Quitting Her Husband S House And Moving Back In With Her Horrible Family, Lady Maccon Becomes The Scandal Of The London SeasonQueen Victoria Dismisses Her From The Shadow Council, And The Only Person Who Can Explain Anything, Lord Akeldama, Unexpectedly Leaves Town To Top It All Off, Alexia Is Attacked By Homicidal Mechanical Ladybugs, Indicating, As Only Ladybugs Can, The Fact That All Of London S Vampires Are Now Very Much Interested In Seeing Alexia Quite Thoroughly DeadWhile Lord Maccon Elects To Get Progressively Inebriated And Professor Lyall Desperately Tries To Hold The Woolsey Werewolf Pack Together, Alexia Flees England For Italy In Search Of The Mysterious Templars Only They Know Enough About The Preternatural To Explain Her Increasingly Inconvenient Condition, But They May Be Worse Than The Vampires And They Re Armed With PestoBLAMELESS Is The Third Book Of The Parasol Protectorate Series A Comedy Of Manners Set In Victorian London, Full Of Werewolves, Vampires, Dirigibles, And Tea Drinking

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    I just love ole Lyall I prob spelled that wrong as I listened to it instead of reading my paperback

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    Three stars for this one because although I liked it, I like it less than the first two books There was still a lot of good stuff going on though.Some of the characters in Blameless are just great I loved the imperturbable Floote and the endlessly put upon Lyall Alexia is always good and often very funny especially the way she thinks and refers to her pregnancy as the infant inconvenience Unfortunately I do not care for Lord Maccon who, especially in this book, is a thoughtless oaf There I said it Sorry to all the people out there who find him acceptable.The story was good but there were long periods where very little happened and skimming was tempting Nevertheless I enjoyed it overall and will certainly go on to the next book.

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    Souless was down right magical Changeless had it moments but was all over the place I probably would ve have never finished it if a pal hadn t told me a spoiler connected to bk 3 that compelled me to push through so I could read Blameless Blameless was slightly less irksome than Changeless, but still had whole sections where I had to force myself not to skim.I m not a big fan when slews of new characters are introduced, or too much focus on introduced side characters that don t significantly add to the plot and are just there to fill pages Which has much to do with my discontent Bk 2 and 3 have very minimal interaction btwn Alexis and Lord Macon and way too much everything else The dialogue is still very witty maybe a touch too witty , but didn t put a dent in how bored I was 70% 80% of the time reading these.Also the way things were resolved at the end was very Silly, I definitely respect Alexia less and dislike Conall for it It was no where near enough, it s as if Alexia transformed into Miss Hisslepenny in the last few pages.I d rateSouless 5 starsChangeless as 2 starsBlameless as 2 1 2 stars I can t round it up to 3 stars, because saying I liked it would be a fib

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    The Indecisive Cheese Theory of series fictionSee, it s like when you re handed a new kind of cheese, right And you take a nibble and you think, huh Cheese Yeah, okay Kinda creamy, a little light, nice steampunk flavor as it finishes I like it So you take a bigger bite, and you think, well, but hang on, there was something a bit funny going on with the aftertaste And that sex scene was just absurd I don t like that I think But you re not sure, so you take another bite, because at this point you ve got to figure it out And you think, actually, you know, that s kind of nice Zing with the one liners, and the cross dressing lesbian inventor is great, and all that stuff about how our heroine doesn t magically get maternal instincts just because she s pregnant I like it So you take another bite, and you re like, wait, shit That was clumsy and it pulled the emotional punch do I like that Yeah This series is indecisive cheese And this book is the one I m making wait hang on not sure faces over.

