Alek And Deryn Are Abroad The Leviathan When The Ship Is Ordered To Pick Up An Unusual Passenger This Brilliant Maniacal Inventor Claims To Have A Weapon Called Goliath That Can End The War But Whose Side Is He Really On While On Their Top Secret Mission, Alek Finally Discovers Deryn S Deeply Kept Secret Two, Actually Not Only Is Deryn A Girl Disguised As A Guyshe Has Feelings For AlekThe Crown, True Love With A Commoner, And The Destruction Of A Great City All Hang On Alek S Next And Final MoveThe Thunderous Conclusion To Scott Westerfeld S Leviathan Series, Which Was Called Sure To Become A Classic SLJ

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    SCOTT WESTERFELD, WHY YOU SO AMAZING Like, seriously It s not fair.I don t think I ve ever been disappointed by a Scott Westerfeld book Sure, some are better than others, but they always have such awesome world building, they re always exciting, and they re always a ton of fun to read It s hard to beat his previous series like Uglies and Midnighters, but I think he just may have done it with the Leviathan trilogy.First of all, the premise is so freaking awesome I want to explode when I think about it In case you haven t read these books and know nothing about them shame on you , they re about an alternate WWI, fought between the Darwinists and the Clankers The Clankers use machines as airships weapons, while the Darwinists use giant, fabricated animals The story takes place on one of the airbeasts called the Leviathan Our two main characters are Alek, the prince of Austria whose parents have recently been murdered, and Deryn, a girl pretending to be a boy named Dylan so that she can fight in the air service.Well, I guess that s about all I can say without giving a rundown of the entire plot But it already sounds awesome, yes So let s just say These books rock my socks off And they just get better as they go along I really liked Leviathan and Behemoth, but I LOOOVED Goliath It s such a wonderful book and such a terrific ending to the series.First of all, as I ve already mentioned, Westerfeld s world building never disappoints And he really steps it up with this series It s awesome how he draws inspiration from actual history and puts such an original spin on it The machines and creatures he creates are super cool, and the books in general have a very distinct, gritty atmosphere to them that separates them from his other novels.Secondly, the illustrations are just the bomb A lot of credit for these books awesomeness must go to Keith Thompson, because his drawings are stunning Sometimes I would just want to sit there and stare for five minutes He draws everything in such amazing detail, with so much to look at There s already a lot of great world building in the prose, but the illustrations really help to bring the story to life.Thirdly, the characters Ahhh, I love them I think Deryn is a slightly stronger character than Alek both literally and figuratively I feel like Westerfeld s female characters are always kickass than his male characters Which is awesome and all I just happened to realize it P But anyway, they re both still very likable characters and you can t help but sympathize with them.And I have to say, the romance is just perfect YA literature needs romance like this I m tired of all the books where the girl is all wimpy and the guy has to come and save her butt In these books, it s pretty much the opposite Not only that, but the relationship actually takes time to develop Sure, there s the whole Oh dear, he thinks I m a boy thing standing in the way, but even so it s a carefully crafted romance and I appreciate that I didn t really know how it was going to play out, and I was afraid it was going to be too dramatic or whatever, but it wasn t It was great Gah, I don t want to give too much away But basically, if you ve read the other books and haven t read this one yet, YOU NEED TO READ THIS ONE And I m pretty sure it ll make you happy If you haven t read these books at all well, read them.And now I m going to run around shouting BUM RAGS and BARKING SPIDERS Good day.

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    4.5 stars rounded up to 5 starsUpdate 12 20 11 Bonus chapter to Goliath posted on Scott Westerfeld s blog Here s the link.Barking spiders What a great way to end a series I want The third and final book in Scott Westerfeld s Leviathan series did not disappoint Set during WWI, our heroes Dylan actually Deryn, a young woman and Alek are on board the living airship the Leviathan a giant floating whale as it flies eastward towards the orient and beyond Goliath is an alternative history and retelling of WWI History buffs will enjoy this book as they see some of the historical characters of the period appear in this book Steampunk fans will marvel at all of the contraptions and gadgets The book is geared towards young adult readers, but many adults will enjoy this book as well.Westerfeld builds a unique world where Darwinists create machinery and weapons using DNA to battle against the mechanical steam powered contraptions of the Clankers The Clankers favor machinery on legs rather than wheels Whimsical creatures populate the pages There are beasties such as strafing hawks, flechette bats, fighting bears, message lizards and my favorite the perspicacious loris.Beautifully detailed illustrations by Keith Thompson make this world come alive Thanks to the illustrations, I was able to imagine all of the cool contraptions and gadgets developed by the Clankers and even the strange creatures engineered by the Darwinists I found myself lingering on these pages I would read a little, flip back to the illustrations, and just stare at them I must say that my e reader did not do justice to these illustrations I think and your results may vary depending on your e reader that a dead tree book may be preferable for this series The story is captivating There are some pretty intense moments, great on the edge of your seat reading I enjoyed the astute observations of the perspicacious loris I loved the specialized vocabulary from this book I might just have to use some of those words, they may come in handy.Thank you, Scott Westerfeld for writing such an engaging series My 12 year old reluctant reader is enjoying this series I fully expect him to start calling his brothers bumrags and dummkopfs sometime soon Thank you Simon Schuster Galley Grab for an advanced reader copy of this book Review posted on Badass Book Reviews

