SHE TAKES THE PLUNGETeal Williams Is Content With Her Career As A Ship S Master Mechanic Until Zane Cutter, The Casanova Of The Caribbean, Makes Her An Offer She Can T Refuse To Climb On Board With Him For A Real Life Treasure Hunt Teal Must Help Him Dredge Up A Shipwrecked Vessel Containing An Abundance Of Gold, Silver, And Emeralds And She Ll Claim Part Of The PrizeHE S BLOWN OFF COURSEZane Needs A Mechanic Not A Lover And Teal, Who Can Also Dive, Is Perfect For The Job So It Suits Him Just Fine That Teal Is Completely Immune To His Charms Or So He Tells Himself But With A Deadly Enemy In Their Midst One Who S Silently Edging Closer Zane And Teal Sink Into Troubled Waters Trapped In The Middle Of A Perilous Sea, They Have No One To Turn To But Each Other As They Face Down A Danger That Runs Unfathomably Deep And A Passion That Runs Even Deeper At last Cherry Adair has returned to what she does best which is contemporary romantic suspense, minus the paranormal elements This was a refreshing change from her recent paranormal releases They just could not hold my interest Although this book slowed down for me at one point I still enjoyed it immensley At times I even saw a bit of myself in Teal, like when she wanted to go over to each boat and start basically getting everybody to give back what they stole A fun read and I am greatly looking forward to the next in the series Even though we only got a peek at Logan and Nick I am anxious to read their stories As has been mentioned I do believe the Sea Witch or Sea Bitch as she was called by Teal, will end up with one of the other Cutter boys Perhaps the mysterious other brother We ll see Love, adventure, and danger on the high seasFans of sexy romance with some high caliber adventure and nail biting danger, hold onto your hats Cherry Adair s first book in her exciting new Cutter Cay trilogy, sure packs a whollop Cutter Cay is a small island in the Caribbean owned by the three dark and dangerously sexy Cutter brothers Logan, Nick, and Zane The three own a lucrative ship salvaging treasure hunting business where they dive for treasures aboard shipwrecked vessels Undertow is youngest 33 brother Zane Cutter s story, and boy it s a good one Zane is about to take his boat the aptly named Decrepit out on his biggest, most profitable excursion to explore the treasures gold bars and coins, silver, and emeralds left behind on a Dutch ship that wrecked in the 1600s Zane has been searching the Caribbean for this ship for years, and has finally found it But his boat s engines are in sad shape, his master mechanic Sam Williams is battling a grave illness, and he desperately needs a mechanic good with engines who can also dive Sam suggests Zane hire his estranged daughter Teal an expert with an engine if ever there was one Charismatic Zane, who never met a woman he couldn t romance his nickname is The Cassanova of the Caribbean thinks this is a good idea, since the tall, slim Teal does not tempt him physically in the least, and he needs all his focus to be on this important dive Teal, despite her mixed feelings for Zane, reluctantly agrees to the job, knowing this is the last chance she may have to get close to her father Zane Cutter Teal The Decrepit Recently divorced from an ultra contolling husband who wanted to change everything about her, Teal, 27, has self esteem issues With big brown eyes, dark, choppy hair, leggy and athletically built, Teal has given up on making herself look attractive, and deliberately dresses in oversized, ugly clothes She s prickly, contrary, anti social, argumentative, has a chip on her shoulderand desperately in love with the 6 3 , blue eyed Zane Cutter She s had a crush on him since she first met him at age six, and things snowballed for her when she comforted him after his father s funeral a few years ago He was drunk, sent her away afterwards, and apparently has no memory of what happened Now Teal is holding a grudge, and Zane can t understand why she s so snippy with him Everyone loves the charming Zane what does Teal have against him Zane going for a dive Zane is intrigued by Teal Why doesn t she like him He kind of likes her sassy mouth and likes arguing with her He likes that she doesn t fall at his feet like all the others Teal is a real challenge for him And he can see the physical beauty hidden beneath the mop of hair and the god awful clothes She s smart, she s funnyand the kiss they finally share He needs Zane and Teal have chemistry in spades Not only do Zane and Teal have to deal with their combustible attraction to each