Best Known For TheTitle Story Of This Collection, A Harrowing Tale Of A Woman S Descent Into Madness, Charlotte Perkins Gilman Wrote ThanOther Short Stories Seven Of Her Finest Are Reprinted HereWritten From A Feminist Perspective, Often Focusing On The Inferior Status Accorded To Women By Society, The Tales Include Turned, An Ironic Story With A Startling Twist, In Which A Husband Seduces And Impregnates A Na Ve Servant Cottagette, Concerning The Romance Of A Young Artist And A Man Who S Apparently Too Good To Be True Mr Peebles Heart, A Liberating Tale Of A Fiftyish Shopkeeper Whose Sister In Law, A Doctor, Persuades Him To Take A Solo Trip To Europe, With Revivifying Results The Yellow Wallpaper And Three Other Outstanding StoriesThese Charming Tales Are Not Only Highly Readable And Full Of Humor And Invention, But Also Offer Ample Food For Thought About The Social, Economic, And Personal Relationship Of Men And Women And How They Might Be ImprovedThe Yellow Wallpaper Three Thanksgivings The Cottagette Turned Making A Change If I Were A Man Mr Peebles Heart

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    Charlotte Perkins Gilman was a remarkable woman and utopian feminist ahead of her time Powerful, thought provoking, and profoundly illuminating, Gilman developed seven short feminist narratives that seek to empower women and minorities oppressed by our patriarchal society Highly polemical, gripping, and infused with relevant themes, she deconstructs the ideological subversion of both genders against the status quo, promotes civil rights and economic independence, and confronts the notion of toxic masculinity by giving a resonant voice that sends forth ripples even up to our present times The Yellow Wallpaper 4.5 stars You see, he does not believe I am sick And what can one do A harrowing narrative that chronicles a woman s descent into utter madness The rest cure is prescribed as a preferential treatment for the mental aberration of our narrator What happens thereafter is an unutterable horror as our narrator slowly loses her grip on reality, dives into the existential abyss of insanity, and finally, fuses with the yellow wallpaper being one and the same.Three Thanksgivings 4 stars I don t see that you re over run with club women, mother, said Jeannie It s Thanksgiving, you know they re all at home I hope they are all as happy, as thankful for their homes as I am for mine, said Mrs Morrison. Mrs Morrison has spent most of her life living in her father s house Now a widow, she wants to honour her father s legacy by keeping and maintaining the house However, having a mortgage tied to someone who she isn t fond of, is a total nightmare If she cannot pay the interest as well as the principal in two years time, she would be forced to live with one of her children or marry the pertinacious man With three thanksgivings, she realizes something and pursues economic freedom by devising a sound, strategic plan Just don t forget that perfect roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, roasted vegetables and other side dishes as well as that old fashioned pecan pie and even a delightful snickerdoodle The Cottagette 5 stars It is not true, always, my dear, said he, that the way to a man s heart is through his stomach at least it s not the only way Ladies, if you can find someone like Ford Matthews, by all means, and good heavens, marry the damn man Or else, I would Well, that is, if he is gay Turned 4 stars Some men can love two women at one time This was not love Infidelity with a little twist That s all I have to say lest I spoil everything.Making a Change 3.5 stars Don t say a thing, dearie I understand I understand I tell you Oh, my dear girl my precious daughter We haven t been half good enough to you, Frank and I But cheer up now I ve got the loveliest plan to tell you about We are going to make a change Listen now A wife, husband, mother in law, and a newborn baby in one house The wife decides to give up her passion for music to tend to the needs of her family Tied to domestic drudgery, the wife does something unthinkable Luckily, her mother in law rescues her and devises a plan that would make everyone in that little home happy If I Were A Man 5 starsA look at gender through the eyes of a man but with the empathy of a woman Much like Beyonc s If I Were a Boy , an ode to female empowerment As for Mother Eve I wasn t there and can t deny the story, but I will say this If she brought evil into the world, we men have had the lion s share of keeping it going ever since how about that Mr Peebles Heart 6 starsMy personal favourite A delightful and entertaining read about a 50 year old man a current store owner who believed, in his younger years, that it was his sole duty and responsibility to supply for the needs of his entire family A martyr, he definitely is He takes it upon himself to be a good provider and breadwinner for everyone he loves because society dictates it and anything that is not within the masculine norm is frowned upon He might sound happy and content, but the story tells us otherwise He also loves music and travelling, but his wife disapproves of it One day, at an opportune moment, his doctor gives him a leisurely trip that he will forever and gratefully remember A story that challenges hegemonic masculinity Why not Why not be your own man for once in your life do what you want to not what other people want you to

