Lady Alexia Maccon, Soulless, Is At It Again, Only This Time The Trouble Is Not Her Fault When A Mad Ghost Threatens The Queen, Alexia Is On The Case, Following A Trail That Leads Her Deep Into Her Husband S Past Top That Off With A Sister Who Has Joined The Suffragette Movement Shocking , Madame Lefoux S Latest Mechanical Invention, And A Plague Of Zombie Porcupines And Alexia Barely Has Time To Remember She Happens To Be Eight Months PregnantWill Alexia Manage To Determine Who Is Trying To Kill Queen Victoria Before It Is Too Late Is It The Vampires Again Or Is There A Traitor Lurking About In Wolf S Clothing And What, Exactly, Has Taken Up Residence In Lord Akeldama S Second Best Closet

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    I just love these books and the audio narration by Emily Gray is spot on And the baby

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    Well, the shine has definitely worn off a bit for me, but I do always love a pregnant heroine I have this little fantasy two ruffians chase a woman into a dark alley, and just as they are about to attack, she flashes her stretch marked, saggy belly at them Their faces both register shock and fear, as they realize that she s a complete bad ass Then they run away in terror. I wish that pregnancy scars were revered like battle scars.Or you know, that I could wear a bikini and not feel self conscious about it.So, Alexia s still pregnant, but she s finally nearing the end At eight months along, she s unwieldy and swollen which gets mentioned and poked fun at waaaaaay too many times Lord Akeldama has concocted a plan to appease the vampires which will hopefully put a stop to the attempts on her life and that of her unborn child When a barely tethered ghost shows up to warn her about an imminent threat to the Queen s life, no one can stop Lady Maccon from charging forward to save the day, infant inconvenience be damned I really didn t get into this story until than half way through The clever word play and witty little jokes just aren t enough to keep me going any Lord Akeldama s little pet names for Alexia really started to grate by the end I can just picture Gail Carriger wracking her brain for yet another foodstuff to use Pomegranate seed Dripping biscuit Buttered tea cake Damn, I ve used them all However, at about the half way point, the plot really starts to pick up There s some intriguing information about Alexia s father, and some connections that I wasn t expecting The ending is predictable view spoiler and yet another example of a completely unrealistic portrayal of an infant hide spoiler

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    More than one cat Oh no Nobody wants to be that vampire Still fun, still fabulous, still kicking ass at eight months pregnant.

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    Okay we are back in business I did not really like 3 but this one is much better It seems the author has changed her mind about Connall and he has reverted to being sympathetic and kind In the last book I think I described him as an oaf Currently my favourite characters are Floote, Lyall and Lord Akeldama who provides most of the humour I enjoyed seeing Alexia dealing with her silly sister too.For most of the book Alexia is clomping around like someone carrying triplets instead of the one cute baby which arrives right at the end of the book A bit of overkill there but the actual baby is the best Where things are going to go from here I just cannot imagine I have 5 ready and waiting.

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    I don t know what to think about this book It s all over the place the plot, the characters, the relationships There were a couple of times I hated what is happening At one point of the story view spoiler near the end hide spoiler

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    Look, if you ve made it to book four of this series, you know what you re in for Vast quantities of absurd silliness Lots of naked werewolves played comedically, of course Foppish vampires Alexia being no nonsense and getting herself into all sorts of trouble A supernatural threat that s not really a threat, but mostly just an excuse for us to hang out with these characters for four hundred pages The Parasol Protectorate is not plot heavy These are hang out books, and if you happen to love the characters as I do that state of affairs works out just fine.It s been about five months since the events of Blameless and Alexia is wandering around London eight months pregnant with some sort of supernatural baby The vampires are still trying to assassinate her and said child, until that is the Maccons and Lord Akeldama strike up a scheme to have Lord Akeldama legally adopt their child They figure the vampires will be placated if they allow their child to be raised under the influence of one of their own, but of course they also rent the house next door, and prepare to secretly live in Akeldama s house So the bebe will have three strange parents Vampires taken care of, of course a new threat is looming along with the birth of her child A ghost appears to warn Alexia that there is a plot to kill the queen afoot, and as muhjah it s her duty to investigate and prevent said event from occurring It s a whole escalating thing with dirigibles and fires and rampaging giant metal octopus machines cleverly called octomatons.This book is perhaps the fluffiest of all the books so far I do wish it had a little bit emotional heft I think she missed an opportunity with Madame Lefoux and Alexia s fractured relationship here, but I hope it s rectified by the end of the next one not much time left, I only have 100 pages left in it.I feel like I just started this series, and it s already almost over