other in Undertow, but they also have to battle pirates who are after Zane s treasure who is the mysterious redhead aboard the Sea Witch , a hurricane, and later in the book, a mysterious plane wreck that not only disrupts Zane s salvaging efforts, but threatens national security and puts Zane and Teal s lives in danger There s plenty of suspense in the final chapters, and Zane must choose what s most important to him, his fortune, or the woman he s come to love.I loved this book I m so happy that Cherry Adair has started a new series where she can make use of her storytelling skills, because I ve grown a little weary of her T FLAC series This one hit on all cylinders for me it was sexy hot, the leads were dynamic Zane is one very lovable, hunky hero , smart, and strong there s plenty of snappy, sometimes snarky dialogue and laughable moments adequate background info to make you understand where the charcters actions are coming from, and plenty of excitement and adventure I enjoyed all the info about diving and treasure hunting, and I especially loved the pursuit of Teal by Zane The big payoff when Teal finally gave in to Zane and ditched all her assumptions and stopped thinking badly of him yowza White hot coupling here although nothing too outrageous no camel sex but we do get a very sexy shower scene and plenty of romantic moments Shower scene Teal Zane super couple Teal was vulnerable on the inside but put up a tough exterior and hid behind walls she felt unloved for who she was Zane was perfect for her and understood her They were a perfect balance for each other she grounded free spirited Zane and he freed her up With Zane s love and acceptance, Teal lost her hostile, bitchy attitude, and became a nicer, open person Add that up with her smarts and bravery, and you have one kick a heroine For on this series, check out Cherry Adair s website where all of these images can be found Lots of goodies about Cutter Cay there I can t wait to revisit Zane and Teal and find out about Zane s quieter, intense brothers in the upcoming Riptide 5 starsP.S Heads up towards the end of the book a character from Adair s T Flac series makes an appearance. 3 1 2 stars Undertow was a decent suspense book that was a little too rough in spots The first half of the book was all about the dive to find the shipwreck and the hero trying to get through the very prickly heroine s defenses The heroine was a tad annoying with all her issues and lack of self esteem, though I did feel bad about how crappy her life was when she was younger She judged the hero constantly about his supposed womanizing ways, which didn t really seem accurate and made her look judgmental There was this plot point that was brought up a few times about how she slept with him a few years ago when he was drunk and he didn t remember, a big deal was made about it then it was barely mentioned and sort of ignored Weird.Then the last part got really weird when a very random totally out there suspense plot was added in addition to the earlier one about treasure thieves It was just strange and I think she just wanted to add a TFLAC character I thought this part totally derailed the romance part.The writing was choppy at times The scene would just sort of cut out then it was suddenly the next day and the author just tells us what happens it was jarring and confusing.The romance was way too fast moving Half of the book Teal is pushing Zane away because she thinks he is a man whore who will never care about her, then once they do the horizontal mambo they are suddenly super serious and all the former conflict just disappears Then the romance is pushed away for the crazy suspense parts and they are in love forever at the end It just moved so fast it was hard to believe.There were good parts, I liked the Caribbean location which I were there and the diving parts were cool The characters were drawn well, they had interesting personalities Some parts of the story were good except for the issues i stated above I will try the next book because Zane s brothers seem pretty intriguing Plus the cover is hot 3 stars Romantic SuspenseI was a bit underwhelmed with this one I liked the lush, tropical Caribbean setting and treasure hunting and loved sexy, sweet, flirtatious, happy go lucky hero Zane, but heroine Teal made me wanna smack her upside her self pitying, bitter head It seemed to take a while for the action and romance to pick up steam, but I found it much enjoyable once it finally did So overall it s a mildly entertaining, albeit unremarkable, romantic suspense read.