Tom Wedge Is One Of The Leading Experts In The United States Concerning Satanism And The Occult He Has Written The Satan Hunter To Assist Law Enforcement Agencies And To Reveal To The General Public The Diabolical Battle That Is Going On With This Unseen Force That Affects Every Segment Of Our Society Tom Says, Before Anyone Can Fully Understand The Practitioner Of Satanism, They Must First Understand The Spiritual Warfare That Has Been Going On Since Satan S Fall If We Are Going To Fight The Enemy, We Must Have A Battle Plan Unless We Know And Understand All We Can About The EnemyRemember It Does Not Matter What You Believe, It S What They Believe That Makes Them Dangerous Tom And His Wife, Brenda, Have Traveled Nationwide Conducting Seminars On The Topics Of Satanism Before Thousands Of People In Law Enforcement, College Campuses, Churches And Civic Groups They Have Appeared On A Number Of Radio And TV Talk Show Programs Learn The True Story Of Sean Sellers TheYear Old Killer Of His Mother And Stepfather Learn The Origins Of Satan, The Church Of Satan, Recruitment Tactics And Sacrifice Rituals Learn What A Black Mass Service Really Is, And The Impact The Santeria Is Having On The United States Learn About Satanic Symbols, Colors, Books And Worship Learn What Witches Really Have To Say About Their Craft Learn About The Religion That Is Sweeping The United States Interesting I found out that everything I like is Satanic DD, Dead Kennedys, Ozzy, AC DC, Bob Marley, Ayn Rand, etc , so the fact I m writing a review and not currently sacrificing a goat is a miracle in itself I d be interested in seeing an updated version of this, just to see what else leads to full frontal devil worship Harry Potter, Twilight, reality shows, Taylor Swift, One Direction As a Lutheran pastor I recognize the value of a book that takes a serious look at satanism and witchcraft in our country Wedge attempts such a book but the results are mixed.First, the book is not well organized The chapters do not flow logically from one another Instead they seem to be a series of loosely related topics More than once information and opinions were repeated in different sections of the book.Wedge also quoted extensively from other resources and from individuals whom he had interviewed This was both a strength and a weakness As a strength it allowed you to hear from the teen convicted of murder about his time in Satan worship and from the organizer of a group opposing DD because of its demonic subject matter and from pagans or Wiccans describing their beliefs and their opinions about Satanist.But it was also a weakness because Wedge never clearly sets forth his take on what the dangers are A book written with a biblical understanding of the devil and his powers could be a profitable look at witchcraft cf Siegbert Becker s Wizards that Peep I could also find value in a book approached from the point of view of a law enforcement officer that doesn t care if the Satanist s beliefs are true, but merely wants to understand how those beliefs will affect his behavior Wedge seems to split the difference acknowledging there is a devil but not weighing in on whether this group or that are actually in contact with him.Finally, this book is dated That s not a bad thing Written in the mid 1980 s it discusses DD and heavy metal music I could have asked for ain depth analysis of these concerns, but it does split the difference between hysterical claims against these things and blithely ignoring the concerns their imagery and subject matter raise.