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    Woo, intense

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    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yup, that was me enjoying the spiralling descent into madness Ok all jokes aside, mental health is a serious issue and something which is fragile than we realise do not take it for granted people We are lucky enough to live in a time when people recognise and understand depression and constructive, helpful treatments can be offered Unfortunately for Charlotte Perkins Gilman, she inhabited the tail end of the Victorian Period when depression, post natal or otherwise was a totally mysterious and misunderstood thing A perfect Victorian solution to outward displays of unusualness was to put you in an assylum prison attic foreign country delete as viable depending on income and social status and then just tell the neighbours that you were either indisposed for a reaaaaaaallllly long time, or that you were having a little holiday Similar to the little holiday you got sent on if you managed to get knocked up without having bagged yourself a husband first Basically, you were disappeared for a while thus making everyone feel that society had been saved the awful sight of you making a show of yourself Phew, well we wouldn t want to upset society now, heaven forbid The Yellow Wallpaper is Perkins Gilmans attempt to express the hopelessness of mental illness effectively an invisible, inescapable cage around your mind reflected by the imagery of the caged in woman locked behind the patterns in the wallpaper , which no one in the 1890s was capable of diagnosing correctly Gilmans suffered from depression and so knew what she was writing about I do always struggle with the idea of the self restraint which was exhibited by many of these women, the character in the Yellow Wallpaper included If someone had repeatedly patronised me and told me that really there was nothing wrong with me apart from a mild case of nerves and the tendancy to be a bit hysterical, I d have probably reacted by shouting HOW S THIS FOR HYSTERICAL MOTHER F CKER , before destroying all the furniture in the room This snippet of text is short, sharp and truly sad with a suitably ambiguous ending, after all where does the madness end

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    So, so good, the belittling and infantilizing treatment of this poor woman, and her entrapment in the room with the yellow wallpaper by her physician husband is a case history in how to drive someone completely insane.

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    This wallpaper has a kind of subpattern in a different shade, a particularly irritating one, for you can only see it in certain lights, and not clearly then But in the places where it isn t faded and where the sun is just so I can see a strange, provoking, formless sort of figure, that seems to skulk about behind that silly and conspicuous front design Classic horror in small doses provided by an author I had not heard about but who is now someone I will seek out for other stories The Yellow Wallpaper tells the story of a woman who is incarcerated in her own house and basically confined to rest in a room without being allowed to do anything No work, no mental diversion All because her keepers mainly her husband believe this is what is best for her, even though he does not understand the reason for the woman s illness John does not know how much I really suffer He knows there is no reason to suffer, and that satisfies him Over the three months of her confinement, the woman has nothing to occupy her mind except for the room she is in and the wallpaper hanging in pieces It is a big, airy room, the whole floor nearly, with windows that look all ways, and air and sunshine galore It was nursery first and then playroom and gymnasium, I should judge for the windows are barred for little children, and there are rings and things in the walls The paint and paper look as if a boys school had used it It is stripped off the paper in great patches all around the head of my bed, about as far as I can reach, and in a great place on the other side of the room low down I never saw a worse paper in my life One of those sprawling flamboyant patterns committing every artistic sin In fact, the description of the room strongly reminded me of Stefan Zweig s Chess Story, where a prisoner is held and where isolation, inactivity, and a bare room is used as a form of torture In order to keep sane, the prisoner starts an imaginary chess game against himself, which he cannot win.So, when reading The Yellow Wallpaper s first few chapters, I suspected that the story might reveal similar motives As the paragraphs went on, however, I became less interested in the motives of the carers or captors and instead increasingly interested in the woman s identity She is not named Was she a person or was she a ghost For a story written in 1890, The Yellow Wallpaper packs a lot of punch I had not expected that the story was not really written as a horror story, but was written as social commentary based on the author s own experience, which in fact just adds to its poignancy When Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote the The Yellow Wallpaper, she knew about suffering from post natal depression and had first hand experience of the then newly developed prescription on rest cures a treatment consisted primarily in isolation, confinement to bed, dieting, electrotherapy and massage because she had been a patient of the developer of said cure, Silas Weir Mitchell, who even gets a mention in The Yellow Wallpaper I guess, this is another instance where fiction and fact are inseparable, and where circumstances that once described the fate of real people will now pass as classic horror.