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    Here s what I liked about this book 1 Finding out about Professor Lyall s past It makes him a much interesting character, not that he wasn t one of my favorites before.2 The refreshing aspect of having an eight months pregnant heroine.Here s what I didn t like Every single decision made by these characters that I used to like For example view spoiler Giving up your kid for adoption in order to appease a group of people who are trying to murder you Eff that ess The manufactured drama of Lord Akeldama and Biffy Ironic in a series that usually has a tendency to make light of actual serious issues, like Alexia s husband and sister being responsible for her many near deaths Okay, they re two different species so what So are Conall and Alexia, and no one has a problem with them Alexia becomes complicit in lying to her husband about the truth of his former pack s betrayal Countess Nadasdy kidnaps Madame Lefoux s child and is rewarded with both the kid and Woolsey s home Akeldama doesn t warn Alexia of the dire and obvious, but she s in labor so I ll cut her some slack on this one consequences of inviting the hive into her house What a crappy friend Madame Lefoux tries to get her kid back and Alexia punishes her by forcing to become vampire food for the people who A kidnapped her kid and B turned her girlfriend evil and were ultimately partially responsible for her death What an even worse friend hide spoiler

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    Initial Impressions I 100% adored this and I will write a full review of it tomorrow it s late here I am going onto book 5 asap and just have to say this was by far the best in the series to date and I loved it Full Review Okay so I finished up this book and instantly went on to book 5 That to me is the sign of a very very good book because I like to plan out which books I shall read when, and if a book or series is good enough to make me deviate from that plan then it must be pretty amazing and this one was This is once again the continuation of Alexia s story but in this book we have a lot focus on our core group of characters and everyone is together again rather than spread out We have some new additions into the group, and the introduction of them is fabulous, but also the general premise of the book and storyline was great.The story of this book largely centres around Biffy and Alexia who both face their own trails and problems Biffy is unadjusted to his new walk of life and doesn t know exactly how to fit in which causes stress and worry for him and many others around him Seeing his plight and sadness was heart wrenching because he s one of my favourite characters and he really is a star I think he s one of the sweetest and most noble characters ever, and seeing him out of his depth and feeling so low definitely resonated with me.As for Alexia, our Preturnatural whenever she touches Vamps Werewolves they tune back to humans , she s as commanding and fabulous as ever She s feisty, she s strong willed and she know what she wants She s very unafraid of showing her adoration of food, and she s equally happy with being who she is an feeling good in her own skin By this point she has a solid group of loyal friends from both supernatural factions, vampires and werewolves, and she s a genuine and caring character.Alexi is the main protagonist of the series and therefore she s always the one investigating the goings on and when we meet a disjointed ghost who doesn t really know what she s saying, but is trying to rely a message about a threat to the Queen, Alexia knows she has to spring into action and investigate.I found this book to be by far the best one in the series up until now It s so easy to slip back into the world of these characters now and enjoy being immersed with them and the dynamics and loyalties have been pushed, tested and extended up to this point to where we have a great group of characters.The action and pacing of this one was brilliant and I flew through it, loving every page There were some wonderful moments between Ivy and Alexia, some great development with Akeldama and Biffy, and some revelations about Channing, Lyall and Floote All in all everyone and everything in this book was pretty much prefect I adore this series and it gets SO good as it goes on I am currently reading book 5 and loving that one too, and I have no doubt that Miss Carriger will be a firm favourite of mine for a long time Highly recommended 5 s

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    Series Review Gail Carriger is the most unique author I ve ever come across Her style is truly unparalleled in all of Fictiondom She has immense talent for turning even the most mundane of things into the epitome of sophistication If it wasn t for her writing, I doubt I would ever enjoy these books The Parasol Protectorate has the most original cast of characters ever None of the characters in this series even remotely resemble any other characters out there, except for maybe Lord Maccon And I simply love the way all her characters talk, all proper and formal Even the boring act of wearing a hat is transformed into a vital crisis when it comes to the Parasol Protectorate Speaking of characters, my number 1 favorite side character belongs to this very fascinating world created by Carriger Lord Akeldama His excessive use of endearments, his outrageous style of clothing, his fascination with gossip, his very, very eccentric personality in general, all make up the extremely complex and hilarious character that is Lord Akeldama He is the reason I couldn t stop laughing throughout Heartless.

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    I loved, loved, loved this one Can you tell I really liked loved this one haha My favorite in this series so far Everybody and their mother needs a Floote by their side And Lyall, my poor Lyall I seemed to be repeating myself , his backstory brought me to tears Mrs Carriger, if you have any sympathy for the condition of my state of mind and the welfare of my kindle, please, please, please give Felicity a very slow and painful death