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    Fans of Leviathan and Behemoth will be very satisfied with this final installment, which seems to be the end for Alek and Deryn This book contains, in spades, all of the elements of the previous two books that I adore Deryn doesn t brood, she acts And Alek, well he might brood just a squitch but that s barking princes for you There is a remarkable lack of melodrama here These books are dynamic and exciting with plenty of action and derring do.Deryn and Alek are once again aboard the giant living airship Leviathan, this time on their way to Japan When the Captain receives a mysterious message from the Russian Tsar, they must make a detour to rescue the magnetic Nikola Tesla who claims to have invented a weapon that is capable of wreaking massive destruction on any city that he chooses to target He also claims to have peaceful intentions, and the potential to end the war quickly is very attractive to Alek World War I rages on, and Alek still believes that he has a destiny to hasten its end, but Deryn is far pragmatic I ve read than my share of cross dressing girl adventures, and Deryn will always hold a very special distinction to me I know that I already mentioned this in my review for Behemoth, but it bears repeating Deryn is at home as a boy than any other disguised heroine that I ve read about And yes, the relationship between Alek and Deryn does develop in this last installment don t worry, I m not divulging any details here , but my girl Deryn does not let me down, and Alek Well, let s just say that he s honest and faithful and he has a lot of integrity There are no scenes in any of these books where Deryn suddenly appears bathed, coiffed, and squashed into a fabulous dress Not only that, but she never has one moment of self conscious worry about her appearance That s not Deryn, and it never will be Why would she need to worry about silly things like that when she has wings and the air And guts than I ll ever have All of my favorite characters are back, along with some new ones including a few distastefully aggressive American women, and fun cameos from William Randolph Hearst and Pancho Villa My favorite characters by far in this last installment are the highly entertaining Perspicacious loris twins, whose little side commentaries add so much insight and wit As with the previous installments, the Clanker inventions and Darwinist monsters are highly imaginative and detailed, and the illustrations are wonderful.Perfect Musical PairingBen Folds Five Don t Change Your PlansThis is a love song about two people who have destinies and plans that conflict with their relationship, and the sadness of not being able to be together I m not saying any than that You ll have to read this book to find out how it all ends

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    darwinists take the strands ClankerS TakE ThE FormS of life and weave them into OF MachineS, RemakE TheM new forms a new kind of NeW ShapeS A NeW WaY life, a new way of living. TO SeE, A NeW WaY TO BE cute talking animals HugE WalkinG MachineS living dirigibles A TeslA CannoN all sorts of strange beasties AlL SortS OF ContraptionS now at our beck and call. NoW AvailableE FoR AlL but are these darwinists BuT ArE ThesE ClankerS unholy manipulators of WarlikE BrutalizerS OF nature they control TechnologY TheY RulE england, france, russia GermanY, AustriA HungarY they wage a sort of war TheY WagE A KinD OF WaR in america will they IN AmericA WilL TheY control the world itself ControL ThE WorlD ItselF fortunately, if darwinist FortunatelY, IF ClankeR ranks include the likes of RankS IncludE Folks LikE DERYN SHARP PRINCE ALEK a brave young lady whose A BravE YounG GenT WhosE sharp mind and sharp eye LoyaltY WitS frequently save the day FrequentlY SavE ThE DaY and whose need to hide her AnD WhosE NeeD TO BE A gender is its own sort of ParT OF A GreateR WholE darwinist transformation IS SO VerY ClankeR then maybe these TheN MaybE ThesE brilliant scientists UbeR CraftsmeN aren t so bad at all maybe Aren t AlL SO BaD MaybE they are only one side TheY ArE OnlY OnE SidE of the same coin. OF ThE SamE CoiN of ThE SamE CoiN This is a wonderful conclusion to a charming steampunk trilogy for children I enjoyed the preceding novels but this third volume impressed me even It seamlessly threads together classic Young Adult tropes, various steampunk motifs, actual history and historical characters from World War I and beyond, and a breathlessly paced series of fun adventures into one rather grand story It is than just a joy to read it s also often surprising and genuinely moving There were moments that shocked me and there were moments that struck me right in my so called heart Appealing characters, superb illustrations, and even a thoughtful and touching afterward A great achievement by Westerfeld.The cleverness of these novels also inspired my own attempts to be clever, here and in the prior two novels reviews LeviathanBehemoth