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    Roland Barthes talked about writerly and readerly books I ve struggled for a long time, myself, in trying to come up for terms to talk about the differences between deliberate works and those which are too bumbling, too one sided, or too ill informed to make the reader think While The Yellow Wallpaper brings up interesting points, it does not really deal with them The text has become part of the canon not for the ability of the author, which is on the stimulating end of middling, but because it works as a representational piece of a historical movement.As early feminism, this work is an undeniable influence It points out one of the most apparent symptoms of the double standard implied by the term weaker sex However, Gilman tends to suggest than she asks, thus tending toward propaganda It may be easy to say this in retrospect when the question is isolating women and preventing them from taking action really healthy was less obvious back then However, I have always been reticent to rate a work highly merely because it comes from a different age Austen, the Brontes, Christina Rossetti, and Woolf all stand on their own merits, after all.This symbolism by which this story operates is simplistic and repetitive The opinions expressed are one sided, leaving little room for interpretation This is really the author s crime, as she has not tried to open the debate so much as close it, and in imagining her opinion to mark the final word on the matter, has doomed her work to become less and less relevant.This is the perfect sort of story to teach those who are beginning literary critique, because it does not suggest questions to the reader, but answers Instead of fostering thought, the work becomes a puzzle with a solution to be worked out, not unlike a math problem This is useful for the reader trying to understand how texts can create meaning, but under rigorous critique, it is not deep or varied enough to support complex readings.Unfortunately, this means it is also the sort of story that will be loved by people who would rather be answered than questioned It may have provided something new and intriguing when it was first written, but as a narrow work based on a simplistic sociological concept, can no longer make that claim.The story is also marked by early signs of the Gothic movement, and lying on the crux of that and Feminism, is not liable to be forgotten The symbolism it uses is a combination of classical representations of sickness and metaphors of imprisonment Sickness, imprisonment, and madness are the quintessential concepts explored by the Gothic writers, but this work is again quite narrow in its view While the later movement was interested in this in the sense of existential alienation, this story is interested in those things not as a deeper psychological question, but as the allegorical state of woman.Horror is partially defined by the insanity and utter loneliness lurking in everyone s heart, and is not quite so scary when the person is actually alone and mad Though it does come from the imposition of another person s will, which is horrific, the husband has no desire to be cruel or to harm the woman, nor is such even hinted subconsciously Of course, many modern feminists would cling to the notion that independent of a man s desire to aid, he can do only harm, making this work an excellent support to their politicized chauvinism.I won t question the historical importance or influence of this work, but it is literarily very simple A single page of paper accurately dating the writing of Shakespeare s Hamlet would also be historically important, but just because it is related to the threads of literary history does not mean it is fine literature.

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    I never saw a worse paper in my life One of those sprawling flamboyant patterns committing every artistic sin It is dull enough to confuse the eye in following, pronounced enough to constantly irritate and provoke study, and when you follow the lame uncertain curves for a little distance they suddenly commit suicide plunge off at outrageous angles, destroy themselves in unheard of contradictions Oh my gawd This story creeped me out I have never heard of The Yellow Wallpaper until I saw this post Reddit s r books , the books discussion forum After reading a few comments I decided to save it for reading in October when I tend to be in the mood for spooky reads The Yellow Wallpaper is about a poor lady with a nervous disposition moving into a creepy but not haunted mansion with her husband and sister in law She is left to her own devices much of the time with little to do and she while away the time in her room with its disturbing yellow wallpaper Her husband, a doctor, instructs her to get a lot of rest and refrain from doing any work In the absence of anything to occupy her mind, she contemplates the colour and pattern of the wallpaper and begins to see things.This is a very effective and disturbing 1892 short story The author, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, wanted to do than give you the willies, however The story is her exploration of how women with mental health issues are condescended to and not taken seriously by the medical profession and even men in general, including those who love them.If you are looking for a quick, creepy read in a psychological horror vein, The Yellow Wallpaper is just what the doctor ordered F k the rest cure , man.Art by fit51391Notes Sorry I can t review the entire The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories collection, only have access to this story This story is in the public domain, grab a copy from Project Gutenberg An audiobook version is also available at Librivox.Quotes John has cautioned me not to give way to fancy in the least He says that with my imaginative power and habit of story making, a nervous weakness like mine is sure to lead to all manner of excited fancies, and that I ought to use my will and good sense to check the tendency So I try But I must not think about that This paper looks to me as if it KNEW what a vicious influence it had There is a recurrent spot where the pattern lolls like a broken neck and two bulbous eyes stare at you upside down Looked at in one way each breadth stands alone, the bloated curves and flourishes a kind of debased Romanesque with delirium tremens go waddling up and down in isolated columns of fatuity

