to the Author herself I really didn't feel comfortable with her style I thought she tried a little too hard to come across as a writer for all ages There were examples of pop culture aimed to draw in all from teens to the elderly But I didn't feel like she managed to pull it off and it made me feel like she was slightly out of touch And that was slightly apparent in what seem to be her views on the roles of men and womenThere was an occasion when Henry mentions childbearing as a woman's duty The decision whether to have children or not should be a choice and it felt like she was putting across a view that a woman isn't fulfilled unless she has Children? And it didn't come across as a character thought but rather Henry's own narrative It just made me feel slightly uncomfortable But once again I accept that could just be meThen there was the uestionable narrative on Roy While looking back at his past and his relationship with Marie in particular a moment is deceived when Roy touches between her thighs Marie says no and Roy is described as Chivalrous and a Gentleman for stopping Maybe I'm holding expectations too high in a slowly progressing society but again I just felt uncomfortable If someone says no during any sort of consensual situation you shouldn't be commended for stepping back It just seemed demeaning to both men and women in the situationTo conclude finally I know I really should say this isn't a terrible book I know I slated it possibly uite harshly it is by no means a bad book Henry paints a really beautiful picture of Everdene and the joys of the beach side It really was uite lovely I wouldn't recommend The Beach Hut but neither would I advise people to turn away from it Maybe it will be just your cup of tea But unfortunately it wouldn't be mine

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    I love Veronica's books they always seem to leave a lasting impression There are lots of characters in this book the main one being Jane Veronica transports us back in time so we can learn about Jane's childhood which was very interesting With the other characters in this book Veronica seems to give us a glimpse into their lives with enough information to get you hooked I love the cover of this book it reminded me of growing up and going to the beach there is a certain calm about it also I have also just realised that Veronica has published 'The Beach Hut Next Door' in July of this year so will be heading out to pick that one up right away Such a delightful read from an amazing author