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    Reality had no gears, and you never knew what surprises would come spinning out its chaos Dear Alek, I know in my review for Behemoth I told you that I was going to dedicate this final review to you and I would think of a theme tune for you Well, I haven t I thought that, instead of writing a proper review that will help readers decide whether to read this book or not you d think this was a review site or something , I d write you a letter.It s not going to be a fancy one or one with paragraphs set out correctly but it will be a simple one.Now I love Deryn as much as the next person she truly is spectacular but I feel a lot of people look over you as a hero of this series I guess heroes come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes they are even shorter than some girls You are proof that you don t have to have guns blazing Although I find walking sticks to be just as useful all the time to show how brave you are For in your understated ness Shh, it s a word you are intelligent, strong, trustworthy, loyal and caring.And you are not a waste of hydrogen I have a feeling you ll have plenty of time to get your sea legs in the future.Um air legs What do you call them if your vessel is a flying whale Basically, I just wanted to say that I think you are one of the most underrated characters in YA literature You can have your vampires, your werewolves, your angels, your ones with a destiny or the ones who survive fighting in arenas but I m an Alek girl, through and through.Anyway I won t keep you because I know you and a certain Mr Sharp have better things to do Lots of love,Jo.PS I m not sure how often you see Mr Westerfeld but if you do get chance to catch up, will you please thank him for writing such an exciting and beautiful ending to one of the most innovative, original, sweetest and completely head over heels in love and best friends and ohmygod it s so lovely and butterflies in my tummy romantic series of YA books that will always have a special place on my bookshelf And also, Mr Thompson tell him that that final picture almost slayed me.And the picture of the loris with the moustache is probably my favourite thing in the entire world PPS Hey, remember when I said that I loved to collect wonderful dedications from books This one takes the biscuit To everyone who loves a long secret romance, revealed at last And I really, really love biscuits view spoiler And secret snogs on air ships hide spoiler

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    To everyone who loves a long secret romance, revealed at last.Oh, what a beautiful dedication Just reading it made me hopeful about the conclusion of the romantic plot, even before reading the first chapter This was a great book I m unsure how to compare it to its predecessors, but rest assured that it s just as good, if not better According to me.So, it has come as a bit of a surprise to me that I ve enjoyed the Leviathan trilogy so much At first glance it doesn t seem like my kind of thing at all The Darwinist Clanker technologies are interesting, but nothing that gets me excited I m not into war fiction, and historical fiction has been very hit or miss in the past The reason I love these books is the characters So in this review I will try to briefly illuminate these people They are real and don t try to tell me they re not.Alek He is nearly heartbreaking with his unique blend of naive hopefulness and high sense of honor This boy is serious to the core So unlike the male heroes of most YA books these days view spoiler SO MANY PRECIOUS ALEK MOMENTS his horror stupidness when he found out about Deryn, his giving up of his ultimate secret to save Deryn s identity, his sobs as he stands in Goliath s control room thinking Deryn is going to die AHHH that last part Killed me hide spoiler

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    The next time you re going to get on a plane, pick up one of these books Whichever you haven t read, if you have yet to finish the series, or your favorite if you have Reading about action atop the back of a flying genetically engineered whale takes on a whole new level of awe and enjoyment when you yourself can glance sideways and down at the puffy backs of clouds.Which is basically to say that on a 2.5 hour plane ride yesterday, I somehow plowed through 250 pages of this book without noticing the time at all It was disorientating in the best sort of way I think engrossed is the right word for how the plot affected me view spoiler There is no word for the way my own lips sort of throbbed when the characters kissed props to Westerfeld for this romance Ummm wow Can we just Can we just have whole books About Deryn and Alek Being adorable And a little bit emotionally insecure Actually that s part of the adorable hide spoiler

