Catch the waveThat's what Jack and Annie do when the Magic Tree House whisks them back to a Hawaiian island of long ago They learn how to surf and have a great time—until strange things start happening Jack and Annie soon discover the cause A tidal wave is headed their way Can they help save their new friends in time?

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    Short but sweet

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    Jack and Annie travel back in time to old Hawaii where they are supposed to build a ship In the process they learn about hula dancing and surfing and tsunamis High Tide in Hawaii is sprinkled with facts about Hawaii mostly provided by Jack’s reference book I highly recommend this and all the Magic Tree House books to kids who have recently learned to read chapter books on their own They are easy to read and are a little educational too

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    Despite the author's claim to have been reading about Hawaii before writing this book the place she describes in the story is hardly Hawaiian

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    fun read

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    I will always love this book I saw it at my school's book fair in first grade and thought it was a picture book I liked the bright colors and surfing kids so I had my mom buy it for me along with another Magic Tree House Dolphins at Daybreak which my parents helped me read Then I moved on to High Tide in Hawaii Sixty pages Ten chapters with a picture on each beginning page It took me an entire week of reading by lamplight Some of the words were hard It took me a long time to figure out the Jack was laughing not lugging Now what exactly does a lug sound like? And the author's name I discovered was not Mary PopBut I did get through it That was the first chapter book I ever read on my own A couple of months later I had to pick out a take home reading book from my teacher's learning to read shelf I was supposed to select from my reading level But there was Lions at Lunchtime several levels above what I was supposed to readI took it anywaysNext year I told my mom about this wonderful series and she decided we needed to take a trip to the library I tried to protest The library only had kids books I said and grown up books Not these kinds of books I was surprised to discover that the shelves to the right of the picture book area didn't house adult books No that's where MY books lived I began checking them out five at a time There were only forty or so then so it didn't take me long to get through them all Except for Good Morning Gorillas I held off on that one I knew if I read that one it would be all finished And what would I do then?I turned around There were these other books small colorful and abundant just like the Magic Tree House books I'd seen kids carrying them around at school They were called Junie B Jones So I mixed Junie in with Jack and Annie And I just have to say What kind of idiot puts a second grade series on the top shelf? I had to climb the shelves because the one stool in the library was always by the drinking fountain I wasn't going to put my Magic Tree House books bottom shelf thank you very much on the floor so I could lug that stupid stool halfway across the library After Junie B I discovered the Cam Jansen series on the other side of the Magic Tree House shelf Then the Bailey School Kids And from there I read anything I can get my hands on as Jack describes himself in Tornado on Tuesday Why can I still remember exact lines?At the end of second grade we had to create a visual aid for our book reports The girl next to me had drawn a picture of Junie B thinking about chocolate milk in the first book I'd spent three hours creating a model of Harry and Voldemort dueling in the Goblet of Fire Which is slightly bigger than Junie B Jones Eight years later and I'm still secretly pleased about thatThank you Mary Pope Osborne for turning me into a reader

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    Personal responseI thought this was a good book I could relate to this book because I would have done the same thing Jack did He could not surf like the other kids so he sat on the beach Then when he suspected something bad was going to happen he went out and rescued the kids He willingly sacrificed himself for the others which is what I want to do in my future job PlotJack and Annie arrive in Hawaii on a mission to build a ship When they get there they meet Kama and Boka Kama and Boka take Jack and Annie surfing Jack finds out that he is not as good at surfing as the other kids He decides to leave the others be and go do his own thing While sitting on the beach jack finds out that a big Tidal wave is coming to hit Hawaii He then jumps on his surfboard and gets the other kids before anything serious happen CharacterizationJack is a very caring character He was willing to risk his life to save three others two of which he barely knew Annie and Jack both got along with the other kids right away and interacted with them They all cared about each other in the short amount of time they were togetherImpact of SettingThe setting was in Hawaii It was during the summer; many people were on the beach enjoying the warm weather That affected what happen because it was on an island surrounded by water That caused the tsunami to hit and almost harm the children Thematic ConnectionThere are a couple different themes in the story I think one big theme that stands out is helping others which is also a lesson Jack did not only look out for himself but the other kids he was with He did the right thing in that situation RecommendationI would recommend this book to anyone who lives in Hawaii because it gives some information about what could happen as far as a tsunami Also it would be a good book for younger children to read because it was interesting in many different ways I think many middle school aged boys could relate to Jack and even learn many things from him

