December 7 1941 A morning like any other but the events of this day would leave no one untouched For Adam living near Honolulu this Sunday morning is one he has been looking forward to fishing with friends away from the ever watchful eyes of his father a navy lieutenant Then right before his eyes Adam watches Japanese planes fly overhead and attack the US Navy All he can think is that it's just like in the movies But as he sees his father's ship the Arizona sink beneath the water he realizes this isn't make believe It's real Over the next few days Adam searches for answers about his friends the war and especially his father But Adam soon learns sometimes there are no answers

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    An intense read At the end of every chapter you were pushed to keep on reading I wouldn't really call it a page turner but elements of a page turner in the sense that it gripped you to keep reading That being said there is something that is keeping me from giving that extra star to call it that amazing five star book Here's the thing I can't put my finger on it It was a great book don't get me wrong but it just isn't up to my five star book standards which not going to lie aren't that extremely difficult to live up to I still liked this book a lot and I recommend if you like to read historical fiction books One of the uicker reads of historical fiction books but that doesn't make it any less great than others

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    I would rate this book a 4 because it was a very good and intense read and every chapter making you want to read This was an easy read and very easy to understand and it was also short which i liked most of all This book is about a kids father who is in the Navy which while Pearl Harbor is being bombed him and his friends are in the harbor and watch his dads ship sink He is mistaken as a young sailor so he is put to work defending the Harbor from another attack by the Japanese Torpito launcher Planes I would reccomend this book because it was a very easy read and easy to understand

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    It was kind of boring and lacked detail

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    Personal response I really liked this book because there was a lot of action Plus I could relate to the characters because I understand why they made the decisions that they did Like when Adam was getting bullied by a kid and then they became friends I liked how they played some of the same sports as the rest of the United States but used other objects for some of the games than someone that lives in other climates would use For example in one of the games they used a coconut Adam thought it was weird at first but then he liked it as well as I would Plot Adam his mom and his dad all had to move to Hawaii Adam’s dad was in the Navy They moved there because of threats from Japan Adam did not like it there at first because he missed his friends Adam got bullied by one kid and after awhile they became friends Adam’s mom let him drive the car around their yard every once in awhile When he wanted to show his dad how good he was at driving or how good he thought he was Adam’s dad thought that he needed practice and needed a couple years So Adam got upset but agreed Adam was biking home and his bike broke Davi brought him to his house and his dad fixed his bike Then Davi showed him his house so Adam got home late Adam’s dad wanted to know where he went that he was late but his dad got mad because he went to Chinatown Adam’s dad said to never go back there because of everything that was happening between the United States and Japan Adam argued with his dad that they were nice and would not hurt anyone Adam’s dad did not believe him and told him to stay away from Davi Adam avoided Davi for a little bit but then he asked him to come fishing with him Adam decided to go with and disobey his dad’s orders They went out early in the morning It was Adam Davi and Martin They went to an old military base Adam did not want to go at first but they convinced him it was okay They said they do it all the time Adam Davi and Martin went into the Army base and found a boat so they decided to go out in the boat Adam did not want to go at first but decided to go because they really wanted to take the boat They started to fish and saw all the military boats Then they heard a plane The plane flew over and had a Japan flag on it At first they thought it was fake but then came and they started shooting Then the Army and Navy started shooting back Adam Davi and Martin started paddling back to shore Martin had a stick go through his chest and Adam had a bullet graze his back When they got to shore everybody was freaking out and they went to the hospital right away Then Adam left because he wanted to make sure his mom was ok Adam stole a jeep that he hot wired to start it He got a gun from someone that was in the Army He got stopped once by the military and they asked him where he got the gun from Adam said he was part of the Army So they let him go through When he got home his mom had the neighbors in their house and his mom was crying Adam’s sister did not even know what was happening because she was used to her dad being gone all the time with him being in the military So Adam and her mom did not tell her because they wanted her to be happy and not worry about her dad They promised each other they would not tell her until it was the right time Then Adam left to go see how his friends are doing and he went to Davi’s house When Adam showed up Davi was not happy with him He wanted Adam to leave and fight him but Adam would not listen to Davi Adam asked Davi what happened and he said the military took his dad Davi said they thought he was a spy Adam thought that it was dumb because they did not have any proof except that he was from Japan Then Adam and Davi went to the hospital to see Martin to see how he was doing When they showed up at the hospital Martin’s parents were there Martin’s parents were crying and hugged both of them Then Martin told Adam to show his parents his back and told his parents that he was indestructible Adam tried to tell them that he was not but Martin told him to go along with it Then Adam went back home He got rid of the jeep but kept the gun His mom wondered why he needed the gun and Adam said to defend the house They waited awhile for any information on Adam’s dad They got a letter in the mail from the secretary and it said that his dad was MIA In a couple of days the government said they had to go back to the mainland but Adam did not want to go back He did not want to go back because he still wanted to look for his dad His mom argued with him asking where he was going to live and what he was going to eat Adam said he would live with Davi and give him money for food Adam’s mom did not like the idea Adam’s mom eventually convinced Adam to come back home with her So Adam grabbed his stuff and got on the navy boat with his mom Adam and his mom went back homeCharacterization Adam is a 14 year old boy that just moved to Hawaii and is a military boy He went there with his family but left without his dad Davi is Adam’s best friend that goes to his school Martin is another one of Adam’s friends from his school Setting It occurs at Pearl Harbor Hawaii On Dec 7th 1941 Adam the main character goes to Honolulu High School The setting is important because it helps to understand how the people are the way they are such as the way they talk and the way they go about thingsRecommendation I recommend this book to boys because it is about a war and boys are usually interested than girls I rate this book a 4 out of 5 because I enjoyed the book and it was well written I recommend this book to 13 year olds to read this book because it is pretty detailed and anybody that is under the age of 12 will probably not understand this book