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    A satisfying conclusion to the fantasy steampunk trilogy which features two teenagers taking a role in trying to head off World War 1 between the machine loving Clankers and bioengineering Darwinists aka the Germans and Brits and their allies Deryn, who poses as a boy Dylan to serve as a midshipman, carries out numerous feats of derring do as the British biological airship Leviathan wends its way around the world from Istanbul Alek, the son of the assassinated Serbian archduke, draws her into his ambitions to support the scientist Tesla in forcing an end to the war through the threat of a powerful death ray weapon The potential of the powers that be to demonstrate the weapon without a Hiroshima like attack on Berlin or Vienna has Alek tormented over how to intervene The travels in this volume take them first to the Siberian site of the mysterious explosion that leveled a whole forest With Tesla aboard, they travel on to Japan, across the Pacific to California, across Mexico, then to New York City There are colorful roles for movie stars, reporters, and Pancho Villa in the plot, and periodic thrills of combat with Imperial German forces who intend to keep the Darwinists from exploiting Tesla s mad genius Along the way, Alek finally learns that Dylan is a girl There is still the barrier of class to the future of any romance between them, as Alek is Hapsburg nobility and Deryn is a commoner Do you suppose love will find a way

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    I have to say I that I thoroughly enjoyed this entire series I don t think that it is for everyone, as it is quite odd, but I know I quite liked it Rating clarification 4 starsPlotI cannot speak highly enough of the plot It completely captivates you, and is action packed from start to finish, there is never a dull moment from cover to cover If you are looking for an easy and fun page turner, look no further Potential spoilers ahoy In this installment, Alec figures out that Darrin is a girl and not only that, she is in love with him Add that in with a voyage from Tokyo to California, Mexico and then New York in a genetically modified flying whale specimen All the while World War I, battles, and drama ensue Suffice to say, you have no room for boredom.End mild spoilersCharactersLet me reiterate from my first review of the series how much I loved Deryn Sharp What an excellent character She has to be one of my most favorite characters in any novel that I have read, ever And that is saying something.This is how I pictured Darrin Sharp As for the rest of the characters, even though I didn t have an affinity for them like I do Deryn I still found each of their personalities to be original And honestly, how do you make a book with a pet Thylacine even better Why, add in a Perspicacious talking Loris of course Mister Sharp view spoiler Also, a Tesla cannon that can destroy an entire city from half a world away never hurts hide spoiler

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    Scott Westerfeld s Leviathan series is a favorite among steampunk fans so it s no surprise that the finale book would set new levels of awesome I was going to attempt to hold off reviewing this book since it doesn t come out until September but I simply couldn t resist This is a series that I would liken with Harry Potter because it s very action adventure, boy girl friendly and PG Just because there are historical references in this series doesn t mean it will be boring In fact, it makes the story interesting than your average story about genetically engineered beasties or steampunk contraptions And as the finale book, Goliath had everything it needed to wrap up the the compelling plot in this trilogy and appease fans.Goliath picks up where Behemoth left off After the revolution in Istanbul, Alek and Deryn find themselves back on the Leviathan and heading east Alek s princely status has been outted but Deryn is still struggling to keep her gender secret, all while she has feelings for Alek Even if he knew she was a girl, he couldn t be with a commoner And when he finds out the secret she has been keeping, he might feel betrayed learning the boy he looked up to, was in fact a girl Unfortunately Deryn has to contend with Count Volger He knows her secret and he intends to use that knowledge to black mail her.Alek is unsure if he will ever be the Archduke regardless of his letter from the now dead pope Regardless, he feels he is in a position to put an end to the war and when opportunities and important people arise, he goes all diplomat Unfortunately, this puts a rift between him and Deryn whom he doesn t seem to have much time for any.New characters will be introduced like the imposing Mr Tesla and old characters will resurface like the meddling reporter Eddie Malone Trust me when I say the plot balances the novel perfectly with Scott Westerfeld s outlandishly awesome characters, imaginative world and creative writing I will read anything he writes because he is just THAT phenom The ending was nothing short of perfection and I will admit that I did sigh dreamily with satisfaction Everything comes to a head and no loose ends are left untied including secrets and deceptions I can t tell you how frustrating it was wanting Deryn s secret out so I was happy to finally see it happen even though it wasn t quite in the way she had hoped.I loved reading the Author s Notes at the end about the real history that was included To be honest, I didn t know much about World War One before reading the series and it was like an ingenious way to teach me some history Who knew I could learn things out side of school Amazing And Scott definitely did his research You can totally tell there was nothing half done where that was concerned This was probably my favorite book in the series and is my favorite steampunk of all time If you haven t picked up this series please do so we can gush about it together This finale book will be released September 20th For this review and visit my blog at