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    Reread in October 2018 As always, amazing writing and stories that make you think Gotta love Gilman, not only for her talent of writing, but her courage to write such feminist pieces during the 18th century._____________________________________________5 STARSI only had to read The Yellow Wallpaper for class, however, as soon as I read that short story, I knew I would have to read her other stories Gilman s writing is flawless I honestly think Charlotte Perkins Gilman is my new favorite short story author, ever Her unique ideas and effortless writing, is really something I mean, she literally has me feeling sorry for the characters in under 10 pages that s talent.Overall, this is brilliant I ll come back to this later and write a proper review when I have time For now, I highly recommend YOU whoever might be reading this read The Yellow Wallpaper, because that s honestly the best short story I ve read all year

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    The Yellow Wallpaper, first published in 1992, is now a staple of middle and high school English classes and college Gender and Women s Studies programs, linked to Kate Chopin s The Awakening, Ibsen s The Doll House and similar texts reflecting on the damage patriarchy does to society, especially to women Gilman wrote a lot of fiction, and also Women and Economics, was a friend of feminist and social reformer Jane Addams, and was increasingly a feminist critic of society.Gilman also experienced a series of nervous breakdowns, and was treated for her condition in one of the best practices known at the time for women with melancholia with a rest cure, denied access to reading and writing or basically any kind of stimulation , a practice she features in this autobiographical fictional story There are a lot of theories about what is going on in the story it could be seen as an example of the gothic, worth of Lovecraft, a woman driven slowly by the patterns in the wallpaper in the room where she is kept isolated by her doctor husband She thinks it is a former nursery because there are bars on the windows, and one idea iis the large room was a gymnasium, because there are iron rings on the walls hey, is this really a sanitarium her husband has put her in She, who just recently gave birth to a baby, may have Post Partum Depression, which would not have been a diagnosis 100 years ago She may be driven crazy by her infantilizing, hyper rational husband, who might be seen as an emblem of the patriarchy, which has become the conventional reading, and mine It is convincingly chilling, regardless of your interpretation.I ve read it several times over the years, most recently for a class I am teaching on madness in literature.

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    Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest I haven t read much classic reads this year, and a few days before the end of 2018, I decided to go for a classic short story, and I chose The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.This classic has been written by a woman in the 19th century A time when women weren t treated the same way as today A difficult time, where women couldn t express their opinion as they wished, but they were suppressed by the male authority in the family.When The Yellow Wallpaper came out, it was considered a Gothic Horror Tale It is hard to believe for me, knowing the world we live in today, and how we, as women can express our opinions openly But back in the days, this is how it was It wasn t easy for the woman, and I am glad we have a lot of brave women from that time, that gathered the courage to tell stories for the next generations.This is a story about a woman, who seems to suffer of post partum depression a type of mood disorder associated with childbirth She has been forced by her husband and doctor to stay in her room until she is mentally capable again to take care of her baby I am not a mother, but I can imagine the pain and suffering of not being allowed to see and hold your unborn child And people thought this was okay The woman is constantly staring at the yellow wallpaper and the window, constantly reassuring herself that this is all happening for her own good, and that the husband and doctor know best, until a point where we are not actually sure if she is in her right mind any.She starts to see a woman inside the wallpaper, and believes the woman is struggling to break free I loved the metaphor used, as her subconscious knows she is trapped, and the end is so painful to read, but oh, so powerful Even though such a short read, The Yellow Wallpaper is an impressive view on cultural traditions, and the position of women in the family A classic and a must have for every woman Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest