Alexia Maccon the Lady Woolsey awakens in the wee hours of the mid afternoon to find her husband who should be decently asleep like any normal werewolf yelling at the top of his lungs Then he disappears; leaving her to deal with a regiment of supernatural soldiers encamped on her doorstep a plethora of exorcised ghosts and an angry ueen VictoriaBut Alexia is armed with her trusty parasol the latest fashions and an arsenal of biting civility So even when her investigations take her to Scotland the backwater of ugly waistcoats she is prepared upending werewolf pack dynamics as only the soulless can She might even find time to track down her wayward husband if she feels like itCHANGELESS is the second book of the Parasol Protectorate series a comedy of manners set in Victorian London full of werewolves vampires dirigibles and tea drinking

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    Ahhhhhhhhthis was just what I needed After suffering a cerebral edema brought on by “big idea” overload from reading Macrolife A Mobile Utopia review to come this breezy charming comfort read was the perfect curative to alleviate the swelling in my brain pan While tagged as a constituent of the paranormal romance genre one of the few that holds little interest for me I think this series through the first two at least is aptly described as an Austenesue comedy of mannerswith gentlemen monsters and shadings of steampunk Therein lies part of the reason why I enjoy this series so darn much it allows me to exercise my love of all things Austen in a setting that appeals to the speculative fiction fanboy in mePlusit's just really good BACKGROUNDSet in an alternative London where ueen Victoria reigns by virtue of the support of vampire hives and werewolf clans who collectively make up the aristocracy of England The political and financial power of the fang bangers and the mutt faces are held in check largely by 1 their own deep seated animosity towards one another and 2 the existence of slick steampunk technology developed by both the government and uasi secret shadow societies whose raison d'etre is protecting humanity from the immense power of the supernaturalsGail Carriger deserves large chunks of kudos for developing a world that holds together and makes sense in the context of her story The numerous checks and balances on the power of the much stronger immortal supernaturals easily passes the smell test and satisfies the prereuisites for allowing the necessary suspension of disbelief More varieties of kudos for Gail below but I wanted to bestow credit for this as it's an area where too many stories like this fall flatOur main character Alexia Tarabotti is a preternatural aka a “soulless” an extremely rare species of than human whose lack of a soul causes her to negate any supernatural force with which she comes in physical contact Thus when touched by Alexia both vampires and werewolves who both have an excess amount of soul will become completely human and subject to all the dangers of mortality This tends to complicate things for her as she married the alpha of the most powerful werewolf clan in London at the end of the previous book Now as Lady Maccon preternatural problem solver and advisor to ueen Victoria Alexia is put simply the WOMAN PLOT SUMMARY A strange plague is loose in London that is causing all of the supernaturals to become well natural The condition appears to be identical to the effect that soulless have on the supernatural except that it is affecting a large geographical area and no physical contact appears necessary Without the furries and fang faces the government could not maintain power and so Alexia is charged by ueen Victoria to solve the mystery That's enough to give you the big picture but there is uite a bit going on THOUGHTSThe story is good the world building is entertaining and consistent and the inclusion of elements of steampunkery is a treat especially Alexia's James Bond parasol whose multi purpose specifications would make Oswald Cobblepot green with envy But as good as those garnishes are the two ingredients that make this series a real pleasure for me are Alexia Tarabotti's character and Gail Carriger's prose Alexia is a woman who’d be right at home in a Jane Austen novel She's intelligent self assured eminently capable and has a tonguewit combo that can shred an ego at 50 paces She owns the scene when she’s present and makes my cockles warm and steamy Plus she passes all of my “dad” tests for a great female character so I plan to introduce her to my older princess as well And Gail Carriger's prose is a delight While no one can match the lashing snarky hilariousness of Ms Austen Carriger provides a wonderful dose of Austeneue atmosphere and dialogue that kept me engaged throughout From delicious words like folderol balderdash and coxcomb to stylish snappy banter emanating from above corsets and below top hats Carrier creates a cozy mood infected with clever that kept me smiling pretty consistently All told it was a wonderful rollick that kept me entertained This is the only series of its type that I currently follow which says something of its appeal and I intend to continue on to the next adventure of the parasol protectorate 35 stars Recommended

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    I love these books especially on Audio That ending shook me though 😳Happy Reading Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

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    FYI intrepid readers Do NOT read the blurbagedescription for Blameless book 3 of the series until after you have read Changeless It contains a major spoilerI am in a state Changeless has a twist of an ending that I could not possibly have considered and it has left me bereft and confused and so distraught that I’m not sure how Miss Carriger will fix the situation I justugh I’m wide eyed and slack jawed with shock and still shaking my head and I think I will continue doing so until we get the next book in September September Again I say ughIt’s simply too much to bearThe rest of the bookas if I can concentrate on the rest? Sigh Well we rejoin Alexia Conall and co three months after the wedding Alexia is settling in nicely to her roles as wife and high powered political daffodil She has a series of crises to handle beginning with a military regiment camping on her lawn and continuing with a wayward sister left in her care Her husband toddles off one night without a word while at the same time a strange affliction strikes the supernatural segment of London Husband and blight both lead Alexia to Scotland In Changeless Carriger brings the steampunk elements to the fore No longer are these details mere pretty frills on the peripheral This time around we’ve got glassicals galore dart guns transmitting devices air travel by dirigible and a very unusual inventor who may be a spy but is certainly a snappy dresser I enjoyed most of these gadgets and appreciate the detail with which they’re described But so I appreciate the pirouette Lord Akeldama employs to express his glee over a new acuisition As proven in Soulless Carriger is a dab hand at comedy of manners though I don’t think uite as many laughs littered this installment There are plenty of moments to make the eyes twinkle but I began to find Ivy tiresome and dearly wished someone would knock the girl unconscious for some of the proceedings Felicity Alexia’s half sister is along for the ride and she too needed some boshing about the head for her constant biting remarks I was at a bit of a loss for the purpose she served but I have faith that Carriger has a Big Plan at work Possibly the best aspect of Changeless is an unexpected partnership between two of my favorite characters I shan’t go into details but let’s just say that together they are formidable and I think they’ll play a much larger role in the events to come I shudder in delight at the possibilitiesBut the ending overshadowed all It’s such a shock to the system that everything preceding it fades into the background I’m flabbergasted It‘s whimper inspiringExcuse me I’ll be over here wringing my hands until September

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    Originally read 91310 91510 This is actually a 2 12 star book for meI really can't believe how disappointing I found this book I thought the first book Soulless was so fun and fresh I'm uite amazed that this one tanked so spectacularly for me A lot of the things that drew me into the first book were missing here I was actually pretty bored throughout most of it It felt incredibly tedious and drawn out Now the voice is still the same which is a huge plus for me Alexia is a fabulous narrator and I find her thought process and commentary hysterical But the book cannot hinge on her alone That's really where this book failed the side charactersIn the first book we got a lot of page time with characters that really made the book for me Professor Lyall Lord Akeldama Ivy and Lord Maccon Ivy was seen in this book but I'll get into that shortly All these characters combined to make some really fabulous interaction The dialogue and banter popped and the situations they found themselves in were so entertaining The strength of the book didn't rest on Alexia alone It was the whole cast that truly made it enjoyableWe also got to get some really fun scenes from Lord Maccon and Professor Lyall In this one we had one tiny scene from Conall's pov and while we did get a couple from Professor Lyall's view he wasn't really contributing to Alexia's storyline I just found it disappointing Lord Maccon was a huge character in the last book What happened? I also felt that the first book was a romance The relationship and the development of their interactions together were given a good chunk of attention In this one Lord Maccon gets very little page time and actually only shows up for about 13 of the book So it definitely didn't fall into the romance category for me Their relationship is a big reason why I enjoyed the first so much I was so looking forward to having even page time with them together because of they got married I never expected even less interactionSo on to the specifics of what irritated the crap out of meWhy did Conall dodge out of every single conversation or scene with Alexia in the beginning? I was really starting to get angry He would take off willy nilly and Alexia wasn't even angry She's his wife They're supposed to be partners I just can't believe that's what their relationship turned into We only saw him when he had sex with her or flirted Any conversation that involved actual information sharing or conversation was skipped I was pissedI was also extremely irritated that everything could have been solved much earlier in the book if Conall had been open with Alexia about the information he had learned in all the years he had been alive He doesn't have to talk about everything he's ever encountered but maybe it would have been nice to share information specific to her It's not like she can go up to someone on the corner and ask about them The Soulless are kind of rare I just felt it was pretty thoughtless that he never even considered it Also what happened to Ivy? She was funny and a bit ditzy in the first book but she turned outright stupid in this book It really casts Alexia in a bad light to be best friends with someone that dumb She wasn't just a little dumb either She was like I just got ran over by a car because I wanted to see if it would hurt dumb She seemed completely different from her character in the first book Maybe it would have been easier to ignore if she hadn't had such a huge part in the book But she was everywhere shudderI liked getting to meet Madame Lefoux I had fun trying to figure out what was going on with her sexuality It seemed blatant but then I kept getting stray comments throwing me off the trail and making me think that something else entirely was going on Alas my original supposition was correct I don't know whether I'm disappointed or not ;The plot point involving Alexia felt a bit like I was being beaten over the head with clues The first time I saw a comment about it I knew what was going on I didn't need it shoved in my face constantly The same goes for the identity of the villain Once we found out some new information about Alexia's interaction with her father I really had the uncomfortable feeling I knew where that storyline was going Thankfully it didn't but I'm not positive it won't come up in the next book I really didn't suspect what would cause the cliffhanger that I've heard so much about but I was pretty angry It didn't whet my appetite for the third book though It actually just made me disgusted with the whole experience If I hadn't bought the third book in advance that would have been the end of my association with this series Now I just have to decide if I'll get my money's worth and read the book or if I'll pass it on without even trying itThat endhow can the author bring up that jacked up situation and have it all go to hell only FOUR PAGES from the end It made me really pissed off at the author It felt like blatant manipulation I do NOT enjoy being jerked around to ensure I'll buy the next book I really wish I hadn't bought that third book Even if the author fixes the situation in the next book I'm never going to feel the same about it I'll always have doubt and a faint disgust for it I wish I would have uit at book one so I could have been left with that warm happy feeling with no taint

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    Another fun frolic through Victorian England with werewolves vampires and ghosts galore This is proving to be a very entertaining seriesOur preternatural main character Alexia travels to Scotland in a dirigible and nearly falls out of it disposes of a mummy and exorcises her first ghost A surprise at the end with an unexpected reaction from Conall ensures that I will have to read book 3 very soon

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    DNF at 60% This was not as good as book 1 which I gave five stars The pacing was slow and the plot was weak in my view I just didn't care what was causing the supernaturals to not be supernatural any The werewolves couldn't shift ghosts were getting exorcised vampires were becoming mortal again But it just went on and on and nothing much really happenedMaccon was gone for most of the book and then I spoiled myself since I knew I was DNFing this anyway and does something at the end that just completely ruined him for me I loved him thought he was sexy in the first book Now? Don't careAlexia came off as judgy and snobbish instead of progressive and funny like she did in Soulless How many times do we have to be told her nose is too big and her skin tone too dark to be fashionable? She tells her friend she shouldn't marry someone because he is a lowly actor and will soon try to become a werewolf yet she married a werewolf and is considered by most of society to be somewhat of an outcast? Why does she get to be different but she tells everyone else to get in line and follow the rules? It annoyed meThe humor this time fell flat for me All of the side characters outside of Madame Lefoux were boring and flat The book felt extremely long and many times nothing was happening besides conversations that felt like filler I really hoped to like this but I just am not in the mood to force myself to finish I am not sure if I will continue especially after what Maccon has done The romance was my favorite part Buddy read with the MacHalo group starting October 6 2016

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    sure i like candy what's not to like? it's a sweet brightly hued thing to eat but candy is not guilt free it is not substantial it's not even the best dessert item out there now chocolate that's a dessert chocolate can be sexy right? when it's hot chocolatey things get messy on the other hand candy is not really very sexy it's cute but it's too instantly disposable to be sexy candy is for kids now ice cream that's a great dessert i can spend some time with it it is a nuanced flavor it's creamy and delicious and goes down smooth candy is sadly insubstantial when compared to ice cream there is literally nothing that is good for you that goes into the making of it it's a superficial pleasure and often a badly made one a luxury that is not that luxurious and seems somehow rather cheap i do hate when i get shards of candy in my teeth but it also melts away inoffensively candy is not the worst thing in the world a uick sugary forgettable pleasure sometimes it can be uite delightful but i certainly can't give candy than 2 stars

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    355 stars I didn't like this one as much as the first one unfortunately HOWEVER I still loved Alexia and the overall story and I'm interested to see where it goes

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    Original review Need Blameless NOWAnd here's what I thought once I got my hands on it Hint There are knees positively everywhere best line ever

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    For reviews gifs Cover Snark and visit A Reader of FictionsBETRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYEDI’ve been betrayed by this series I finished this book last night and actually put off writing my review overnight but I am still so enraged at the events of the ending This is made annoying by how fun the book was up to that point Changeless was another 35 star read up until that ending which made me drop it to a singular star Fucking plotberg off the port bow That ending is NOT okay But on that later Changeless is a hilarious novel up to the point it becomes fucking rage inducingBefore I descend into the ranting portion of this evening I’ll talk about the good things Alexia continues to be her fabulous self sassy and parasol wielding Even better there’s the addition of Madame LeFoux a crossdressing French woman Oh also minor but obvious spoiler lesbians I am so thrilled to find lesbians in here because any sort of diversity is depressingly rare in steampunk novels or really most any kind of novels Changeless is hilarious and full of the sort of hijinks that made the first novel so hilariousActually speaking of obvious things pretty much all of the twists were so obvious I saw the lesbian twist coming I knew what was causing people to lose their supernatural abilities long before Alexia did The final twist I saw coming as well though I was NOT prepared for the response to it which GRRR More on that in the spoiler tagging below because holy shit this is not a rant I can do without spoilers Right so basically everything was really telegraphed but hey I wasn’t reading it for its twistiness so okay whateverThen there’s Ivy who I thought was kind of amusing in Soulless and whose romance I was looking forward to Umm that was wrong past self I now know that Ivy is the WORST She was okay in small doses but she’s in Changeless rather a lot and she is awful The romantic shenanigans she gets into are not cute and I cannot stand this woman Honestly I really don’t get how Alexia is friends with her considering that she’s if anything dumber than Alexia’s sisters albeit not uite so mean spirited though every bit as self involvedAlright now into the spoiler tags I go to talk about the huge fucking asshole of a plotbergview spoilerAs is obvious due to the many fictional tells and the popular trend in paranormal fiction when a human hooks up with a supernatural Alexia is pregnant In book two Oh joy Those of you who know me probably think that’s the whole thing but OH NO It’s not just the addition of baby that upsets me I fucking wish that was it I FUCKING WISH But noWhat happens is that Lord Conall Maccon accuses his wife of an affair and KICKS HER OUT Even though they’ve been together a lot of the time and banging constantly he knows a werewolf can’t impregnate a human so obviously she’s a cheating whore and needs to get out Let’s not consider the fact that she’s not precisely human but preternatural and he’s human when he touches her in some effect Oh no let’s not trust her assertions even though she’s if anything too honest most of the time OH FUCKING NO LET US NOT ACT IN A LOGICAL MANNER I really shipped these two and I really don’t know that there’s any coming back from this Also Conall does have a temper but I still think him being so mistrusting of Alexia is vaguely out of character He KNOWS what she’s like This is some bullshit all around hide spoiler