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    When we last left Lady Alexia Maccon, she had been thrown out by her husband Conall due to her being pregnant Seeing as Conall is a centuries old werewolf, there is no possible explanation for Alexia to be pregnant with his child He comes to the conclusion that she cheated on him and turned her out Conall never stops to think that because Alexia is soulless, and when she touches a supernatural creature, she makes them human So perhaps while they are intimate, there is a possibility he could get her with child Alexia has no choice but to move back home with her mother, step father and two annoying sisters who blame Alexia for their hardships in not finding any men to marry Alexia is than perturbed, not only by her husband s disregard, but the fact she s been saddled with an, infant inconvenience as she calls the fetus growing in her womb She can hardly keep anything down and her appetite has wasted away, another horrid side affect to her pregnancy This is a woman who loves to eat and now she can t find joy in even that.And the fact that Alexia is mark for extermination by the vampire community make things very hard indeed She is almost killed by a group of mechanical ladybugs that infest her carriage She captures one in a hat box and goes to see Madame Lefoux, a scientist, inventor and owner of a hat shop Alexia has no one else to turn to, not even her good vampire friend, Lord Akeldama, who can give her sanctuary He has gone missing, and now without the protection of her husband, Alexia and the baby she carries are marked for death She needs to figure out how and why she has gotten pregnant so she can show her husband that she hasn t been canoodling with another man She, along with Madame Lefoux, and her dead father s former valet, Floote, will travel to Italy, not only for Alexia s safety but to find her roots, since her father was Italian and a soulless like she is Italy is just as precarious as England, with vampire assassins following their every move and the religious group of the Templars who welcome Alexia, but with disdain They believe Alexia is a demon and have a devious plan regarding her With only her specially made parasol as a weapon, and her analytical thinking, Alexia, as always, must save herself Blameless is book three in Gail Carriger s Parasol Protectorate series The reason I read these books is because of the character of Alexia She is so very adorable with her thinking and dry wit This woman gets in to so much trouble and, even with the possibility of death breathing down her neck, all she can think of is food The reason she loves Italy is because of the pesto But unfortunately for Alexia, her child causes her a great amount of grief She isn t sure how she should feel toward her unborn baby She is fearful she doesn t have maternal instincts and may not care for her child Her goal in finding out why she is pregnant moves along the story, and for once you see a delicate Alexia She s hurting a great deal because her husband has cruelly turned his back on her Alexia maybe very vocal about Lord Maccon s fault, but he is the only one who has given her true affection, something she can no longer live without.Now where do I start with Conall Maccon, the alpha of the werewolf pack of London I m deeply perturbed by his actions and the way he has treated Alexia If you re expecting him and Alexia to have a great deal of interaction in Blameless, you will be very disappointed I was peeved, not only by the way Conall is portrayed this time around, but when he comes to the conclusion how wrong he was about Alexia, it was very, very lacking The word grovel comes to mind.I was less than please in the outcome of Alexia and Conall s relationship because Conall didn t do enough, in my opinion, to have Alexia forgive him The so called grovel scene was unbelievably lacking The man even has the nerve to be upset that Alexia didn t do enough on her part to try and make him believe her I felt robbed in that sense and I hope in the next book that Conall will move Heaven and Earth to make Alexia happy.Blameless is fun reading and I adore Alexia so much I love her attitude, the way she looks upon the world and the non stop loopy adventures she finds herself in Even though one part of Blameless was less than satisfactory for me, I do look forward to Heartless and can t wait and see how the Maccons start a family.

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    After the way book two ended, I have to say this was still quite enjoyable I thought Alexia wallowed for an adequate amount of time, considering the way Conall acted toward her to begin with, and even though she was obviously still heartbroken over what had happened, she compartmentalized enough for it to take a backseat to what was going on I was a bit disappointed that they seemed to make up rather quickly which might steer this toward a high 3.5 rating , but I don t expect a ton from these books because they re so fluffy and overall feel good in the end I really enjoyed the romp to Italy, and how things turned out with both Biffy and Akeldama back in London The narrator s voice for Queen Victoria sounded a bit like Judi Dench, which made me laugh Looking forward to what happens when the baby finally comes

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    Huge as F cliffhanger at the end of book 2, so come at me, book 3

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    Gail Carriger, how do I love thee Let me count the ways La Diva Tarabotti Lord Akeldama Pesto Formaldehyde Templars Biffy Floote Lord Maccon Parassault Killer ladybugs Vampires Werewolves Seriously, I could just go on and on and on about how I love Gail Carriger And what do all of these tidbits and add up to The latest, delicious volume in the Parasol Protectorate series.Spoilers Ahead Blameless, the latest offering from Gail Carriger in her Parasol Protectorate series, finds our soulless heroine, Alexia Maccon ne Tarabotti is on the run After the shocking revelations at the end of Changeless, she has been cast out by her brute of a werewolf husband, Lord Maccon, and has since discovered that for an as yet discovered reason, the vampires have set out to kill her, by any means possible including killer mechanical ladybugs Add to that the decision by the Queen to remove her status as muhjah of the Shadow Council, and Alexia is not having the best of times right now Deciding that she needs some answers to her current condition, delicate as it is, Alexia travels abroad, in search of the Templars and some possible information regarding her, her father and her position as a preternatural Meanwhile back in London, there is intrigue and suspense galore as Lord Akeldama swarms from his home after a mysterious possession of his is stolen How is this tied to the government How do the werewolves play into all of this And when will the formaldehyde run out And where exactly has Woolsey s Gamma run off to Gail Carriger has outdone herself with Blameless I ll admit that I was a little concerned with the direction that Alexia and Co were taking at the end of Changeless I thought the situation seemed to come about a little too early , but I should never have doubted Ms Carriger s ability, me the lowly reader that I am She has taken a delicate state of affairs, and has made it into an integral, key plot point that helped move Blameless along with all the clever and witty pacing that I ve come to love from her books Having Alexia not attached to Lord Maccon was a refreshing treat I think the characters are most interesting when they are apart, and Alexia is at odds with Connall Of course, this situation won t always be that way, and of course they work well together, but I particularly loved the agitation felt throughout the book The only other addition that I would have liked to see this time around More Lord Akeldama He has continually grown on me and may very well be my favorite character of the cast He s just so over the top and divine.The level of intrigue and the mystery behind the preternaturals was handled so well this time around Ms Carriger is developing a most engaging mythology and history for her characters, and I can t wait to find out There was just enough dangling plot lines left over to completely whet my appetite for If you haven t had the pleasure of reading any of the Parasol Protectorate series, do yourself a favor, quit reading this humble blog and dash off to your nearest bookseller and acquire copies of all three books Immediately Posthaste You won t be sorry Gail Carriger may be one of the funniest authors that I ve come across in awhile, and her books and characters are among the most charming and scintillating that I ve read this year My only regret now is that we ve had the pleasure of three books released with the last year, that now we have to wait until the spring of next year to see what happens next Highly, highly recommended.

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    This series continues to be witty, fluffy fun It s really difficult not to just read one of these books in one sitting They go down like ice cream on a hot day.With the exception of this one thing that I ll get to later, there really isn t much to say about this book Carriger s writing continues to be witty and fun, and sly in all the best ways Her sense of humor is definitely in line with mine Her characters are flawed and lovable Her sense of atmosphere is impeccable.Basically, if you liked the first two books, you will like this one.It picks up a few weeks after Changeless Alexia is living back with her family, but when news of her scandalous predicament breaks, her family kicks her out, and she and Madame LeFoux decide it s high time to visit Italy and find out about what Alexia is now calling her infant inconvenience Meanwhile, back in London, all the vampires have collectively gone insane and decided that Alexia needs to die, Lord Akeldama has skipped town, and the dum dum Lord Maccon is constantly drunk, trying to buck up the courage to admit he was wrong to treat Alexia as he did at the end of last book.Not all that much actually happens, but that s okay, really I m not in this for the plot.I m not quite sure however, and spoilers here, view spoiler that I think the reunion between Alexia and Lord Maccon was handled right I liked how upset Alexia was at the beginning, and how betrayed she felt by him not trusting her I just don t think Lord Maccon was appropriately sorry when they finally met again It was a little too light hearted, and he didn t grovel nearly enough, in my opinion It also seemed like he was mostly miserable for himself, rather than what he did to Alexia hide spoiler

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    Killer ladybugs Nightgowned knights Floote fighting Not to mention lots of pesto Blameless has it all Even though I haven t been left in a tizzy by this installment no cliffhanger this time, intrepid readers , I m still anxious to get my hands on the next book Ohhh, July why art thou so far away Looking back, I ll admit I had a few issues with the second in thee series, Changeless It was entertaining, but compared to the shininess that was Soulless it faltered in terms of plot cohesion and consistency of character personalities I m happy to say Blameless does not suffer from the same problems.Swinging back and forth between the pack s activities in London and Alexia s travels through the Continent, the story allows us to get a better feel for both We witness the werewolves drama mostly through the eyes of Professor Lyall, a character whose steadfast and sympathetic nature I find rather impressive The I learn about him, the I adore him He s a perfect foil for the boisterous, demanding personalities surrounding him His understated sense of humor, keen mind and efficient manner make the pack scenes intriguing and I m thrilled to see him get page time.Alexia s jaunt across Europe and the Mediterranean is equally interesting and rather action packed Her parasol and its many perks come in handy than once, as she and her companions fend off vampires and religious zealots In fact, the group does so much fleeing in this novel that I fully appreciate Alexia s yearning for a large armchair in a quiet library In between assassination attempts, Alexia gains some insight into her own soulless state, as well as tidbits regarding her father s past Carriger doles out the information as pieces of an intricate puzzle Even though Alexia is progressing in her quest for knowledge, there s still scads of room for speculation We have a long way to go before we see the whole picture, but getting there is half the fun.Speaking of fun, Blameless introduces steampunk gadgetry for Alexia and me to drool over Carriger weaves these elements into the story with just the right amount of detail We can clearly picture the inventions involved without things getting bogged down in minutia And what inventions there are I foresee even of them in the future now that Alexia has befriended yet another scientist I m looking forward to it.Addressing the character issues I had with the previous book, I m thrilled to announce that all of the annoying personalities have been put back in their rightful places The Loontwills are scarce, placing Felicity and family squarely where they belong as side characters who, in small doses, add a level of comedy and allow Alexia to showcase her defiant attitude Ivy, too, plays only a small role and comes off all the better for it Carriger has restored her to the woman we met in Soulless loveably dippy, but capable of pragmatism and a bit of insight when the occasion demands it Lyall goes so far as to wonder how much of her foolishness is simply for show a question I never would ve asked about the Ivy depicted in Changeless Does the character variation irk me Yes Does it annoy me enough to harp on it No, because this version of Ivy is preferable and much in line with a friend of Lady Maccon.On the whole, another worthwhile volume in the Parasol Protectorate series one filled with daring escapes, tantalizing clues, emotional upheavals, and as always, wit to spare La, my darlings, I can t wait for the next