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    • A synthesis not summary of your book WRITTEN IN YOUR OWN WORDS that includes the genre of the book and the grade levels in which you would use this bookThe Magic Tree House High Tide in Hawaii is a fantasy book about Jack and Annie’s uest in Hawaii Jack and Annie are from Frog Tree PA and have a magic treehouse that can take them back in time In this story Jack and Annie used the magic treehouse to go to historic Hawaii to complete the task of finding a “special kind of magic” Jack and Annie learn lots about Hawaii and find out the special kind of magic they are searching for is friendship This book is perfect for third graders because of the theme of friendship and the way this book is beautifully written • 2 3 specific ideas for how you would use the book in your classroom or how other educators could use this book instructionally these need to be YOUR IDEAS not ideas that you found from another sourceThis book is perfect for teaching the visualizing comprehension strategy I could show a chart of the five senses and model how the words in the book make me model these senses Then I could do it with them and then let them come up with the five senses they think they would experience Students can use a visual sketch note to share their ideas by using words and pictures Another activity that I could use to help build comprehension is the framework of a uick write I could give students 3 5 minutes to answer a uestion such as “Why is friendship so magical and important in this story?” This activity would give them a change not only to write but also to think deeply about the material they read• An explanation implicit or explicit of WHY this book was a WOW book for you andThis book was a WOW book for me because it was so visual and entertaining I loved Magic Tree House books for this exact reason when I was younger I will definitely make sure my future classroom is stocked with these books to provide students with an opportunity to learn about different time periods and fall in love with reading

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    The book I red Tuesday evening was number 28 of the magic tree house It was a brother and sister named jack and Annie This adventure was to go to Hawaii Jack and Annie hopped out of bed and got ready to go to the magic tree house After that they found a letter in a book It told them were they had to go and the letter told them what they needed to find When Annie wished to go there the tree house spun faster and faster until the tree house stopped They were in Hawaii Annie exclaimed Then the two brother and sister heard music in the distance Annie saw a village And so did Jack They both saw people dancing and playing instruments Annie did'nt listen to Jack so Annie joined the people dancing She did the hula Jack whispered to Annie to come back But she did not listen to him until a girl spotted him in a distance She pulled jack's arm to go and dance with her but she was to strong and he refused to dance Suddenly it was night the girl had a family Jack and Annie met her family She had a brother and her mom and dad They met each other and became friends The girls name was Kama and her brothers name was bokaI predict Kama gave Annie a wreath as a gift The family told them that they both can sleep over their houseThe next day their new friends showed the two brother and sister how to surf Jack fell and his friends laughed at him even his sister He started acting mean and hurt Annie and his new friends feelings When they left jack felt a rumble It was a tsunami He went to warn his friends and went to safety They returned to their friends family and had some thing to eat It was time for Jack and Annie to go but before they left Jack said sorry to their friends They went home and met Morgan They completed their task And you know what The wreath was the object they needed to findThat's the book I red on tuesday evening The end

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    In my review of Stage Fright on a Summer Night I talk about how Osborne chooses to embrace the storytelling concept that less is for the final four book arc of the original series And High Tide in Hawaii really brings all of that to a close in the best way possible Jack and Annie head back to ancient Hawaii to find the final kind of everyday magic view spoilerThey befriend two kids who show them their way of life though things get shaky when Jack is learning to surf That all gets thrown out the window when Jack realizes a tsunami is coming How Jack and Annie solve the riddle ends up being so great really driving the book's message home as well as those of the previous three books That magic is not always literal It exists in even the most subtle aspects of life It's just up to you to really find them It provides a fantastic conclusion to the original series while cleverly setting up Christmas in Camelot a masterpiece in its own right hide spoiler

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    So far so goodFinished the bookwoooowhoooooooit ws kinda scary twards the end but like in all magic tree house books the lived happly ever affter