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    “He’d read about war He’d imagined himself in a war but never like this War was a fight between euals It was clean It was fair The best man won But this—what was it? There were no words that he’d ever learned no book he’d ever read that had prepared him for this What was it? It was stink and blood and dying”A Boy at War is a historical fiction novel about the attack on Pearl Harbor told from the point of view of Adam Pelko a boy around 14 years old His father is a navy lieutenant on the Arizona Adam happens to be in the harbor when the attack strikes and we see the events unfolding through his eyes The chapters are short and the book itself is around 100 pages but Harry Mazer manages to sueeze several nuanced issues into this space Adam’s closest friend is Davi a Japanese American boy and there’s some racial tension between them as well as Adam’s father giving him a whole “our kindtheir kind” speech Of course the book deals with the horrifying reality of war but also how it feels to grow up military and the unspoken hierarchy of military kids according to who what rank their father is It’s book one of a three book series Good for readers who don’t want to commit to a long book but still read a uality story with some poignant themes

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    At first i thought the book was kinda boring I wondered how long it was gonna be until adam made friends at his new school I really like his one friend I didn't like that his dad was so strict I thought it was funny when adam didn't really care that he was late to get home I wonder how worried Adam was when his dad got a call to get onto the boat It's kinda harsh that adams dad doesn't like adams friend because he japanesseI wonder if adam will go into the military just like his father I wonder how freaked out adam was when the harbor got attacked I would be really scaredd if my dad was on the ship and i saw it sinking

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    I haven't finshed the book yet So far it has been pretty good I don't understand why Adam's dad dosn't like Japaness people I think It is good that Adam is making friends It seems like Adam's dad get mad if he dosn't treat other people with respect I think that Davi is a good friend for Adam but Adam's dad dosn't like Davi I think when they are fishing that the bombing will happen at Pearl Harbor I don't get they Adam dosn't tell Davi that he can't fish I can't wait to read of this book So far I would recomend this book to someone

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    I really enjoyed reading Boy at War because it had adventure and excitement The dialog between the characters was perfect I highly suggest read Boy at War and go on adventures with Adam and his friends

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    A Boy at War to me was a very interesting book and was very fun to read I would recommend it for people that like war and adventure because that is what kind of book that it is The book is not that long and if you want a book to read on a road trip this is it It is short but a very interesting book I had to keep reading on and couldn't put the book down and finished it very uickly The book is about a young boy by the name of Adam and he is in a military family and they move from city to city a lot and he struggles to make friends He moves to Honolulu and he makes friends with a boy named Davi and one day they go to the Harbor and Japan bombs Pearl Harbor Adam's dad was on the Arizona which sinks and throughout the story he searches for him until they find out that he died It is very sad but and Adam's mom wants to move back to the mainland but Adam wants to stay here with his dad's spirt It shows us what happened to those families that were affected during the bombing The beginning was boring because he was just trying to find friends and there is no adventure in that After that the book becomes very interesting because the bombing and it feels like he is in a war I think that if people start reading this book they won't stop until their done because of the how many adventure their is When he searches for his dad he has to go through a lot of things and he even gets shot and has to go to the hospital That is why I would recommend it for people who like adventure and war because it mixes them both into one great story

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    The book I read is the Boy at War by Harry Mazerthis book is about a boy naked Adam on the day of the pearl harbor attack by the Japanese This was a important day in history not only because hundreds of American lives were lost but also because the day after the attack the United States entered World War two This book is written from the view point of a teenager whos father is stationed at pearl harbor and is on one of the battleships On the morning of the attack on pearl harbor Adam is out exploring with his friend Davi near the shore line they find a rowboat that had washed up on shore The two decided to row out into the water just for fun once they were far enough out they were able to see the entire harbor with all the navy battleships One of the ships that stood out to Adam was the USS Arizona this was the ship his father was on the flags were flying high above it and he thinks it looks beautiful Then all of the sudden a plane roars past there boat extremely low because of Adams hobby of building model planes he notices that the plane has red circles what the Japanese plans are marked with instead of bars and stripes of what the American planes are marked with the plane drops something into the water and then seconds later one of the ships explodes and a wave of heat rushes over the friends Weeks after the attack Adam and his mother got the news that his father was MIA shortly thereafter the family moved back to the main land USA